Nigeria Security Forces Take Over Aluu Community In Aftermath Of Students’ Violent Protest

Aluu community in Rivers state where four students of the University of Portharcourt were gruesomely murdered in cold blood last Friday, has been taken over by Nigeria’s security forces.

Many police patrol vehicles were sighted stationed at strategic locations or moving round the village. Stern-looking security men, that included men of State Security Service (SSS) were on ground, to avoid a repeat of the incident of Tuesday night, where over 30 vehicles and no fewer than seven buildings were torched by the angry students.

The protest was staged by students from the South-South and South- East zones, under the aegis of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), their anger was over the murder of their colleagues.

According to a source, the deployment of more soldiers to the community was to complement the efforts of policemen to forestall more protests and destruction of property.

In the afternoon, policemen from the River State command visited the burrow pit cum dumpsite, the spot where the students met their untimely death. They were seen removing disused tyres and other objects they suspected were used in killing the students.

Five more suspects arrested in the vicinity yesterday afternoon were seen being forced into police patrol vehicle.
Students living in the community were also seen moving out, while many shops and buildings were under lock and key.

Some residents who remained in doors were observed peeping from the windows.

Tension in the area is palpable, while some people who summoned courage to stay back were seen in groups discussing what befell the community in the last five days.

At the University of Port Harcourt, students were seen leaving in droves after the institution was shut down indefinitely on Tuesday by the school authorities, when the students’ protest turned violent.
A large number of them also besieged the banks in the area, trying to withdraw money to enable them to travel home, pending when the closure order would be lifted.

Giving insight into the event of Tuesday, the Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ben Ugwuegbualam, said the police acted swiftly to move the Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Joseph Ajienka, to safety.

He said security agents in the state were also working hard to ensure that the crisis did not escalate beyond what had been witnessed in the past days.
Ugwuegbulam also appealed to members of the public to cooperate with the security agencies to ensure that peace was restored in Aluu and its environs.



    Our mission to Aluu was simple. We wanted to collect our money from a guy who was owing us, On that Friday, we decided to pay him a visit. We were not going to leave without the money, or something of equivalent value. He was somewhat defiant in telling us that he did not have it. On the table in the room was his laptop and phone. We took it and told him we would hold it as collateral until he paid up. That said we walked out. Unaware of how things would change very quickly.
    Barely a few seconds later, he shouted. “Thieves! We were initially amused at his audacity. But that changed quickly. We were not thieves, so we did not run. These people surely were reasonable people. They would give us an opportunity to tell our side of the story and let us go. This would all be over in a couple of minutes…. Or so we thought. Our accuser stepped up. He said we stole his laptop and phone. Things went downhill very quickly from that point.
    The self-appointed leader of the mob ordered us to kneel down. He promised to make an example of us. Our clothes were quickly taken off. The embarrassment of being naked in front of the mob was too much. We begged them. They tied our hands, and took us on a parade around the community. They spat on us, stoned us, Some of the people who were smoking burnt us with their cigarette butts. They marched us to the palace of their traditional ruler. He came out, Oh surely this was a reasonable man. We thought he would admonish the mob and set us free. With rage in his voice, and venom in his tone, he assured us that this will be the last time we ever steal. He ordered the mob to give us jungle justice.
    They hit us continuously and mercilessly. We could not believe that humans living in the 21st century we capable of such acts. There was not one person in the crowd who made any effort to save us. They were all busy taking pictures. Making videos of us. I have always wanted to be in a video. In fact we were planning to make a video of our song ‘No love in the heart of the city’ by Christmas if we could raise the funds.
    By this time we were beginning to drift in and out of consciousness. Blood flowed freely from our heads. They scoffed at our now feeble profession of innocence. Spare us we begged. We are not thieves. They jeered at us & took pictures. They put tyres round our necks. The crowd cheered as someone doused us with petrol. “Burn in hell” a woman shouted.
    As these went on, I realized we had just a few minutes to live. My life flashed through my face. I remembered my family, my friends. My big plans & dreams. I prayed to God. I asked that He accept my soul in to heaven. I prayed that he not let my death be in vain. I prayed that He not let this be the end of the story. I prayed that He clear my name. I prayed that He never allow even my enemies to undergo such a grueling ordeal. I prayed for Nigeria. How could this happen in this country in 2012? We are not at war. We have a justice system, even if it’s a flawed one. How can no one person out of this crowd of almost 150 persons feel pity for us. How can they be comfortable watching us. How can their hands not tremble as they took pictures of us. Are these people humans?
    As they set us on fire, we screamed. But the crowd applauded. Then the pain slowly began to go down. And I saw someone in shinning white descend from the sky. He beckoned on us to come. He hugged us. As he did his garment maintained it sparkling white form. Let’s go home he told us. In an instance we were all up. There is peace where we are going. He said. Peace which will continue to elude this world. They can’t harm you here. Welcome home boys.

  2. Aluu dosnt deserv peace, y giv them wat dey dont deserve, it is realy unjust dat NIGERIAN STUDENTS can b murderd gruesomly n d security agents r talkin f restorin peace cos evn d Bible says Wat a man soweth dat shall he also reap…. Aluu chose 2 sow babarism, murder, cruelty, wickednes n d likes… Y giv them peace??