Shark attacks 38-year-old woman in Delta state

A 38-year-old woman, identified as Mrs. Torugbene-Ere Aboh, escaped death by the whiskers, following a violent attack on her by a shark at Forcados River in Oboro Community, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Vanguard gathered that the woman, a mother of five, who was taking her bath in the overflowing river, had gone for a three-day fasting programme in a church in the community, when she was attacked by the shark in the river.

Narrating her ordeal, Mrs Aboh, said: “Shortly after I started bathing, I felt a sharp cut on my right leg and I screamed for help. The screaming drew the attention of my brethren who were also in the river and they came to my rescue.

“I was immediately taken to a nearby patent medicine shop, where I was given 12 stitches before I was later taken by my husband, to a private clinic at Bomadi, for proper medical treatment.”




Source: Vanguard


  1. Yes they’re sharks in Nigeria but never in the river (fresh waters). Sharks can only be found in salt waters like the ocean. I have personaly sited a shark in takwa bay in lagos and so many people have given their experiences on sharks along the beach shore lines but never have I heard of shark in inland waters (rivers). Never ! The story is fake.

  2. Kash u r right and wrong at d same time. As a zoologist( parasitology major) i can assure u dat even though sharks r not commonly known to be in fresh water, species of sharks like d bull shark and lemon shark av been observed severally in fresh water e.g. Rivers in d States in time past especially when there has been a flood and d water in d river rises to an extent capable of accomodatimg d shark. D great whites r an exception as they r mostly salt water species. U cant doubt her story until investigations confirm s story. D bites on her legs can be used to clarify d situation since their dentition print wud be shown in d injuries.

  3. First of all. The area forcados river in burutu is an area closed to the atlantic ocean where salt water also run through. Second, we are in a flood period when all kinds of water and animals move from one location to the other. So the story can be true.

  4. I love dat woman jare…she’s indirectly asking govt. 2 take all measures 2 stop dis flooding 2 avoid sharks invading our homes soon. Even i myself, shark had bitten me once o 4 our street gutter. Bt dat woman surname na ‘LION’ if am nt mistaken

  5. Shark will neva bite nd live its prey, I dives, bite and hold it prey until a sizable chunk of flesh is removed. A crab or other canivour fish must hav bitten her. Cuz if truly its a shark, before she called for help, d shark wit it taste for blood wud hav immidaitly come bck to finish her off. So its not a shark. Nd above all shark cannot be found on fresh waters. Bio 101

  6. read d news pipo, a violent shark attacked her yet it was just a sharp pain she felt, informatn9ja saw d shark bkos d woman did nt c it. tales by moonlight. uncontrolled hunger afta d fasting produced d shark 4 fud 4 d woman bt she did nt take advantage.hahahaha 9ja no go kil me

  7. I don tire 2 laf…my bele don ful wif lafta…..onli d small of blood dey skata shark head nt 2 com tok of d fresh meat wey im c com chop som part comot blood..haba original shark go bite u hard,,drag ur bodi go if ur blood sweet wel may b na “BIG”cat fish wey bite her….

  8. 2 de jokers, lack of informatn plays a major role in ur lives. Jst so u knw, sharks could be in fresh water and salt water. Some sharks attack cos of hunger coupled wid de facts dey see a movin object. It doesn’t mean all sharks like human flesh. Some are resistant to human flesh.

  9. As a zoologist in the field of fishery,sharks are totally misunderstood. Thank God for William Winram who always campain on man and shark. Please i will like you to go and read more about shark. Sharks are friend of human. Sharks bite is usually a mistake. Sharks are friend of human. Proudly zoologist!