PDP, ANPP, CD Blast Okorocha For Closing Schools, Markets For Birthday Celebration

Leaders of opposition parties in Imo State have berated Governor Rochas Okorocha for closing public schools, government institutions and markets for his 50th birthday and the 10th anniversary of his foundation.

Last Monday, schools, ministries and markets were closed throughout the state to celebrate the governor’s birthday, the 10th anniversary of the Rochas Foundation and the graduation of over 1,000 pupils of the Rochas Foundation College.

Describing the situation as “an abnormal setting”, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), through its Publicity Secretary, Chief Blyden Amajirionwu, said the state had never witnessed such display of power and wastage of public funds.

The party scribe alleged that “the state is in the firm grip of a lawless and unstructured government”.

According to him, closing down economic activities and approving three days’ public holiday to celebrate a birthday was an act of intimidation against the governed.

Amajirionwu said: “There was an unprecedented buying of air time on Television and Radio with people’s money.”

The Imo State Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), through its Secretary, Mr. Christian Oguoma, said: “It amounts to misplacement of priority for the state government to be throwing a multi-million naira birthday bash while over 500,000 residents, who were displaced by ravaging floods, are still sleeping under the trees at the mercy of the weather.”

The All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) Chairman, Vitalis Ajumbe, chided the governor for closing down government institutions to celebrate his birthday and the anniversary of his private institution.

He said: “Where in the world are governors shutting down their states to celebrate birthday parties? This is waste of public funds. He (Okorocha) should be reminded that government is not run as a private business.”

The Southeast Chairman of the Campaign for Democracy (CD), Comrade Uzor A. Uzor, described the elaborate birthday celebration as “unacceptable and unbecoming of a public servant who should be accountable to the people the elected him to manage their common wealth”.



  • Enemies of progress. Y must all dese shameless idiot b talking abt rochas b.day party? Nig @ 50 did they talk abt d money spent just 4 celebration. All dis shameless idiot politicians dat embezle our money wat hav u done to stop them,nw we hav sb wo has cm to help us make imo a beta place 4 everybody u guys r tryin to critesize him. Imo must be better.

    • U are just saying Rubbish!!! I like Rochas but he has gone too far!Businesses and schools do not close in the USA and other democratic countries for a president\governors birthday he should be ashamed of himself.

  • Jerry, I wonder if u exist in ds century. U left d content & u are addressing d shadow. Bc ur govnor is marking his bday, he has to shut down all economic, commercial & educational activities for 3days. Yet u don’t c anything wrong in that?……
    That money was spent in markingNigeria 50th independence, shd in no way be compared with what ur govnor did.
    Pls., be informed that social media is not a platform to use vulgar language on others but to educate & inform others.I am sorry for pple like u & I pity IMO state in general

  • Jerry I think you really required urgent medical assessment. If in your right senses, you believe that nothing is wrong with halting the entire state’s activities with armed police men placed at New Market & Eke Onunwa to stop traders from conducting their business then you will have to agree that you are overdue to become a guest at a mental assylum.

    Maybe you don’t know but Rochas stands as the biggest regret Imo People have today and if you doubt it, see what 2015 will bring. He will be sooo thrashed that it will become the biggest electoral humiliation for a sitting governor.

    And at his approval ratings now, he will not even win the Chairmanship seat of Ideato South LGA council. Test and see! Stupid bootlicker!

  • Their responses might sound political bt it (criticism) ‘s absolutely a helpin tool for a wise ruler to discover his errors. If truely he’s d change d Imo State desires…he shld learn to work on his weaknesses n dwell on his strenghts. Bt, d quest is WHAT is his strenght towards the libration n development of Imo State? Hope it’s nt evil in disguise…y? Because my observation abt wht he’s been doing i can tagged, “glitterin bt a moment”. For instance, how durable ‘ll dt road dt’s foundates wt “red mud”? Wht’s free in d education whr thr r no conducive environments, qualitative scheme of works or justifiably academic syllabus n calendar, enough qualified n competent teachers, equipment n materials for learning, etc…bt 100/month for stds??? Uhmmm…
    Meanwhile, he’s a gud orator n full of propaganda (a weapon of every politicians, anyway)…so, the beautiful ones are not yet born n the ugly ones refuse to die…smiles…wht do u c wt d above report n d sayin, dt, “if an extremely rich prs is put in position of power, he’ll run d affairs like his personal business”. I trully wish he does well bt I fear for people of Imo State for “glitterin but a moment projects”

  • Seriousely, seems like a scene from 400years ago when king and queen type of government thrived!
    This is crazy! When will government understand ‘priority’ it’s so pathetic.. All the same hbd rochas!

  • what ever you like you guys can talk but the governor has the right over the state he has check all these befor saying it so dont blame him he the first governor that remenberd okigwe so you what you like you can say he going back to office

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