Questionable Degrees: NYSC Rejects Three Illiterate Graduates Of ESUT

Three “graduates” of Enugu State University of Science and Technology mobilised to participate in the National Youth Service Corps scheme have shown lack of competence and intelligence level expected of genuine degree holders, Blueprint learnt last night.

In education circles, questions are being asked over the competence of the university and indeed other institutions of learning.

The three corps members are: Nwankwo Elias Chukwuebuka, a graduate of BSc Electrical/Electronics, with code number NG/11B/1660 and a NYSC call-up number NYSC/EST/2011/1777093; Mbah Linda Akunna, a graduate of BSc Electricals/Electronics with code number LA/11B/5245, a call-up number EST/2011/178882 and matriculation number ESUT/2005/96998, and Okochi Adaeze Kate, a graduate of Geography/Meteorology, with code number AD/12B/0389, call-up number EST/2012/148292 and matriculation number ESUT/2006/10400.

According to documents obtained by Blueprint, the three “graduates,” who are serving in Niger, Lagos and Adamawa states respectively, were rejected, with formal letters sent to the state coordinators by their areas of primary assignment and forwarded to the NYSC headquarters in Abuja.

The national headquarters, in a August 29, 2012 letter signed by the Director General of NYSC, N.T. Okore-Affia, had informed the NUC of the presence of corps members who displayed “glaring lack of academic ability and intelligence level expected of genuine Nigerian graduates, which were consistently exhibited by the three students from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology.”

Attaching copies of letters from NYSC secretariats in Niger, Adamawa and Lagos, Okore-Affia noted: “As contained in the reports, the corps members exhibited signs of incompetence and low intelligence level which range from inability to complete registration formats correctly to not being able to teach pupils at nursery school level. These inadequacies led to their rejections by their employers in their various states of deployment.”

The case, according to an insider’s account, has baffled the National Universities Commission (NUC) and prompted the setting up of a committee to “verify the integrity of the degrees,” and find out if there was collaboration by the university.

Federal education authorities are suspecting a wide-ranging scam that might have been going on for years.

To unravel how the three corps members were mobilised, the NUC has already set up a panel, comprising officials of NYSC, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and the State Security Service (SSS).

The mandate of the panel, according to a letter dated September 24, 2012 signed by NUC Director of Quality Assurance, Professor C.F. Mafiana, “is to fully investigate the report with a view to identifying the culprits, including others similarly mobilised and their collaborators, and ensuring sanctions accordingly. The team would be chaired by a visiting professor in the NUC.”

Out of the three corps members, Okochi could hardly write the Roman figures from one to 10 in words, just as she could not write three states and their capitals. She could not provide the names of two major rivers in Nigeria, just as she failed to name three countries that share border with Nigeria.

Akunna, according to the documents, was rejected by Kings College, Lagos, after it was discovered that she was grossly incompetent to perform her duties.

A further test on her by the Lagos state NYSC secretariat revealed that though a graduate of Electricals/Electronics, she never passed any of the science subjects at the secondary school level.

The third fellow, Chukwuebuka, who was posted to Niger state, was rejected by a nursery/primary school known as FEMA Schools because of his inability to read and write.

Having been rejected by two employers, he had to be reposted by Niger state NYSC to a bakery, pending the final determination of his case by the NYSC national headquarters.

When queried on his incompetence, Chukwuebuka proved his incompetence when he responded in writing: “I awarded a degree in Enugu State University of Science and Technology I have a probeam in my university am manegn my siefe to funsh my school.”

A source disclosed last night that members of the panel would soon commence probing the circumstances under which the “graduates” were released by the university to participate in the NYSC scheme.




    • Henry, don’t leave with such a harsh conclusion, do you actually think it is possible for a 5 or 4 years pass through in the university, Please relax and thin it through from your own reputable experience. Please our youth are messed up in levels of rightful judgement and if you are still a Youth, i think you should “THINK!!!!”

    • Henry, which backyard university did you graduate from? Imagine a kettle calling the pot black. Quite a pity you see yourself as educated. Buckle up Bros & place yourself in your level. No offence intended. Thank you.

  • This is a ‘national error’ from esut and nigeria. I think the nuc should start appropriate inspection in the country’s versities henceforth than to let such shame on the face of the nigeria educational system.

  • There’s serious problem in the Nigerian education sector, even ♍Ɣ fellow critic can’t even demonstrate mastery of simple grammar. I think it is time state of emergency is declared on the education sector.

  • Not quite strange anyway, but one wonders why they could only identify these three People amidst thousands out there that fall within same. For those of us that served in the North, one would wonder if most Corps Member from the North passed through higher institutions at all, with those qualities they exhibit. Am sure those three are much better than so many out there that have remained unexposed.

  • This is terrible, seriously de NUC should into de academic started of ESUT cos it flows from what is obtainable here that one can be admitted into de school without having de requisite minimum of 5 credits on relevant subjects. Again from all indications it is possible for one to graduate from there without writing exams insofar as de person has all it takes to bribe himself out. NAWAOH

  • ,Dis is quite funny. When u research on d problem of unemployment in Nigeria, u find out dat some young people are simply unemployable. And nt d other way round bt may God help our nation coz wit wat z happening presently i dnt want 2 think of wat our future z going 2 b lyk.

  • University indeed, in Polytechnics that will rather be fictional. I believe that the ignoramous discrimination btw HND & degree holders is a selfish effort to promote some ”disables” to the greater detriment of the ”abilities” which consequently has & is paving ways to our persistant under-development as a nation.

  • I once interview a Corps Member sent to my office who graduated from dis same ESUT in 2008 who couldn’t write her name n couldn’t speak English at all n I was in doubt of her Degree so I let her go

    • Do me a favour, Phemy. Double check you grammar before you post, especially when you’re discussing such issues. A pot calling the kettle black?

  • Izuzu or what ever you called yourself, you are too myopic in thoughts. Based on the available facts all the ‘morons’ are of southern origin from SE university. What those the North has to do with this shame? You are nothing but an ethnic chauvinist

  • Dis is too bad, am a graduate of Esut. The Direct ‘NYSC’ can’t say dis, I feel, dey just want to damage the reputation of Esut. Notin els. Am nt saying is nt possible bt is just can’t be true. Go to the north an see for urself. Plsss’ though dere is Element of Corruption in d University bt u can’t tell me is nt in Every Nigerian University. Plss,’ NYSC look it to it, I’ll luv to kn if they were really admitted? an the Secondary School they attended also. Tanx. Kpelesmary

  • ESUT today,another school tomorrow! No region in Nigeria is spared of this. The fact is that more and more persons with no business in tertiary institutions are not only found there but are graduating with better grades than those that are really learning. Want to stop this? Stop corruptiion.

  • Going to school is not for everybody please. If you truely know that you can’t make it, join trading or something else. NUC is full of currupt and even incompetent personnels. Students competency may not be observed at the point of admission but assesment while in school should strictly be monitored before awarding whatever certificate. Whether or HND.

  • They should send the three graduates down to primary school to start their education again. Esut is after money. They dont care about their students, as far as u hav ur money, go and sleep, do whatever u want to do eventually u will hav ur certificate.

  • obviously, I must say making conclusions in cases like this isn’t right, do you really believe the stories or don’t you think this is an attempt to scandalise these corps members? Sometimes under tense situation the most intelligent person may tutter or make mistakes. so guys lets leave these guys alone. if u laf dem make u go saf NYSC

  • Can’t believe М̣̣̥̇̊ў ears! Too bad that Southernerns α̲̅я̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ found i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ †̥̥Ђis kind ☺Ƒ mess but know ȋ̝̊̅̄†̥̥ that these Graduants α̲̅я̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ better than most ☺Ƒ their Northern Graduates. Please ℓε̲̣̣̣̥†̥̥ †̥̥Ђӛm carry out †̥̥Ђӛ investigation i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ all University, there should be ₪☺ exception.

  • Pls my sister in Law writes worse than that guy and she is currently working in her uncles firm as a finance person while I’m still job hunting with my 2:1. This country is just messed up.

  • This is realy unfortunate,must you be a graduate to suceed in life? ESUT especially and all south eastern universities except Nnamdi Azikiwe University must be probed by the NUC, and prospective emplyers encouraged to provide feedback on the graduate of these fake schools.

  • @Izuzu E; I did my NYSC in d north and most of the people serving there are not northerners, so what’s ur problem with the northerners. These so called graduates don’t even deserve to be called half baked, pls Izuzu understand a column before commenting on it.

  • Thank God for social media which has helped in giving vital informations!God help us and God help u MR henry!!!!and @mr goddyadie u are an example of the same threat we are discussing

  • Shame on u guys, but a very big shame to the lecturers who certify thier exam scripts and thought them. I’ve bn waiting for this opportunity to come but thank God to Nysc. Plz tell me the relationship btw EE religion when the lecturers have forgotten to teach what they were employed to do but to impose unrelated text books to their student as a requirement for success in their course. I think the VC down to the sch Clark should be investigated and disgrace just like the three students.

  • Nuc don c who dem go catch idiot’s,why can’t they catch those of them dat are already working without even studying 4 their result fucked up country

  • dt is Esut 4u. NYSC, NUC, JAMB. Ur troubles just started. In as much as dy still av grounded students, these ‘handed downs’ mke up a gd majority. Esp the indigenes who want 2 go 2 sch with d shortcut approach to everythng. D ladies are yanked up. Simple exprezion of English is like having to gulp epsom salt. Its ‘sorting’ in broad day light under the hot sun. Tnk God dy are geting the ‘LAURELS’ b4 the whole world. Mtchew. Odrz pick a que 4m it. IMT IS NEXT IN LINE.

  • i wonder if dis country wil b better. there is hardly any issue of national concern that nigerians discuss that is devoid of tribalistic and ethnocentric expressions & ideas. take the write up of an elderly stateman lyk prof. chinua achebe & many others as a case study, this veri matter is nt an exception going by wat was posted by some fellow contributors on this page. we should see one another as brothers keeper & stop putting blame on one geopolitical zone or the other for our failure as people. no tribe is exonorated from the malady and miasma that has ravaged this country.we shd work together as people to correct the wrong and put things in the right prespective. nigerians shd wake up.

  • This is not rescricted to ESUT nor the South East. Its a general phenomenon. Our educational system is very poor. I bet there are some guys who are good with reading and passing exams with average scores though, yet, will not construct a sentence without error. We just have to leave tribal affiliation out of this. Its everywhere even outside Nigeria. But we must move fast to cub this.

  • Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill. Don’t just be a social critic without a candid write-up.

  • #hamza, its ‘does’ not ‘those’. Well the truth is that I have seen worse in the north. I was opportuned to be documemted along side some northern graduates, it was a disaster. More than 60% of then could not complete their registration by themselves. Those were not corp members, they had completeted NYSC program, ‎​​and have been shortlisted employed. So Hamza why call southerners moron, when there are more morons in the north than they have in the south?

  • I think this issue is not exclusive to ESUT…NYSC and NUC should work together and sanitize the system..i served in the north..i was worried when i met graduates who could not express themselves in “pigin english”; all they know is their mother thongue….GOD HELP NIGERIA

  • I am a graduate of ESUT anytime, anyday! ♍Ɣ dept had medical and industrial sections. Nobody kud penetrate d medical lecturers while d industrial lecturers were as cheap as d word cheap itself.
    A girl graduated from d industrial section of dat dept wit a 2.2 and till date d only thing she knows how 2 do Ȋ̝̊̅§ †̥ spell her name.
    I schooled in ESUT, ESUT Ȋ̝̊̅§ corrupt 2 d core though it depends †̥ a greater xtent on d department. In those days, if Ʊ graduate wit a 3rd class from engineering dept, den be rest assured Ʊ are a 2.1 material if not 1st class in some school. Generally, higher institutions in d Eastern part of d country are very corrupt. ESUT Cǎ̜̣̍ŋ boast of d best brains and also imbeciles as graduates, trust me, I kno what am saying. This may not go down well wit lotz of people but d truth has 2 be told anyway!

  • Izuzu stop sectionality,we know its available everywhere but its not rampant everywhere like d southern part where money is seen everything.iam a southern schooling in d north, udus to be precise but no matter hw you are rich an no matter poor the lecturers are,u can never influence them to pass you especially my dept.they don’t sell handouts and they don’t imposed their books on students,no special marks award to those students that buy the books but go to the south no matter hw u read u most settle lecturer or u repeat the course.

  • 1st to cast the stone…and u seem to b in the same category with the “corpers” in question…
    For goodness’ sake if graduates can’t differentiate past tense from present tense, singular words from plural, how will they teach in children in the nursery and primary schools (since these are the places most corpers are being posted)..
    This only goes to show the degree of rot in the education sector…and these are just the few among the thousands…u need to chat with some pple and u’ll feel like weeping. And then they use abbreviationas cover-up…
    It is sad….

  • I must open up to say that is how I discovered to my greatest shock ESUT and some of the higher Institutions down east are, even UNIZIK!! During my service year almost all of them from that region could not even utter a complete sentence in English Language! All the time they gather in groups and communicate with Igbo language or the worst pidgin you can imagine, they don’t even mix with the rest of us who were obviously from better schools because of inferiority complex! I really think NUC should do something urgentlyor just close down those schools! Peharps the Lecturers Lecture in Igbo?

  • If NYSC can award discharge cert to non Graduates, why won’t versities do same? All dogs eat feces but d one u see with feces is feces eater.2day ESUT, 2mrw anoda school.while i was in school (ESUT) a particular lect was dismissed frm BCH dept cos of sorting n sanity was restored.if the three corpers have senators or ministers as uncles n aunties u will den know were d problem is from but if they don’t, then they bought their certs. Lets not be tribalistic in reasoning pls pals. A criminal is innocent until proven orderwise..

  • Its in deed a very bad omen for a country like to dis kined academic decay system. But it all boiled down to currution. De affected students must not go unpunished

  • Corruption among lecturers is the bane of poor quality of grads,but for a grad of electronics to be unable to write a sentence is ridiculous no matter what.I suspect these are people that got the certificates by proxies.I saw one guy commenting that there are worst scenarios in the north,well at least not grads of same school exhibiting such inconsistency with standard.Keep sentiments aside and be objective!

  • It is most unfortunate, Enugu state University of science and technology has produced highly placed graduates in different fields of practice in Nigeria and abroad. This whole thing centers on corruption and the negligence by the leaders of our country to tackle the Educational sector. Government schools have failed, how many parents can afford to pay high costs of school fees for private nursery and elementary schools? And that is were the fundamentals of teaching starts, where those mentioned above have lacked in; Roman numerals, English spellings, expressing themselves e.t.c. If something is not done urgently to checkmate this, tommorow it would be certainly worse.

  • I will not be personally bias. but frankly i’m speaking, from a practical experiences. most of the south east university are feeding the country with unqualifying a result of materialism that existed in the psyche of their lecturers and they absolutely belief in quantity rather than quality.which is became endemic in the region.and for those that are speaking negatively against northern graduate. pls, i urge u 2 take aside a sentiment of various dimension and take a matters as a national issues not a regional. but 4 unsolicited advice anybody that need 2 have a quality education let him come 2 udusok were student are treated equal. Bcos i’m currently under-graduate political science student of this institution.thank u.nigerians.

  • Even most of the “graduates” that commented here can’t speak proper english, I read all these comments out loud to my mum n she couldn’t stop laughing. Wtf, what is d difference between d critics and the victims. Abeg all of una go back to primary school and learn foundational english

  • it’s so funny the rate mess re taken place in our noble country(Nigeria).we knw among the humanbeing there are those that giftd with first class brain,bt in a situation like this when sm1 is trying to help u @ least make sure u help urself,in summary educational sector need to be review or else it can lead to the destruction of this’s a great challenge to those graduat bt nigeria shld enact a law dt dt would guided a graduate nt necesary must graduat with first class let their creativity speak for them.lets stop sentiment.

  • This is a shame! A big shame!!! There is no exuse for this kind of gross misconduct. People like this make it cumbersome for the credible graduates to be gainfully employed. I can’t believe one can gain admission to study Engineering without passing a science subject in his O levels. Not just that! He graduated. This is terrible! The height of SHAM!!

  • Wow!!! Today we have seen the truth”GRADUATES” we met with some of them in the NYSC camp they can’t even fill a form properly $ the government are expecting such so-called corper to enter class $ teach children which is not passible.

  • KRS 1……… Ok. I disagree with that part of your statement where you generalised! So, what you are saying is that most people that graduated from Universities situated in the South-East do not know how to communicate in English? That statement is shallow…. Very superficial…. I guess you are exercising your freedom of speech but know that this problem cuts across all the Universities in Nigeria….. Forgive me for reacting this way but I can’t help it because I’m a Lioness… Lol

  • Being a good or a bad graduate depends on d individual.south east schools has produced d best brains in Nigeria.correct me if I’m wrong.there is corruption in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

  • Unfortunately, almost all the comments here are plagued with grammatical errors; especially from those “throwing stones”…I wonder why Nigerians digress from pertinent issues and focus on ethnic or religious affiliations. This problem is a national one and no region is spared, despite the degrees of variations of the problem from one region to another. The government really needs to focus on our educational system, especially the primary school sub-system, which is the formative and most important part. Please discuss solutions instead of merely apportioning blames and ridicules.

  • Critics! Critics!! Critics!!! This is not ESUT issue. Nigeria is simply rotten from inside out. And this will not get any better if we don’t address the root cause of this problem. I am a young man, but from stories I heard, in those days, the best graduates in the class are authomatically offered teaching jobs because the jobs were honourable and rewarding then. Presently, the 1st and second class students work in oil companies and where the pay is, teaching is left for those who can’t find better jobs and the 3rd class students, so what do u expect their products to look like???? I have seen primary school teachers who cannot correctly fill out a withdrawal teller in the bank, wrong spelling of figures and all, now imagine what their students will be???? When the basics is not right, then notting good will come out. I once sat beside a candidate with a foreign masters certificate for an employment exam, the man replicated the example given on how to shade your name and candidate number as his own particulars! Imagine!!!! (Anyway I said this is one less competition for me). Its not peculiar to ESUT, some of us went there!

  • Dear Masade Austin,how is it bad? Having read your comment, Its evidently clear now that products of Esut have one problem in common…..English Language!
    @ Phemy,who asked you to interview anyone or were you conducting the interview via your dialect? Sad much, as you can barely even speak or write simple english!
    Over to you Mr Henry,i have nothing to say to you..I am seriously serious,yoų need deliverance….*Books deliverance for you at MFM*

  • Much blame s’d go to department /faculty that graduated them. Nigeria edu is a mess and i blame teachers and lecturers, when i was in primary & secondary sch where foundation of edu started, teachers in my sch used most of students lessen period to work in their farms both at sch and their village farms, we hardly read in sch while we paid fees to learn. In the end you see somebody who can’t spel he /her name after twelve yrs in sch. So who is to be blame a techer, student or Gvt?

  • @paul ( the prof) – am sure you graduated from cambridge abi na oxford! So you made your conclusion from how many ESUT subjects??? Professor weldone.

  • Excuse me!@KRS 1, how dare you make such hasty generalisations??? That some people had no good educational foundation, and were unfortunate too to have gained admissions into higher institutions where bribery rules the day, does not mean that every other graduate from the Universities in the East is daft. Now listen to this; I did my primary assignment in Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State, the Department of English at that, and students were exchanging greetings and conversing with their lecturers in yoruba, I’m sure it still goes on till today. These students hardly attend lectures, but they still graduate. I do not know what school you feel produced you without certifying you fit for the society in character and learning, but just pray that more Lions and Lionesses do not read your post, for your sanity’s sake! God bless Nigeria. I’m a proud Lioness, cheers to you Ginika and to all Lions and Lionesses out there!

  • Dear Masade Austin,how is it bad? Having read your comment, Its evidently clear now that products of Esut have one problem in common…..English Language!
    @ Phemy,who asked you to interview anyone or were you conducting the interview via your dialect? Sad much, as you can barely even speak or write simple english!
    Over to you Mr Henry,i have nothing to say to you..I am seriously serious,yoų need deliverance….*Books deliverance for you at MFM*

  • That’s the extend of the rots in our educational system. This just a tip of the iceberg. They should dig deeper and what will be discover will sting. The government should continue playing to the gallery with our educational policies.

  • Brothers and sisters, I think you all should be ashamed of yourselves for uttering so much hatred and tribalism. These are the problems of this country. Rather than suggest the way forward, you waste your time fighting yourselves…
    Whether, north,south,east or west. We are one.
    The problem in our educational sector is corruption. Sometimes, I wonder what our universities will produce in no distant time.. These three young people, should be examples to us. Ask yourselve the honest truth about your kids and how your paving the way for them..because remember CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME

  • I blame d sch. hw did they get tru d university unnoticed. I think NUC shld investigate d matter. The HOD, lecturers, n d exam officer shld be sanctioned accordinly for incompetence n neglect of responsibility.Shame on d students

  • It is well with Nigeria. I want to appreciate NYSC for their help to deal with incompetent Nigerian graduates. When I served, a graduate of Accounting (Institute of Management Enugu) didn’t know the full meaning of ICAN. A graduate that is not competent @all is a shame to himself/herself, a shame to his/her family, a shame to his/her state & a national shame.

  • Well, i thanked GOD Almighty with the occurance of this thing. I got my first Degree from Bayero University Kano, so also my master Degree. And i’m ready to depend my cert. anytime. But actually i’m not surprise with what the ESUT graduates portrayed. Because i have seeing worse. Well, who knows the true cheater and uneducated persons as we’r always call by our southern and eastern folks.

  • It doesn’t matter where it happened. This is simply unacceptable but not surprising. What do you expect when grammar and literature have been replaced with teaching of only English language? And who’s up there boasting of UI? Premier University my foot! Post graduate students in UI CANNOT WRITE 1PAGE TERM PAPER without triggering migraine in ‘any head’ that dares to read it. Take it from me. Am in Ibadan. I know the students there.

  • @masade austin and Henry, hmmm . . If the two of you are graduate of this same intitute , then I advice that esut or whatever name they call it should be close down. ‘Smh’

  • Am not supprise please ministry of education should come for rescus mission in enugu state at large cos is even in their secondary schools. I serve in enugu state stay with the students today is 8 days to their exams which start on 22nd u bearly know that my lodge have degree exams to write in eight days time cos so many rely on their alternativeS.I think gov should start from their staffs and lecturers cos they promote it a lot and their secondary bearly have good qualify seconday school science teachers who are even willing to do their job. Esut own is very allarming instead they prefer cultism

  • Lioness and Lion my stinking ASS@ oby and ginika!! Truth they say is bitter if you cannot swallow it raw feel free to encase it inside a ball of eba and swallow! I simply stated what I observed and it’s already been confirmed by the incident that has necessitated all these arguments! The best schools today still remain those first generation universities like ABU, UI, OAU,UNILAG, UNN(exception to other eastern schools), and some others like FUT, Minna. In these schools even if your parent(s) is/are senators or whoever you must have some basic good foundation before you’ll get admitted!! Agreed the system has collapsed but for emphasis I’ll repeat it that some of the schools located in the Eastern States are the worst in Nigeria! Go knack your head for concrete if you nor like my comment!!

  • Abubakar Rabiu or whatever you call urself, i think you are even the worst here. Where then do we place you and this your ‘well constructed grammer’ as a masters degree holder? That tells how good too you were in your Service year? Why didn’t you mention the School or schools that produced you? Maybe you forgot to tell us about your Ph. D. too. Cheii Naija! ….What an Irony!

  • @Abubaker rabiu, masters degree holder, and you still make grammatical blunder. Our school system needs total cleansing…long live UNN..LIONS AND LIONESSES

  • I think some of us are going out of track,pursuing shadows instead of reality.I suggest we forget sentiments and be objective here.Lets deal with facts and figures.When one fall inside a pit asking who throw you there is irrelevant rather the best thing to do is to think of how to come out.
    Our problem in Nigeria are numerous,I can’t crucify those students because ”VERBUM QUOD NON HABBET”You can give what you don’t have.My question is,If this continue like this without serious measures,what will be the hope of future Nigerians in the next 20years in Educational Context and other disciplines or sectors?This calls for reflection.

  • @ KRS 1, u’re such an ill-bred and a BIG FOOL… stop running ur basket mouth in public cos u lack the competence 2 be in this contest. How dare u make such an ill statement over Eastern Universities! Besides i suspect those corps members 2 be impersonators…

  • Wow Å̶̷̩̥͡•̸Ϟ short of words but I’ll still stand and defend M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ school. Å̶̷̩̥͡•̸Ϟ proud to be an unadulterated bonified graduate of ESUT. †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ fact it was branded with Esut doesn’t leave other universities I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria unaffected. †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ education sector I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria has deteriorated drastically. This ı̣̣̣s not time to lay blames, rather let us find a lasting solution too curb this menace. And to all anti-Esutiets, Douglas & Co that can’t even express their selves clearly yet you stand and condemn people and to Mr Phemy i hate critics.

  • That’s incredible! I wonder if their so called lecturers will be reading this. What a shame on the institution and also the corp members personality.

  • hello fellow nigerians, its so much a pity that *graduates of some schools of higher learning* as claimed, can neither speak nor write complete sentences without avoidable flaws. Proud to be an ESUTITE but not without reservation for some OOs(OGBU OGEs-TIME WASTERS of sorts) whom ESUT has confidently passed for graduates. This is not to say that there are no other illiterate graduates like this fellows whom have been supposedly groomed by other schools. I dare to say without fear nor favor that i have come across graduates from IBADAN(U.I. precisely) who could not just put the most common english words together talk more of prouncing them properly. For whoever said she is a Lioness, i laugh in WAWA(Enugu) language cos, u and I sure know that UNN/UNEC parades the most influential educated-illitrates. If u doubt me, i will produce one from my very close range – office(bank), who goes about asking people the meaning of every big word or vocab. that is spoken and cannot even afford a TEN-MINUTE Presentation or daring to go close to anchoring a meeting. 2 unilag chics that i know from afar(from friends) are always talking about London and America each time u talk about field of study and its relevance in the labour market. LOL
    Anyways, the society is actually in shambles but to beg God for its resusitation. Those guys really need to go back to primary schools and learn ENG & MATHS. Lest i forget, pls, as parents, try to do the best with ur child/children’s pry and sec schools – They are the moulders. What and whom ur children know now are the factors of their tomorrow’s success.
    money don implicate una ooooo, n di olu ogo. lol. No beefing o, cos me sef i still enjoy my days in ESUT.

  • As I reading ol dis cumentasions I no we has bruda amd sixtas me am grajutating ESUT amd we ar ploud thos studens are stufid cos we esustits ar blest amung of ekwas. We ar thie beggist. Izobu eyemba

  • Much have been said about this matter. We need not overflog the matter. WE SHALL ALL SUFFER FOR YOUR SINS. From those who fail to report their classmates cheating, to teachers who refuse to teach, teachers who registers traders and absentee candidates for examinations and write for them, staff of examining bodies who allow their conscience to be bought, supervisors commercialising their conscience, examiners failing to report collusion during marking and Ministry of Education staff deliberately promoting examination fraud. In addition, University staff involved in admission racketeering. Professors and lecturers dishing marks on religious and cash and carry basis, Universities sending names of those that read one sort of Law to the Law school before others, YOU WILL ALL RECEIVE GODs DIVINE PUNISHMENT. The time is at hand.

  • Currently on my I.T, Esut 400 level Engineering student.Those certificates were bought, period! They attended no class, they didn’t go through esut, just bought the certificate.i blame that on corruption which obviously is not peculiar to Esut.You guys can say sh*t, i know how difficult esut engineering is and even the difficulties big brains go through to pass.

  • @Izuzu are u not ashame of ur self? I challenge u 2 bring an incident of such kind dat happen to any student who come 4rm north,but everybody knows dat most of students who wr graduating 4rm southern universities,can’t defend thr cert if they wr demand 2do so,simply becouse it was obtain not base on merit.

  • Am sorry, but it is a fair reflection of the sickening level of the nigerian state nay its institutions. to say the least academic success and performance in the south east and south south is ups for grasp by the highest bidders. we all know is it the truth. even in the south west but i dont know much about them. however with the exception of UNIZIK AWKA, i think that most tertiary institutions in the south east are morally perverse. they dont have good and qualified lecturers so why will they produce sound students, their best students are not converted as lecturers just becos they are non-indigenes. so if NUC is interested, they have to do an overhaul of the whole system. it is truth!

  • This anomaly is ubiquitous in many campuses.The lecturers rob hardworking students of hard-earned marks,while awarding same to those who part with cash. If all employers will disclose the incompetence of Corp members serving with them, this hydra-headed monster call corruption and certificate racketeering in tertiary institutions will be dealt a major blow.God save Nigera!

  • WAR COLLEGE GRADUATES!!! Dis is what our country has turned to. We have dis kind of “graduates” in virtually all our universities. Dis is a case of “bought certificate”. If dis ones have been attending lectures everyday at least they could have learnt something but i guess they neva did. We should stop “tribalising” dis issue. Just cos these 3 wia d ones whose cases wia reported does not mean it only happens in ESUT. Because of how SERIOUS we easterners take education dat makes some go extra miles to achieve it by hook or by crook. We should be talking about how to tackle buying of certificates in d country dan finding faults with southern n northern universities.

  • Dis is a Trust me dis not jst d problem of Esut it’s found in every skul.lik unn,unilag.OAu,uniport,etc..just dat nuc deliberately prejudiced against and glance at esut i’m tellin u.u can’t compet wit Esut wen it comes wit ,ESTATE MGT,LAW,CIVIL ENG,AGRIC.were d best.esutite!

    • Aliazo please just forget about competition, I wish you can talk about yourself, categorically, if you are a lawyer or a law student lets talk about law or you can come out with your friend’s who are law students that graduated from Esut, just talk about yourself because other schools can confidently defend as well …please don’t make your comment as if Esut is the best

  • i wonder what is happening in ESUT.i also dy suprise dt a student of EEE cannot defend him or her self before a pannel.pls guy help me ask how those pple graduate from sec skol .how did they got admission in esut?is esut no more screaning?those who labour in esut always come out wt 2.2 but those who are not students are coming out wt 2.1.why these guys are fucking esut up.i pray that d image of esut wl still remaineth its normal image.may God help our HOD and other related officiers of eee department.

  • @Engr, it would have been beta if u had use pidgin english, u have just confirmed d “half-baked” nature of some ESUT graduates. Meanwhile, dis is not a case of graduates not knowing how to write or spell good english(we have all of dem in ALL Universities in dis country),dis is a case of people dat havent seen d 4walls of a secondary school,buying WAEC results n then University Certificates. If u ask some genuine ESUT EEE graduates dat these guys must have had as coursemates,they will deny having seen dis guys in class b4. So ESUT n Enugu State Govt, tym to get ur acts clean to avoid future embarrassment.

  • @engr,you have really confirmed to the world that graduates from esut are half-baked .see how you wrote.(how did they got admission into esut?) you are indeed one of such graduates.

  • all i know is dat d ”Esut” we all used to know before, is a ”New Esut.” Be it as it may, come rain comes shine.. I remain an Esutite, although tis a big shame to Esut n Nigerian educational sector at large. Every student in dis forum must ve known dat ”sorting” is d menance which has eaten deeply in d nation’s eductnal life. Please, my advice is… Let’s join hands n build a better naija by saying NO to corruption(s). Thanks… Catalyst_Esut.

  • Is very appalling that most of Nigerian Universities those nt worth it. I wuldn’t blame the students much,i blame our system of education. According to structural functionalism the whole cannot function wel without the other components,in relation to this, what do u expect a student who out of 4years to spend in school,uses 1year nd 6months to engage n strike. Our system of education has degenerated.

  • And who fucking care about the comments of some people here who go on to insult Esut? I was an ex student of ESUT and i graduated and defended and still defend degree in any part of the an organisation and world i find myself……that they failed to write their names or even failed to name 3 states in Nigeria and their capitals doesn’t make us all Esut graduates bad…….those guys should be asked how they gained admission into the Uni and appropriate probe and investigation must be conducted.. I graduated from ESUT and i am proud to say if given the second chance i will still choose ESUT……

  • Quite sad to see what has become of our country’s educational system, its even made more appalling by the sentimental comments plagued with poorly spelt words/vocabs. Truth be told our educational system needs a total over haul, while@ same time we must come to terms with the fact that corruption which has been the bane of our country’s ills has indeed eaten deep into every fiber of our existence as a nation, and the rate@which its spreading is really troubling. Let’s face it some folks who have no business been in school are in school, result of which we are all seeing today. I think this lesson goes out to all universities across the nation irrespective of there geopolitical location. Whether 1st generation, 2nd or whatever generation you choose to call them. Even as we all as individuals must note that@ the end of it all, it still boils down to choice, and whether or not the said corp members chose to learn or sort their way through school was entirely their choice. Which unfortunately was aided by an eroded societal norm. So I say its about time we all do a bit of soul searching an ask ourselves in what way are we going out of our way in making our society a better place 4us and future generation yet unborn.Are we been a part of our societal problems or are we gonna be a part of its solution? Cos in the end when all has been said and done posterity won’t 4give us if we all in whatever position we attain in life, fail to help make our society a much better place than we met it.@felix u’re on point, while@ the dude with the masters degree from a northern university, bro I really think NUC should really start with u bro cos I mean “depend your certificate” instead of “defend” really bro 4some 1 who came on to brag about his masters bro u ought to have done much better than this bro. Ironic how most of the stone throwers here are the ones leaving me wondering why can’t the NUC start with most of them on this page.

  • Wat a co-incidence dat those 3 illiterate corps members in diff states ωere frm ESUTH. A thorough investigatn should βε̲̣̣̣̥ carried out. I can hardly believe Ђøw ‎​ they were able 2 buy dia way out 2 become graduates. I fear º≈OOOOº°˚ ˚°º. .

  • Although we didn’t have any graduate from the far northern state universities were i am working except from middle belt states like Benue, Kwara and Kogi and they have been performing well. But of all the graduates we have from the south east universities, the only one that have represent his school very well is from FUTO.
    Before then, i use to question the credibilty of degrees awarded in Anambra state university, University of Port harcourt and Abia state university leaving ESUT out coz, atleast the 2 graduates of ESUT that i have come in touch with are far better than graduates of the above named Universities.
    With this thing now exposed, this ESUT own self na wao!!!

  • The worst thing that any government has done to destroy education in Nigeria is by President Goodluck and co through sending NYSC to schools to teach knowing fully well that 70% of them can’t make correct English sentence not to talk of having any knowledge of what they “studied” in University. Broken English and slang are their nature “as in”. Shame to Nigeria Government

    • Chukuka remain blessed for me.It is quite shameful that students in higher education can’t speak simple English.The question is.Do we now have different English slangs in our various institutions of higher learning?What is the meaning of “as in”? “shey”.and all that.I think students should be made to rehearse their parts of speech before finally saying bye to the university or college of education which they attended.Again,lecturers should lay more emphasis on teaching these graduates what is called “:GRAMMATICAL CONCORD”.This is the root of grammar.They should study VERBS.I think it is the most important aspect of grammar.Thank you all.

  • Though, not much is expected of them in terms of English language as an engineer. But inability to read and write or communicate in a good English language is questionable…. This is a complete disgrace, I must say!

  • The school can not be blame for incompentence rather the national school system should be blame.
    After all, most students this day read to pass an examination but not to know the topic in discuss…..
    One can read for examination and have a good grade but that do not determine the competence of the student…
    And school can not be at fault if student passes examination…..

  • The school can not be blame for incompentence rather the national school system should be blame…..
    After all, most students this day read to pass an examination but not to know the topic in discuss…..
    One can read for examination and have a good grade but that do not determine the competence of the student…
    And school can not be at fault if student passes examination…..

  • I wouldn’t say am tottally shocked at this because i was there and i experienced it from d students. Having finished from a Unity school and found myself in dat environment wasn’t a smooth transition… I felt i could make impact but instead i was seen as “madam Know it all” well it is true
    But be sure no university in this our country would be proud to throw the 1st stone as every1 is guilty of this educational scam. I graduated with good honours I was proud of and i could defend at anytime and place. The truth is, Not even any school is better. There are categories of students in every school.
    the principle of National Xter be applied let the lecturers be posted ot of their ethnic regions and let d students and lecturers serve as watchdog against their conducts

  • Interactive sessions should be organized for newly admitted students in any tertiary institution in nigeria and viva exam should also take place during their final year in school. But corruption has done a great damage in the education sector you will see an external examiner collecting bribe. NUC should also take charge but corrpution as taken control of everything in this country.God save Nigeria. Things like this don’t happen where I finished from The first and The best.

  • it is a pity,u guys should stop insulting n critisizing one anoda,we cant blame dose 3 corpers,those we r supose to be directin our blames to are our elders,i think it is high time we flushed all dis old good for nothing elders dat occupies dis seats n replace dem with young bloods.I weep for d future of our country.

  • I believe the story. A corper in my PPA from Enugu State University can’t spell at his age. NUC please check the competence of staffs in that school.

  • But this is too ridiculous, babaric, and absurd. Am even wondering how NUC accredited such an institution to exist in the country. These are the categories of corpers that makes many Nigerians not to believe in Nigerian education any more. I implore the panel (NYSC, JAMB and SSS) that being set up to thoroughly and painsyakinly investigate the matter. God bless my dear country..

  • This case is everywhere, we just have to balance our judgement and opinion, you can’t call any school the best just because you graduated from same, and we should eshew sentiment why because, when you make serious analysis of university population, you will find out that it’s a setting made up of different tribe’s, the issue of consideration, is that most lecturers are the remote cause of this saga,how can you pass someone who is a novice just because of money ? , I,don’t blame them , it’s left for a student to do the needful even when you have engaged into paying money for a particular course , someone that is serious can still pay and focus to know what is required of him, because some lecturers has made it compulsory that settlement is the way out of their trap,but must this be an avenue for someone to stop reading ?, meehn the lapses are just much, if these thing’s tagged on them are not mere exaggeration, the lapses are much, though no one is perfect but must it be to this extent ?

  • This is exasperating, everyone should try as much as possible to master the rules of concord in English Language very well in order to construct good and correct sentences because there are so many grammatical blunders here. Almighty God is the best Judge. God bless Nigeria.

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