Riot Ensues At Howard University Event After 2 Chainz Invites Pusha T And Drake On Stage

2 Chainz’ performance at Howard University’s legendary homecoming event, Yardfest on October 19 resulted in a riot. One police officer was reportedly trampled and other students sustained injuries.

It all went wrong when Pusha T was welcomed out to perform “Mercy” with 2 Chainz. Though everything was calm before then, the crowd began to show extreme excitement as they pushed to the front of the set.

When the song “No Lie” came through the speakers, 2 Chainz brought out YMCMB rapper Drake and the entire crowd went up in a frenzy. Media gates were pushed forward and multiple videographers, photogs, journalists and concert goers were forced to jump the gate to get to safety.

Even after barricades were knocked down, Drake continued to jump into the audience as he remained committed to his performance and faithful to the crowd. The set continued and aside from the injuries, Drake delivered an enthusiastic show. He was swiftly taken off campus once he finished.


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