PHOTO: Alleged Yahoo Boy Runs Mad In Ikeja After Alighting From His Range Rover SUV

Yesterday, a young man who is rumoured to be involved in internet scams popularly called Yahoo Yahoo ran mad immediately after alighting from his  Range Rover SUV

The story says that, “the man jumped down from his Range Rover and ran mad. Within few minutes, people gathered at the scene. He started displaying series of madness, pulled off his clothes, saying different irrelevant things.”

Other sources added that he defecated on himself and chased people around. The young man is strongly rumoured to be a ‘Yahoo-yahoo boy’ – a street slang for boys involved in Internet scam. But that fact has not been ascertained yet, as his case could well be that of spiritual attack.


  1. there is a lot behind this ….may God help us all… pls mind the way u talk..i don’t this is a yahoo boy, it may be ritual or spiritual attack…any one of it…God shouldn’t let us view any one… may God forgive him sha!! says OGRIN!!

  2. Wahala.It damn strange and no one can really say wot d young guy has got involved in or wot got involved wit him.It just him and d situation.But everyone nids 2 b careful,4 even d man or woman u cal ur friend,eat n dine wit,might pass 4 ur worst enemy.And we must watch d tins we do,if u dine wit d devil,b prepared 2 dance 2 his ugly tune.

  3. This is serious, only God knows what has come over d guy. But we have some people who will be instructed by their spiritualist to go 2 an open place to demonstrate as if they re mad just bcos they wantd to be rich Anyway,God knows what has happened

  4. Hhahhahhh, I dey laugh ooo, so yahoo has turn to a legitimate business in my Great Nija, the way some people sound as if they are sympathizing with yahoo haram, becouse Internet scamming is also forbidding, any way, may it not be our portion, but be careful guys

  5. Ritual doer,Cocaine dealers, armed robbers always use the name Yahoo as identity to cover up their bad work.Nobody knows what this guy is into,My Advise for guys is never dig your hand to something that’s will hunt you down later in the day.Your talking bout Yahoo boys huh ? He without Sin shall Cast the First Stone, Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned.

  6. i dont think it would be fair to swiftly jump into conclusion upon an alleged rumor about d yound man’s personality with any substantial evidence. Any industrial young rich man could be rumour to be have gotten his money frm any source. All i knw is dat God should take absolute control of ds situation.

  7. Pls note this young man is not mad. I have seen him several times in lagos Island with his clothes on him. I have also seen him naked on one occassion and when i made enquiries, i was told he and some friends made a betting game that he can act as if he is insane. Pls jus ignore him.

  8. This guy is not a yahooo; many people do ritualis and cover up with yahoo yahoo. Even the yahoo is not a clean job anyway, bcos some years ago i heard about wat happen, when an idian man send a guy money, and after some times, the man knew that the guy he sent the money to is scarms, Then he sent something with many immage, and with idian language, immidiatly the boy translate it and read it, the guy go mad, am sure of what am saying is not a cook up story, so yahoo guys should beware

  9. The lesson 2 b learnt frm dis is not only 4 yahoo boys,but 4 all dos dat are fond of duping pple instead of luking 4 a lawful way of making their own mony.IF AT ALL D GUY IS IN2 ANY OF SUCH INHUMAN AND ILICIT BUSINES,I’L SAY DAT SERVES HIM RITE.BUT IF AN HONEST AND INOCENT OF ANY OF DIS,I WISH HIM QUICK RECOVERY.

  10. You guys are yet to know what exactly is wrong with this dude.. na only YAHOO una sabi… mak una Open eye clearly.. Things beyond that dey happen cos BOIZ de PARA gan…. Most time i wonder if there will be anyone in Heaven at the end of the day cos the world now seem to require SINS to be succesful…. Make God help us oooo

  11. i have seen this guy on many occasions at lagos island,displaying madness.The last time i saw him was around 3 months ago,naked as usual.He defeacated into his hands and was rubbing it all over his mouth.some minutes later,it was like somefin struck him as in what i’m i doing.he used his palms to cover his private parts and was beckoning on people to give him clothings.i think the guy case is spiritual.

  12. i b’liv al doz wu claimed 2 av seen d guy b4 bec dis story occurred on tuesday n d@ day i also saw him naked @ idumota,d@ place wher buses drop al passengers.i noticed he stil luk’d very fresh n z reaction wasn’t d@ of a mad person bec he dint pursue any1 buh he wahz smilin as pple wey runnin frm him

  13. It is funny how Nigerians jump to conclusions. Our leaders who continue to loot the treasury and put millions in poverty, has never being attacked like this. How are we sure he is a yahoo boy? If he his, is that a yardstick for him to go mad? Over 90 percent of Nigerians are guilty of one crime or the other, why must we all be in haste to judge another? What do we really know about this person? Thank God for God that men are no gods!!!

  14. hmmm yahoo yahoo? what do you even know about yahoo yahoo, its not what many of you think. let me ask this question is it a crime for a white woman to be in love with a black african man and in the course of that she send money to you, and people begins to say one thing or other, get this fact there is a sharp diff between yahoo yahoo and money ritualistic

  15. Every thing hidden from the eyes of man is always exposed this way of recent for the wrath of God is on the people of this world.

  16. Most yahoo boys now use yahoo to cover face some are into ritual and some use charm with yahoo. God will help us. Let us wait for the real news


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