Prof. Omoruyi Laments “IBB Has Used And Dumped Me” As He Calls On Jonathan For Help!

Former Director General, Centre for Democratic Studies, Prof. Omo Omoruyi, has accused former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babaginda of abandoning him in his time of need.

Omoruyi who was appointed as DG CDS by the gap-toothed general from Minna, gave this indication in Benin City, Edo State, before travelling to the US for a second cancer treatment – Omoruyi was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007, but his condition improved after receiving treatment in the United States.

Omoruyi said: “I have been used and dumped, especially by Babangida. Some politicians who don’t like me were also preventing the President from giving me assistance, after I sent a message about my health predicament to him.

“My cancer is back and I don’t know how it will end. Governor Adams Oshiomhole has graciously come to my aid again. He is the one making it possible for me to commence my second journey.

“IBB abandoned me. I let him know about the first journey. He did not help me, not even one kobo so I cannot go to him for this second journey. In the first journey I did not hear from him.  I sent him a text message that I am going back to the  hospital. I have also alerted some of my good people.”

Omoruyi who appealed to President Jonathan for assistance, lamented the fate that has befallen him. “I am going back to hospital. President Goodluck Jonathan should help me. I cried to him through Chief Edwin Clark. There is vindictiveness in the land. I have paid my dues in this country and the country is unfair to me. What did I not do?” he queried.




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