Police Gives Conflicting Information On Killer Policemen In Kaduna

Details about the extra judicial killing of a commercial motorcyclist in Kaduna by a police officer in the state are enmeshed in uncertainties as the Kaduna State police command contradict the information it brandished a month ago.

The Kaduna police public relations officer, Balteh Abdulrazaq, told Premium Times that investigations are still ongoing and the police are yet to pinpoint the officer who fired the shot that lodged a bullet in its victim’s skull from a close range.

He said the entire police officers on duty within the area when the incident occurred have been called for questioning.

“All the people that were there on that very day are still being questioned,” Mr. Abudulrazaq said.

But in September, shortly after the incident, the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Adefemi Adenaike, said the police would charge the killer cop for murder, indicating that that the cop had been arrested.

“The culprit will be charged to court for murder. The law must take its full course,” Mr. Adenaike said in September.

The delay by the police in figuring out the killer cop further highlights the culture of impunity within the force.

The victim, Umar Danmichika, died after the killer cop fired a bullet into his skull from a close range while he was sitting on his motorbike.

Witnesses said the shot was unprovoked, they say the police deliberated targets the deceased and shot to kill him.

The victim’s death had sparked a protest from his colleagues in the city who demanded justice for his death.

Source: Premium Times



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