Nigerian Mathematician Wins Research Award In Malaysia

A lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, Bayero University, Kano Dr. Waziri Muhammad from Gashua in Yobe State has received the best PhD graduating student award in his research on Diagonal Quasi-Newton’s Method for Large-Scale systems of Non-linear equations.

The award was given at the 36th University Putra Malaysia’s convocation ceremony on October 12, 2012, in Malaysia.

The convocation was attended by eminent scientists and graduate students from UK, US, Italy, Spain, Russia, Holland, India, Iran, Nigeria, and other countries.

Waziri said the primary objective of his research was to reduce computational cost and matrix storage requirement and eliminate the need to solve Newtonian method for solving systems of nonlinear equations in large-scale problems.

His research is part of a larger project at Universiti Putra (UPM) Malaysia. “The work is a product of an on-going research at UPM’s Department of Mathematics, under the supervision of Associate Prof. Dr. Leong Wah June”.

“Solving systems of nonlinear equations is becoming more essential in analysis and handling complex problems in many research areas e.g robotics, radioactive transfer, chemistry, economics, finance, engineering, medicine, transportation,” Dr. Waziri explained.

He said: “The well-known method for solving systems of nonlinear equations is Newton’s method. Nevertheless, an iteration of this method turns out to be computationally expensive; this is due to the fact that the method requires the computation and storage of the Jacobian matrix. The pleasant feature of the novel method is that, in a situation when Newton’s method needs to store 1000 variables in each iteration, my method requires storing 100 variables only in each iteration.”

Like other Nigerian research in Malaysia, Waziri said his research can also benefit Nigeria.

“Most of engineering, economics, sciences and technology problems are nonlinear in nature that requires an efficient method to handle such cases. I proposed eight methods that are good candidates for solving large scale systems of nonlinear equations. Here in Malaysia, we are in the process of applying the proposed method in optimizing car fuel consumptions.”

“To this end, I’m calling our dear researchers to join hands in applying the novel methods in order to optimize the Nigerian economy in all aspects,” Dr. Waziri said.[VON]

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