Photo: ACN In Ondo State Resorts To Use Of N100 Recharge Card With Akeredolu’s Picture

Wait! Do we ever learn? When the whole world around us is progressing on the political front, we are still pussy-footing and moving around in circles. Politics and governance is about issues – people based issues not distribution of packets of detergent, tin tomatoes, packets of salt or N100.

Photo Credit: Linda Ikeji

It is a shame that a man who once presided over the affairs of the respected and prestigious Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), will stoop so low as to engage or allow himself to be dragged into politics of money & bribery. Yes, that’s what it is! How else do you explain the alleged distribution of N100 MTN recharge cards with Rotimi Akeredolu’s (SAN) picture and the words, ‘Think ACN, Vote ACN’ in the town of Akure from a helicopter hovering in the sky?

Is that how desperate they are to chase Mimiko out of power? Is there any difference between what the opposition parties are doing and the PDP?


  • @solicitor, u goof. Politics in nigeria is not one man affair. Party, communities, friends, collegues $ societies among others have an input to make themselves relevant with candidate of their choice by providing support through any means which the candidate might not be aware. So how do you see or guide against that?

  • I do not see what is wrong here. Using a commercial outfit to advertise your course is not a crime. LP/Mimiko uses face caps, T-shirts e.t.c branded with Mimiko and his party, and such items are shared. Are they not more than 100 naira in value? Everything about this campaign strategy is right and lawful.

  • Infact y are we posting ilegal thing? dere ar many political strategy dristributing recharge card is not a crime,Dr mimiko sponsored ANTP in producing a film name BABY NSEJU nd it as been distributd freely nd all d content of dis film is all abt d archievment of labour party nd stop saying nonsence abt aketi.

  • Sharin of recharge card is cheaper than T-shirts ,buckets, clothes and bags of rice. U may collect their gift but be wise and VOTE your concsience

  • I reserve my comment till I confirm the story. Bur ondo state people are learned and they are not hungry to be bought with #100 recharge card.

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