Okada Riders Protest Lagos Traffic Law, Vandalize 10 BRT Buses

Not less than 10 Bus Rapid Transport, BRT, vehicles were yesterday vandalized by protesting commercial motorcycle operators at Onipanu, along Ikorodu Road as they protest the enforcement of the Lagos Road Traffic Law.

The Lagos State House of Assembly expressed concern over increasing lawlessness of commercial operators in the state following the violent protest, and threatened to outrightly ban their activities if they refused to conform to the Traffic Law.

The violent protest which yesterday caused pandemonium and left many commuters stranded at various bus stops on the busy road and adjoining ones may not be unconnected to the aggressive enforcement of the Traffic Law in accordance with the order of the state Commissioner of Police.

The protest also had its toll on traffic as heavy traffic was witnessed along Ikorodu Road and others.

The Police Commissioner had earlier issued a marching order to Divisional Police Officers, DPOs, in the state to mobilize their men for enforcement of the Road Traffic Law due to the disobedience of the Okada riders. Several motorcycles were impounded in the process.

Due to this development, the entire Awolowo Road up to Secretariat, Aluasa, was deserted by the motorcycle operators.

The angry and aggrieved Okada operators were reported to have stormed the dedicated BRT Bus Stop as early as 9:00a.m, denouncing the enforcement of the law on 475 roads in the state, indiscriminate arrests and alleged extortion by men of the Nigeria police and Lagos State Traffic Management Authority. .

The protesters were said to have pelted every BRT vehicle they came across at Onipanu with stones and other dangerous weapons without considering the safety of over 50 passengers onboard.

The new Lagos Road Traffic Law which among other things prohibits the operation of commercial motorcycles on 475 Lagos roads was signed into law by Governor Babatunde Fashola on August 3.


  1. This kind of law does not help even the government of Lagos state. A senior advocate has to analyze what impact his law have on the society.Now,okada is not allwowd,how many jobs has he created for okada riders and those okada task force called MOALS all over the city? Are they not aware of how damaging ths law is even b4 SAN signed it? What about the majority who wll suffer joblost bcos of this law? It’s really injustice am sorry to say. Even his building of many roads has not ended heavy traffic anyway, his demolishing of shop,houses and markets and building his so called ultra modern market has not benefited d poor either. Is he increasing robery,violence, lawlessness by his own law? Inhuman is d term that fits ths government.

    • @ Ezra Igwe. Pls always look properly into issues b4 commenting. Ur view in d first place is one sided. Let me correct u; Firstly Lagos State Govt ddnt ban bike operation outrightly. There are roads termed dangerous to the lives of okada users, be it rider or passengers. My friend is a victim of okada carelessness & rough riding at Iyana-Ipaja b/stop, on Lagos Abeokuta express way. Today, he’s lost a leg to okada accident. Several other precious lives have been lost thru the carelessness of these okada riders including dat of a pregnant woman and her two yrs old son along mary land caused by an okada. Secondly, creating more roads and expanding d existing ones have only brought tremendous relieve to busy lagosians, not those without anything meaningful doing in the state. Ikeja-Oshodi axis is an example of the governors’ ‘mad traffic rescue’ among several others. May I remind u of the recent past robbery activities by means of okada in the state, that left many with saw tales & horror on their lips for a long time? Perhaps for the rest of their lives. Until d govt restricted okada operations from 8pm to 6.30am and latter extend it to 10pm b4 criminal act was reduced significantly. I presume u’re not a lagos resident. I can give u scores of examples regarding the regretful consequences of some of these bike operators. I believe that in a civilised society, when govt come up with laws u feel is unfavourable, as an organisation (bike riders), u approach d govt diplomatically & work things out not by being violent and destroying properties and in the process affecting innocent lives.

  2. my own parception is those okada rider hav to be aggresive, bc do u kw d amount of peopl he is takin care off, based on wht ever he got for dairly business. So govt of lag should amad wht ever law dat has takin plac, in order to benefit less privillage we all ar human. Beside everybody lyk to acqauire power attony but wht make man diff is opportunity.

  3. I think the problem is not the Law so to say, but the mode of it’s enforcement by men of Nigeria police. It leave so much to be desire. They go about it as if it’s their sole constitutional role. because the way they go about it, is as if okada has been out rightly ban in Lagos. Which I think is not ideal considering the economic realities in Nigeria. I think the fall out of this exercise if not properly manage will far out way it’s intended good.

  4. Why is fashola so drastic in taking this unfortunate law ? has he forgotten so soon that there was also a law passed by this same Govt. concerning landlord and tennats issues in Lagos did they empliment or enforced it ? the answer is capital NO ! Lagos house of assembly knows what it will take if that cangarool law was effective,thus all lawmakers and the top ppl in the executive harms of lagos state are all LANDLORD ! so they wont impliment it. Govt Fashola should quickly reverse that stupid law and save ACN in next election ! …. i rest my case.