[OPINION] Aluu Murders: Nigerians Are Out Of Their Minds

By James Olawaye

I have just viewed the video of the brutal murder of four young boys reported to be students of UNIPORT. It is a three minutes, thirty-three seconds video, i had to pause the video after about two minutes because my vision had become blurred; this wasn’t because the video was of a poor quality but because my eyes were clogged with tears.


I have seen corpses of people who died as a result of trauma but I have never witnessed such a horrible transition to death. For the first time in my life, I watched human beings lose their breath gradually and eventually become reduced to a mere mass of flesh, blood and bones. The agony and pains suffered by those boys is not deserved by anyone. I wonder if their souls will benefit from the ‘Rest in Peace’ mantra that appears in the prayers for departed souls. I cried as I watched them go into their throes of death; I wished I could put my hand through the screen of my phone to rescue them – I doubt my sanity at that moment.


What is/are the moral lesson(s) that Nigerians are supposed to pick from this incident which defies every possible adjectival qualification? Are the inhabitants of Aluu trying to teach Nigerians how to curb crime or how to deal with accused criminals? If that is the case, there are just as many criminals that deserve this treatment in various seats and offices of the Nigerian government. As much as I would condemn the actions of the devilish few that perpetuated this act, the banal many that watched it happen and the vacuous ones that made the recordings, I would still condemn the government.


One would ask, “Why does the government get the blame for the actions of a few who have decided to act out of their minds?” The truth is most Nigerians are out of their minds; thanks to the government! For those who haven’t lost it or trying hard to remain sane, they have decided to see the tinge of hope in the cloud of hopelessness that prevails over their everyday lives. This occurrence only happened because, according to news, the members of the community thought the boys belonged to the group of robbers they claimed had terrorized the community for a while. With a proper scrutiny, I observed that the members of that community suffered largely from a barrage of low-life factors such as insecurity, illiteracy, joblessness and without doubt, poverty.


If the Police force in Aluu community was effective and not derelict in duty, the people would have considered handing over the boys to them. Instead of a feeling of security, what the Nigerian Police force puts on the minds of Nigerians is fear. The only Police officer who is interested in anyone’s safety is the one hired for private services, he would at the least get a better pay for that than doing his official duties. The state of the Nigerian police is saddening…the corrupt majority has created in the hearts of Nigerians hatred laced with passion, for them. The police force is supposed to be the security arm of the government but apparently that is one of necrotic ends of the Nigerian government- security is nothing worthy of good mention in the country. It is for this reason that the Aluu incident occurred. Nigeria is a country where every citizen is responsible for his own security. That the government cares about our security is a ludicrous thing to believe, it is evident in our everyday lives.


Although I haven’t lived beyond the shores of our dear nation, I am literate enough to know the level of literacy of many countries. I remember a doctor (who studied in Singapore) once told me that only about 1% of the population of Singapore was not literate- I do not know how true this is. However, literacy is mostly acquired through good education. Most Nigerians don’t even have access to poor education; talk more of good education. I don’t know what Aluu is like but it is evident that many members of the community are uncivilised, despite the presence of a higher institution of learning in its environs. Sometimes I wonder what the government’s plan for education is. I am made to believe that the government is not interested in having literate citizens is because it fears more people will be empowered and knowledgeable; and trust me, no people are as dangerous as those who know their rights and how to defend it.


From the video, I observed the murder occurred during the day; I did not have to wonder why there were so much people at the scene-apparently, the murderers, viewers and cameramen were all on annual leave from their various jobs. “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop”- the people of Aluu interpreted that well.


Let us see Aluu community as a miniature Nigeria, it is filled with people who are burning with rage, deprived of their rights; they have to protect themselves and don’t know why; they have questions that are unanswered.


The boys who were killed at Aluu were only victims of the intermittent spasm of anger of the citizens against the government.


Nigerians are insane, we are running out of our minds; the government had better provided medicines that would calm us down- basic needs! I haven’t said the government is completely insensitive but the government should make real her promises and stop feeding us daily with bunches of hokum!


  1. This barbaric act, which has been termed The Aluu Four, is beyond description. The only way to describe it would be the tears that flow from your eyes when you attempt the said description. As of this moment, everyone would be looking to save his own skin, but the law enforcement agencies just have to bring those guilty to justice by any means necessary. Yes, by any means necessary. They no longer play by the rules of humanity, so they have to do what is needed to ensure that such hideous act never repeat’s itself, although we do not have to become monsters ourselves. I can’t really express myself right now, but whoever has watched that video would understand the feeling. God rest their souls, and grant their loved ones consolation!

  2. Long sentences have be abbreviated in other to describe what happened in ALUU. I have much to say, but speechless for now.
    Please, provide us with education – the only legacy you can give us. An educated person can always find what to eat with less stress. The horizon of an educated person is so broad and open that making adjustment is always his watchword. Differing circumstances calls for differing adjustments. Our learning institutions are outrageously expensive. Private schools and no go area, while the government has no effective institute – only to sell certificate. Every year we produce battalions of morons certified killers and place them in top government office – only to sign innocent persons death warrant.
    Who will bell the Cat?

  3. Nigeria’s government officials are not sourced from other planets but from the same bunch of insane,uninformed,disinformed,or disgruntled individuals whose business in government is not about national interests or ensuring communual peace but connected with personal interests,goals and aspirations which scope is limited to their immediate families,possibly friends and cronies.Even policy direction(s) is significantly informed by primordial impulses to achieve personal interests “what’s mine in this’ even with a culture of impunity.And its almost generally acceptable by all.Wait for your time is the recurring maxim.The question is who will change the tide???

  4. Till date, i have not been able to watch that gruesome video of the murder of those 4 young men. I do not think i will have the heart to watch it. But i saw pictures and comments of how they they died and i imagined how terrible it was. I have been having nightmares ever since and my heart bleeds. It is very easy to arrest and prosecute all those involved in the killings. I heard it was the Aluu vigilante group that arrested them. It is easy to fish them all out because the have a list of those on duty that day. Also, the videos and pictures should be used to hunt for all those who committed that heinous crime. I will not rest till all of them are executed. JUSTICE FOR ALUU4.

  5. Yφυ people α̲̅я̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ funny! Wђα̅† do u expect from Aluu. Its very simple †̥̥Ђӛ lteral translation ☺Ƒ Aluu i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ English ȋ̝̊̅̄$ α̲̅ Community known for Taboo/Abomination. By there Name we shall know them.
    М̣̣̥̇̊ў advice ȋ̝̊̅̄$ that River state Govt/FGN should change †̥̥Ђӛ Community name with immediate effect, †̥̥Ђӛ earlier †̥̥Ђӛ better.

  6. This matter has been overflogged! Nigerians are good at being reactive as if we will learn from it. I have been saying it in every forum and I’ve written editorials…nigeria is suffering from acute corruption. What we saw in Aluu is a ripple effect of high, deep-rooted corruption. No organisation of d govt is functional, the people have lost faith in the countrym see how young talents were wasted, only God knows whether one of the people killed in Mubi would have been a messiah of some sort…that’s how people r murdered daily. Truth isn d life of a nigerian is like a lit cigaretten it burns away even if its not smoked!

  7. The ALUU incident is what prevails regularly from time to time for a long time in IKWERRELAND/OGONILAND/NIGER DELTA. They call themselves indigines/son of the soil – RUMU THIS , RUMU THAT.Every where they sell LAND and burn down any development you put on it to claim it back/ call it abandon properties. They are barbaric devils. Be warned. From GREATER PORTH HARCOURT to GREATER ALUU/IKWERRE to GREATER NIGER DELTA. Luckily FLOOD will soon sweep them away..

  8. It is so unfortunate that the lives of four innocent young men had to end so painfully and horrific for no reason.the Government and politicians have failed us again.There is no comprehendable reason to rationalise this incident.those boys were barely adults and full of hope,aspirations and dreams but instead had their lives ended in the worst unimaginable nightmare.The Police force is a disgrace to this society and more than half of its men are despicable criminal minded hooligans who on their own carry out extrajudicial killings of innocent people.no matter what those boys had done,they did not deserve what happened to them.this is the height of savegery that I cannot believe exisits In 2012.I can’t imagine the pain& humilation they went through till the end and I feel so hopeless knowing that this is a country that most people have no compassion or conscience.this is no time for placid comments and action,we owe those young men justice at least for anyone who has an atom of conscience we must seek redress for their lives and those who perishedv in adamawa state.woe betide anyone involved in these heinous crimes and it must be treated as matter of nation security.those responsible from the debtor who cunningly raised a false alarm,to the chiefs& elders,to the participants& spectators who refused to stop it and the evil policemen who came to the scene& encouraged the savages at aluu should all be held accountable.my heart goes out to the families of those boys brutally murdered at aluu and to those viciously hacked in adamawa.to those in power who continue to embezzle and turn a deaf ear to the plight of people who need redress and justice,shame on you.this country is falling into anarchy so fast.my tears cannot bring back innocent lives but we who still have a soul can make sure justice is served.

  9. Tears rolled down my eyes just like every other nigerian as i watch dat vedio,y shld pple b so heartless as to burning a fellow human being alive…..Oh God pls help me to 4get wat i saw in dat vedio…we all as fellow nigerians nd as human beings cry for justice


  11. I never knew I could shed tears like a baby whose mother left without breastfeeding for δ whole day…. Honestly I cried uncontrolablly coz I was just finking “dat would av been me”. God av mercy.?!!!!!!! I don’t just know ao to describe dis bt δ tears I cry ill hunt dos perpetrators and δ police dat couldn’t at first rescue dos innocent boys before investigating if truly dey were guilty of offences levied against dem. I’m sorry, not for dos boys, bt for dos ppl who carried out dat babarric horrible act out; especially δ women who stood dia watching dos dare-devils did dat refusing to feel for dem lik dia own kids.
    Some were saying “hit dis one nahh him never die”
    Some were saying “wia dem clothes nahh”
    Some were saying “commot δ tire” when the skull breaking act ensued
    Some were saying “bring dat one come back abi where him dey run go?” Wen ugonna was trying to roll out from δ inferno
    Some were laffing devilishly “hahahahaha”………………….
    I thank God none of my people is involved coz I swear had it been it appened to a person of mine I would av been a fugitive β now coz I would put my life on δ line and do somfin I’m not even proud of myself. One fin is sure and suredue dat Nemesis never dies.

  12. Once again the tears I cry will arouse the good spirit of hose boys and smoke those evil people coz even if they were guilty of the accusation I don’t fink they desrved to be lynched like that. What a horrible transition to death!!!!!. Its almost a year now bt the pains to my heart is still fresh like it was yesterday. I know they can’t be resting in peace now because they didn’t die in peace bt I just ask tru prayers that God should have mercy on their souls and give them eternal rest.