Sorry, That’s the Best We Can Offer: Dana Wins FAAN’s Best Domestic Carrier Award

In a move which Nigerians and indeed families of the victims of the June Dana crash would find very offensive and insensitive, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has named Dana airline as the best domestic carrier for 2011. For the international carriers, Lufthansa Airlines was selected as the best international carrier for the same period.

FAAN’s Regional General Manager, Mr. Chris Bature, has said the reasons why the airline was chosen is because they had good customer relations and paid dues promptly.

It will be recalled that Dana Air’s license was only recently restored by the Federal Government after seizing it for 93 days, a move which provoked outrage across the country. Right now, Dana airline will be pleased by the FAAN’s recognition as they continue to try to salvage their battered image.

Justifying this move by FAAN, Bature said, “Mode of selection includes passenger capacity, frequency of the landing and take-off, their response to payment of bills. Among the domestic carriers, they were the best. They had the best volume, they were punctual in their operations… In all fairness, they did their best and we need to recognise that and encourage them to get back to their feet,” he added.

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