Revealed: The David Villa Advert That Barcelona Wanted Banned

He’s well known for his deadly accuracy in front of goal – and perhaps now we know the secret training routine that makes David Villa so sharp.

A banned advert has been released featuring the Barcelona striker knocking lumps out of a police patrol car with a ball.

The scene was filmed in 2010 to promote the computer game ‘Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit’ but was never aired because Barcelona thought it set the wrong example to fans.

Villa had not long been at Barcelona and the club thought it would embarrass their new £30m star signing.

The advert starts with Villa cruising around Los Angeles in a sports car before he spies a parked police car on the beachfront.

Taking a Jabulani football from the passenger seat, he proceeds to knock a few dents into the bodywork with some well-placed volleys.

Free time: Villa is cruising around Los Angeles in a fast sports car in the banned commercial for computer game ‘Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit’

Target: Villa spots the empty police car and pulls up alongside
Control: Villa’s ability with the unpredictable Jabulani is impressive
Needs some work: The police car after Villa has finished with it

-Daily Mail


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