‘Please Forgive And Forget’ – AY Apologizes To Keke Ogungbe And D1 Over Grammy Award Joke

Popular comedian Ayo ‘AY’ Makun, has realized he made an error in judgement when a joke about media Lords, Kenny ‘Keke’ Ogungbe and Dayo ‘D1’ Adeneye didn’t go down well with them and has since issued a public apology to that effect.

AY, In an open letter on his Facebook page and signed by him, explained that it was only a ‘harmless joke that meant neither vilification nor slight’. He further explained that the ‘joke was only a spontaneous exaggeration by a comedian who needed to just lie to the world and make a living from it’.

The apology which is a 5-paragraph letter, makes reference to different important personalities that have received a fair share of comedians’ taunts and goes on to say ‘the truth of the matter is that only those revered by society enter into the contemporary comical repertoire. Please may all VIP’s note this down.’

Here’s a part of the letter where the apology is tendered:

“Dear Kennis Music, permit me to modestly state that it was an harmless joke that meant neither vilification nor slight when I said “ we all saw an advert on television confirming that Kenny and D One were going to cover the Red Carpet at the last Grammy Awards in America for our viewing pleasure back home in Nigeria, Only for us to find the two of them interviewing their own artiste Jawon (around an American 3rd Mainland Bridge very far from the venue) without having access to the venue and foreign celebs at the event”. That joke was only a spontaneous exaggeration by a comedian who needed to just lie to the world and make a living from it.The naivety and clumsiness in attacking you aside, you and I know very well that any attack on you by any comedian is as pointless as a wild-goose chase. However, my sincere apologies if I exaggerated in my jokes. Please no harm was intended. It was rather a confirmation of your significance to society. The several great artistes you created will witness better to this than my little self. Again, by ‘agelessness’ I intended the lasting glamour of your presence in the entertainment industry, and the future and perpetuity you stand for in the music enterprise. This is it; no equivocation was intended. Please forgive and forget.”


  • NICE ONE FROM A MAN OF HONOUR. AY, may you live longer than your forefathers. This is what it means to live a simple life. I wish other STARS will learn from this and be peacemakers instead of proud loudmouths who hold on to their ego at the detrimant of peace and unity.

  • A.Y,believe it OR not,ur joke on keke & D1 has an atom of truth in it….the duo are over-hyped….the duo are known for their boring TV & radio shows and a whole bunch of wack artist signed on to their music label(too tribalistic for my likening)

  • kennys and D1 u guys must be very out of place. Remember SHEGU ARINZE, how many times was he yaped, what of desmond Elliot that clint d drunk called DESMOND IDIOT in a show at GHANA. what about obasanjo etc. U guys, i use to look up to u but i must confess i am dissapointed. Why would u b so angry over a mere joke?

  • Ay ,joke na joke .if those bros don laugh over baba n bros j jokes then why the fuss na turn by turn .no hard feelings .again I believe they have a good sense of humour so make them slow .no sacred cows in this business .if jokes don finish close shop n go home .no be every Money dem dey chop .or us ur self as topic make some bad guyz no hold u for job so Tay the small one wey u for don make u come dey Use am dey pay royalty or homage .big up .

  • wel in every mockery or joke,there’s always some truth attached!just take it easy keke n d1,4give ay like he begged.he didnt mean any harm though,jst tryn 2 make pple laugh so he can get paid,its his proffessions.it has happnd to oda big personnel n they didnt take it personal.its one of those things.

  • Abeg u guys should relax jor AY was only jokin why has Obasanjo not killed himself have u guys not made mockery of sombdy bfre in ur life?? Dis guys re too tribalistic for ma liken..if u are angry@AY hug transformer end of discussion..

  • Are these guys(keke and D1) not smart enough to know that they are adding fuel to fire? Their reaction would not only introduce some elements of truth but also give room for people to mar their reputation. U guys are not the richest neither are u the most influencial cos even those who are have also been treated the same way but they replied with laughter. Pls remember JOKES are not NEWS.

  • Actually, D1 interviewed Jaywon just somewhere close to the venue…maybe that was the only part A-Y saw., but then I also watched when Keke interviewed a lot of international celebs including Michael Jackson’s father on the Red Carpet at the venue. Maybe A-Y just chose to act blind to that. But all the same, this shouldn’t be a bother to the Kennis Music Bosses., maybe A-Y made it sound so true sha. But getting angry over jokes from comedians is not necessary at all. If politicians can overlook insults and jokes about then, which are true…then who Keke and D1 dem be?? They should even be happy sef that more people will now know that they were at the Grammys, its a plus to their popularity! A-Y abeg say more jokes joor!!!

  • AY bone them nah joke if they no like am make they do their worst they no dey watch your show or any other nite of a thousand laugh? All the jokes about pastors and mallam fa? Who them be self no be music producer that are tribalistic?

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  • Ay nice 1, ur joke was on point man otherwise the guys would have laffed off d matter. I can’t fathom how MJ’s dad is of relevance @ present day grammy’s! What a sport.

  • I dey ur side @Keke! How relevant is Joe Jackson in this modern day scheme of things in The US or anywhere? For me,Kenny&D1 are nothing but ‘local champions’. Heck,not even in the absolute sense at that,as they have to contend with greater music producers as Cobhams Asuquo,Don Jazzy,the Chocolate City crew etc. So what the hell? Abeg no forgive,no forget joor! If a father figure like Baba Obj could afford to take all yaps(which were sometimes clearly over-board) in his strides,laughing them off,then who are these hustlers? Abeg Kenny&D1,i’ll advise u guys to not only “go hug transformer”,since u couldn’t/failed to get close enough to any of the Chris Browns,Lil’ Waynes,Drakes,the Nicki Minajs and the Rihannas or at least the Akons of this world who were present at the Awards,to remove ur respective footwears,soak urselves in water(preferably sea water) before proceeding to hug the fabled transformer,u muppets! Well done,AY,for ur educated civility sha.

  • “Keke“ & “D1“, forgive AY, it‘s one of those things………
    Afterall, U shouldn‘t have been baffled with the jokes of Nigerian comedians, what should Baba Iyabo do about their incessant “yabeez“ towards him, even when he was Our President…….

    Forgive & Forget, Guys!!!

  • Wen did comedians start apologising for their jokes? Who is Joe Jackson? Abeg,make una two go sidon joor! Una no dey shame,una go grammy award na JJ una fit interview? In fact,make i even use dis vex unfollow una from twitter, tribalistic duo

  • AY, maybe you were trying to be nice but I don’t think you should have apologised. This is a joke said during a show and was meant to cause laughter so why the are they (keke & D1) be angry, many more important dignitaries have been actually yabbed and said nothing. What of the comedy roast shown on comedy central where powerful dignitaries are put on a hot seat and bamboozled. Keke and D1 learn to accept jokes on your persons.

  • Ay, craze dry worry you. U bcos u don hold small money how we no go hear word. Y u dry use keke n d1 dey yab. Y u no use your father name for yabis. Nonsense guy. For your mind na u sabi pass. Idiot!

  • Ay, u do well. But that apology no hold water. All na lie. After u don use the joke take make money finish u come dey apologize. Return the money for the joke back the poor naija people whey u don scam. Nonsensical!!!

  • Keke and D1 are a disappointment, why would they be angry just because of a joke said about them. They have diminished their reputation by being angry @ AY. The likes of Pastor Chris( both oyakhilome and okotie) have been yabbed by AY, and after that I saw pastor okotie in 1 of AY’s video and I was happy with that. Even OBJ has been yabbed b4. Also, TB joshua, Late Stella OBJ, GEJ, IBB. Are keke and D1 up to the level of these guys? Abeg make dem go hug transformer. Stupid fools.

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