President Jonathan To Address Nigerians In A Nationwide Broadcast Tomorrow Morning

President Goodluck Jonathan is scheduled to address Nigerians in a nationwide broadcast tomorrow morning to be aired on  NTA and FRCN by 7:00am. A statement by his spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati this evening, called on all radio and television stations to hook up to the network services for a relay of the broadcast.

This will be the second time in a space of one week that the president will have cause to address Nigerians and it is already generating an uneasy feeling as the reason for the broadcast is unknown yet or could it be the #Aluu4 killings?

The last time he addressed the nation was on independence day, October 1 2012. Please, do tune in tomorrow morning.


  • I am not in support of the stealing but we should verify properly b4 taking laws into our hands bcos of wat happen to my younger brother who was skuling at uniport.i remember how he was also beaten in this same aluu community simply bcos he went thereto process form in the internet and greeted somebody he knew in bayelsa that came there also for admission in a bar drinking and the stopped him and asked him if he knew the boy and he said yes and that was all,they took him to where the boy was and started beating them that they were armed robbers.these same ppl accusing them were the same ppl that collected their fons from them it was God intervention that they were handed over to the police close to their school but i tell u i know what we went tru b4 we brought them out most of the vigilanteein that community are criminals the collaborate with the police in that station to extort money from students which the later on shared among themselves. Pls the governor, the commissioner of police and the civil society group should properly investigate this matter bcos most of the ppl acussed as such ,might be innocent.The community set up a vigilantee group bcos the govt ve failed them and the vigilantee after forming the committee must ve a constitution backed by law and commission of police the community chiefs must be aware of this laws.If i may ask, did the law states that any criminal caught shld be brutally beaten to death?The answer is NO so thou ALUU community and their chiefs are inexcusable for grusomely killing of those students, may God help this country Nigeria and those behind this act are rought to justice

    This is NOT a mere CURSE but One That Will Stick On You and Any Community And People Of Your Likes!!

  • No matter what we write here today I can promise us all that we shall never ever get over this horror! most times all we do is sit down and hope that things will be good again without getting up to do anything about it! But how can we live with ourselves knowing that the people who did this horrible thing will never be caught? Or even if caught will only get jail term? Those souls lost in such a devilish manner will never rest in peace and will continue to cry for justice but how many of us are willing to carry our matchetes and guns and march to Aluu to fish out those babarians? I know this may sound like another lawless call but I tell you in this matter if those culprits are not killed in similar fashion nobody’s mind will ever be at rest. Its like war, and we must defend our families and people from blood sucking beasts! I think its time to have a citizens forum where matters like this can be handled! Where people who think they are above the law can be eliminated! I will never be satisfied unless those people are caught and punished to death the way those boys died so everybody will realise you cannot just kill people like animals. I am not one of those who like to sit down and hope! I am ready to act! If there’s any group of like minded nigerians who are ready to go to aluu to make this right then pls I am prepared to join bcos I believe this is war!! You only need to watch the video to feel my pain! Boko haram is even better bcos a gun shot or bomb blast is quick and painless but for a young man to be stripped naked, his skull crushed until his brain is pouring out and then burnt alive is unacceptable! I still weep and cannot sleep well since the day I watched that video!

  • Mr president in as much as the first lady is still alive please save your usual line of “I am so sad” to protect the screen of my television from being broken.

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