“Patience Jonathan Still In German Hospital” – Sahara Reporters

Sahara Reporters in a piece published today claimed that Patience Jonathan has not been discharged and is still in a German hospital.

Read their story below:

Contrary to reports that Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, has been discharged from her hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany and checked into a hotel, SaharaReporters has learnt from medical sources in the city that she was there until at least 6p.m. local time.

We have also learnt that the presidency instructed the hospital to discharge her so that she can continue her treatment in Abuja. Her aides, who are living in hotels in Wiesbaden, have been told to pack their bags in readiness to return to Abuja.

A reliable source told SaharaReporters that immense pressure has been piled on the hospital management to allow Mrs. Jonathan go back to Nigeria where she will continue her therapy, a measure that will forestall further embarrassment of her husband, President Goodluck Jonathan.

A local newspaper reported yesterday that Mrs. Jonathan had been discharged from the hospital and checked into a hotel, but a source told SaharaReporters today that the First Lady receives treatment in a room at the hospital with a five-star hotel room status. Since she is a private suite reserved for queens and kings, the source said it was absurd to check her into a hotel room in preparation for departure.

A presidency source also confirmed Mr. Jonathan’s order that the First Lady be brought home, as a result of which she might be airlifted back Nigeria any moment from now.

Mrs. Jonathan’s exact medical diagnosis remains shrouded in secrecy. Saharareporters has carefully followed her case since she was airlifted from Abuja to Germany one month ago when we were first told that she had suffered food poisoning. Our investigations however revealed that she had first gone to Dubai to undergo a procedure which went awry, leaving her unable to speak for about one week after arriving Germany.

Upon returning to Nigeria, some sort of medical emergency then developed, and she was rushed in an air ambulance to Germany, where she underwent surgery to remove uterine fibroids. She had barely recovered sufficiently when her condition was reportedly exacerbated by Parkinson disease.

Yesterday, the Lagos-based PM News revealed that Mrs. Jonathan has uterine cancer. Through all this, the presidency has made no statements.


  • Do these people wish us speedy recovery when billions of Nigerian fall sick every day and die from their ailments due to their selfishness and wickedness. I do not think so.

    So my word of prayer for them is from Proverbs 11:10 ” when then wicked perish there is jubilation” May God destroy every wicked man in the government of Nigeria….Amen

    May God bless Nigeria

  • At times God has different ways of dealing with wicked people. In his wisdom, he may allow them to be afflicted until they repent and turn from their evils ways and if they dont the end result is destruction.

    Remember General Abacha that thought he was more powerful that God….God snuffed the breath out of his nostrils. Babangida the maradona general that annulled the June 12 election ….his wife died of cancer… Only God knows what will become of him.

    May God begin to visit all wicked souls and their household with wrath and anger that we may live in peace.

    God bless Nigeria

  • Wish no one evil. I wish her speedy recovery. I don’t want to loose another first lady. She is somebody’s wife. Let’s not forget that. Again, do not judge so that you will not be judged.

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