Northern Leaders in Secret Talks with Ohanaeze Ndigbo

It has been alleged that Northern elders, under the aegis of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) leaders last Wednesday slipped into Enugu to rub minds with Igbo leaders. This, it has been alleged, is because of the fact that Southwest leaders are presently engaged in a shouting match with their Southeast counterparts over the allegedly derisive comments on the Southwest sage, Obafemi Awolowo by literary giant, Chinua Achebe.

The Northern political and cultural leaders under the umbrella of the ACF had stormed Enugu on Tuesday for what was described as a crucial dialogue with Igbo leaders on various national issues. The Arewa delegation was led by the Chairman, National Executive Council, Alhaji Aliko Mohammed. Also, apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze was the platform under which elders of the Igbo nation were assembled for the meeting. The The Ohanaeze delegation was led by the President General, Ambassador Ralph Uwechue. The meeting was held at the Universal Hotel, Independence Layout, Enugu.

The meeting was said to be the idea of f ACF and it was significant being the first time in the current dispensation where elders and notable leaders from Northern Nigeria and their counterparts from the South East sat together around a common table to discuss national issues.

According to the ACF leader, “We requested for this meeting with the belief that civil society organisations and cultural groups such as ours, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Afenifere, South South Peoples Assembly, etc, have a duty to dialogue with each other and search for solutions to the major issues of concern to Nigeria.”


  1. Well we the igbo’s have a largeheart to acomodate anybody nd to discuss a way foward in our father land but not when our counter parts all over the federation is searching for igboman to kill,every small riot or little misunderstanding igboman life will be astake,we the igbo’s can nolonger tolerate that so the (Ohaneze)take note of that because we the igbo’s have refuse to be a sacrificial lamb to any tribe in this country again if their movement is pure nd not setup fine but if along the line we realize any foul play it will not be easy for them so Ohaneze ndigbo be careful this time,Daalunoo.

  2. This really look like a green light. However, it is absolutely necessary to fear through Greeks even when they offer gifts. ‘Even if you baptize him Peter, Aboki remains Aboki’. If ACF has the good of this at, let them do something about Boko Haram. He who want to better the society should begin with himself.

  3. Nigerians at this point in time does not need an ETHNIC IGBO, YORUBA, HAUSA,FULANI, KANURI, NUPE, EFIK, IJAW, EDO etc Leader per say, but a National l
    Leader who can Register all human beings/Citizens/ Residens in every WARD/LGA/STATE/FCT in the country and assign ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES,and REWARD per each AGE / IQ / INCOME/ BELIEF/ ABILITY category. example if you are 18-60yrs old you should have/ be given opportunity to do gainful 40-50hrs/week work or 4-6hrs/day community service and receive regular income. Below 16-18yrs you acquire development skills. Above 60-65yrs you are retired or essentially self employed. IDIOTS and CRIMINALS should be excluded from POLITICS at ALL levels. Fair enough.