PHOTO: Married Woman Beating For Sleeping With Another Womans Husband

The incident, which can be apparently described as a nude wrestling show, forced parents to cover the faces of children in Lusaka Zambia, Missisi Compound with their palms as the events that unfolded before them were not fit for minors.

Police confirmed the case which happened last Wednesday. The assailant, Shamiso Marovero has since been fined $10 for indecently assaulting Portia Madhuku who was only left with torn undergarments after the melee.

When the source news crew visited the scene, a sobbing Madhuku was at loss of words to explain the beatings she encountered at the hands of Marovero and eight others.

“They were nine of them and they approached me when I was selling my clothes. They beat me up, stripped me naked and left me with tattered under garments,” she said.

When asked if she had indeed snatched Marovero’s husband and was sleeping with him, Madhuku denied ever bedding him. She said her relationship to Marovero’s husband was a business one with no strings attached.

“I am not in love with her husband. I only came to know him when he sold some jackets to me on credit. I bought two jackets and paid for them and I never saw him again.

However, Marovero, was singing from a different hymn book. She accused Madhuku of being in love with the father of her children saying the affair began in June this year.

“I discovered the affair in June but I kept quiet. I couldn’t confront her because I did not have enough evidence. However, the truth came out when one of her best friends told me everything. I confronted her hence the fracas,” she said.

Marovero, however, refused ever beating Madhuku saying she only stripped naked “I did not beat her, why should I?”she boasted Madhuku pleaded with The Weekender not to publish the story saying it would break her fragile relationship with her husband, which she is trying to sort out.

“Please I don’t want you to publish the story because it will badly affect my relationship with my husband, which is on the rocks,” she said. Manicaland spokes person Inspector Enock Chishiri said Marovero and two of her accomplices who partook in stripping Madhuku have since paid $10 admission of guilty fines. He urged members of the public to desist using violent means to settle scores.



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