Oshiomole Grants Pardon To Two Prisoners Condemned To Death

Edo state Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomole on Thursday granted amnesty to two prisoners condemned to death in exercise of his prerogative of mercy.

Governor Oshiomole said that the prisoners, Monday Odu who was sentenced to death for conspiracy and murder and Calistus Nkem sentenced for conspiracy and armed robbery were granted amnesty because they did not take the life of their victims.

The Governor also commuted to life imprisonment the death sentence of two others: Tijani Mustapha and Zubem Abduramma, who were both convicted for conspiracy and armed robbery.

Speaking after granting amnesty to Odu and Ikem, Oshiomole said: You have be condemned to detath for murder but we have exercised e prerogative of mercy to release you from prison for the offence believing you have learnt our lesson. You can still be useful to the society and useful to yourself.”

Addressing 32-year-old Odu who was convicted in 1997, Oshiomole said, “We are letting you off the hook to go and sin no more. We will find a way to find a job for you under the Edo Youth Employment Scheme. You have no reason to return to crime and that means if you do anything again, you are completely on your own.”

52-year-old Calistus Ikem was promised N200,000 by the government to start his life over. “I hope you will be able to make something positive out of this your present condition,” the Governor said.


  1. This is a pratical example of a listening leader. A leader that luks back to feel the cry of the public. Our president Jonathan should emulate the quality of good leadership from Osho Baba. Several times Jonathan created problem when there is no problem and on reacting to it by the public, he follows up to send soldiers to wipe us out in addition. Even though we voted him with the expection of fresh air from him but he has given us hot air so far nd we do not have the power to remove him till 2015. Osho Baba, able and amiable Governor, continue with the good work you have started. There is reward for every thing done on earth. You will surely be our President one day. I appreciate.


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