Stop The Bloodshed, Not Everyone In Aluu Killed The 4 Uniport Students – Stephanie Okereke

Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke-Linus has also openly condemned the killing of four undergraduate students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) by indigenes of Aluu community.
















Read her statement below;

I have been in shock since the news broke about the four young students slaughtered like chickens in a community called Aluu.

At what point did we lose compassion for our fellow human beings? Death is assured for every life eventually, but no one deserves to die like those young men died – no one! Death dishonoured them. Even in justice there should be civility and modesty. That is why we are humans, and not beasts grovelling in the jungle. That is why we are made in God’s likeness so that we can be like Him – kind, merciful and fair.

Ugonna, Lloyd, Tekana, Chidiaka were young men with dreams and aspirations; Lloyd was already on his way to becoming a rap artiste; who knows what else these men had dreamed up for their future? But with many swipes from heavy metals and planks their dreams were slayed. It is the most gruesome act I have ever seen and I am afraid how this action reveals the true state and sentiments of many Nigerians.

Why do we permit jungle justice? Do we feel helpless with the system thus take justice into our own hands? What are our fears? What would ever justify the actions of a community that stole the lives of students who lived amongst them – lives that only God can give?

We may never know the truth of what really led to the killings at Aluu – that truth died with the four of them. All we can ask is for justice.That is the only way the tears of the mothers of these young lives may dry. It is the only way we all can feel safe because no matter the situation, lives should not be snatched so brutally. This is a society with laws.

As we seek for what is right, let death not procure more deaths. We do not need to burn down Aluu community. We do not need to shed more blood. Not every child, mother and father in the community killed or endorsed the killing of the young men. They too deserve to be protected from the brutality that has ensued from all of this.

Life is a beautiful thing; do not steal another’s opportunity to experience it.

May their deaths not be in vain.



  • @ Stephanie The truth didn’t die with those young men…I love your piece but I totally disagree with you at the point where you said the truth died with them.Those guys were not armed robbers though the fifth guy that escaped was with a gun and He was a confirm cultist in Port Harcourt…I reserve my comment jor but Aluu must pay for the blood they shed.

  • @payne;let the law take its course and let God judge,you cannot be the judge,we have no right,what those guys did at Aluu is unforgivable but we have no right to take another life,if we do,then we are not better than the wickedness that some persons did to those four guys,and I am sure everyone in Aluu is not evil,today in the west Nigerians are called fraudstars but does that make all Nigerians so?let the law take its course,vengeance belongs to God.

  • I see no changes, all I see is racistfaces,Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races We are under, I wonder what it takes to make this One better place,let’s erase the wasted.Take the evil out the people they’ll be acting right And only time we chill is when we kill each other.It takes skill to be real,its time to heal each other
    And although it seems heaven sent We are not ready, to receive Jesus. Its not a secret don’t conceal the fact.
    And still I see no changes, can’t a brother get a little peace? There’s warin the streets and war in the Middle East Instead of war on poverty
    They get jealous when they see you, with your mobile phone and the policewill start bothering you
    We need to make a change because It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes.Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live And let’s change the way we treat each other.
    You see, the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do What we gotta do, to survive.
    We need to make Nigeria a better place for you and me.

  • @Steph dey all stood der and watch lyk it was Nollywood actin film..mother’s even stood der,fada’s watched,youths were der videoin no one single person said stop dis is bad…and u say not everybdy in Aluu is involved in d killin??????? Wat did dey do to stop d brutal killin of dos kids??? Dey are people’s children u knw???? Wat do u have to say to der moda’s????? God will forever purnish Aluu community and dey will fill d pains dey made dos kids go thru…..

  • I disagreed with part of ur comment when u said not all aluu community was involved.can u imagin when those student been beaten with all the eyes of the commodity rejoicing in it by not interfering in the matter.what makes the university student to be angry is that in the cause of the killing they where lets us think,and bring those behnd such act to justice

  • @okereke I guess ure 4rm Aluu village? Dats y u talk in dat manner. Dose boiz were parraded round the whole community b4 setting dem ableze, wat were d elders(father nd mothers) of dat community doing b4 dey killed doiz innocent souls. Dey all deserve 2 die…. I’m so in support of eradicatin d whole Aluu community @Sotoru nice one joor

  • @tajh onuwajw i support u my guy everi1 thinks they should erase aluu but will dat solve anything no.bcos wat makes us children of God is our ability to 4give,cos everi sin is equal in d sight of God except against d holy spirit.Anybody dat steals,kill or does any evil act against aluu community will b judged

  • Steph, rightly placed are your words!

    But trust me,had it been you,that your loved one/s were amidst the lynched students,your soul would be grieving in retaliation.(i just pray d students demonstrative uproar,only befalls d actual perpetrators…..RIP YOUNGSTARS……

  • I’m totally disappointed that our stars who should be role models are as empty,cold and insensitive as this girl. There indeed is an aluu spirit in every nigerian. What bloodshed is she blabbing about when over half the nation is traumatised by d gruesome clips of barbaric display by the evil Ikwerres of Omokri aluu or whatever its called. The govt should ensure heads roll ; the police,local govt,and even the gov shd hide his head in shame. I’m totally distraught to associate myself as one from this hellish stone age geo-political zone. Everyman or woman that stood by and allowed those youth to die doesn’t have life within them and should serve a jail term as assesories. And this monkey girl doesn’t even pause to think before displaying the truth that she is as evil minded as those murderers. She should lead her bunch of irresponsible artists and try to give back to d society they exploit with their poor and decrepit talents by donating towards the flood disaster or just shut up and see if she can make babies cos menopause is nigh.

  • @2pac…wtf are u saying?…”police sees u wiv ur phone and gets jealous;lets change the way we eat and live our lives?…A n wi iru o n wi iruu…ah don’t even understand you

  • I totally disagree wt u wia u mention da nat al aluu community has hand in d crime pls u beta stick back to wia ur cumin 4rm cuz no 1 gv a Damn 4 ur trashed cicles.

  • I think this un4tunate incident became so horrendeous and anoying by d video that was made on it, believe it or not thneir are hundreds of dis kind of jungle justice that has been mated on young criminals in our societies from time immemorial…lets tread carefully and ask ourselves what if dis video was not made?

  • @ stephine i did agree with wath you said but am against d trut died with d 4 boys, dat was wrng. Not evry Aluu pple sanctiond d death of those boys but we can b killing all both d innocent. Their death wil not b invain. Thank you for ur speech its good.

  • Steph u’v wel spoken, bt justice seekin is a tin of questn in 9ja, nd d truth of wat hapnd is nt yt dead, d debtor y cnt he b found, how cm nobdy has seen him, it has takn lng enough, nd if d community has 2 suffer so shal it b… Bkox dy witnexd it al nd did nt try 2 stp it.

  • I am totally surprised at your statement, how could you say the truth died with them. I saw girls, mothers and fathers watching while those boys were being killed and you want us to believe your stupid write up. Till today I’ve been my self each time i remember the whole thing. I join others who disagreed with you. Infact from the way you spoke am sure you would have also stood and watch if you were there.

  • Dos guys hav got families and luv ones. You wouldn’t hav posted dis if der were ur brodaz…..Did you watch dat video??? Gosh! Dos guyz died like chickens….Nobody did notin 2save. Der were all wit dia fons….taking pictures and videos. Heartless carnibals….Dat land is cursed for life. Der will all pay wit dia generations unborn….NONSENSE

  • Most of us if given an opportunity can still do more than the aluu people,i totally agree with what stephanie said,2 wrongs can never make a right,justice is for God alone,our prayers right now is for the souls of this young men to rest in perfect peace.Aluu community will never remain the same again for spilling the blood of 4 young me,and for the guy who raised the false alarm he shall know no peace,i dnt think a cry of a baby will ever be heard in his household,for such wickedness.And for those who did the killing may God have mercy on them because definitely they are goin to suffer just like those boys did.

  • And if i were that cultist i will go and sin no more,because this boys died for him,and am sure he was the one that created the impression that they were armedrobbers.His own judgement awaits him.

  • Stephine, I so much loved u, but ur statement dis mornin as a woman/ mother makes me av a rethink over u. For u to come from dat area does not make u to be vomiting rubish. Dis evil act of ur pple has been given most women sleepless night since. Even some are brake down since then, eg I. What blood shed are u even talking about? Do d riot student kill anyone. Abi itwas little properties destroyed datz paining u? Why u pple are thinkin alike. Am highly disapointed in u as a mother & a role model. Put urself in dose children’s mother and tell me weda u can survive it. Pls, u don’t need to put mouth if u don’t know wat to say bcos dis can run ur carrer, I bet u! Be like a mother for once! Nobody is killing Aluu wit any weapon but d mouth of pple is more dan gun dem down. Dey just started. Evil beasts!

  • they are animals, so they dont have reasonable people or christians that should stoped those bastard that performed such wickdness or are they all idol worshipers that lies in wickdness? that whole community is doomed forever and as long as majority has condemd it God also has condemd it. am so sorrowful about the incident since, what a wicked world. is it not even better for God to wip this world away? no mater where we come from we are one body created by one God.

  • I don’t blame you, is becos you have never visited a labour room in your life. Just pray to God to bless you with one and see. I wish they are your brothers then will hear wat rubbish you will say. Go to ALUU and ask if the rioters kill any one. ALUU must surely pay for its sins. Dat land is cursed forever. I’ll advice you to keep shut if you don’t hv anytin reasonable to say, bcos you are just saying rubbish thinking life is to carry heavy make up on face.

  • Pls! We should all think twice before judging. Aluu is not the first Community in Nigeria where thieves and Cultists have been killed and burnt to ashes. Remember! The Stories have it that the fifth Guy is with gun and escaped because he threatened those people around with gun. And we all have it that “A friend of a thief is also a thief”. If one is found with gun among them, what do you expect to be the mindset of the Community concerning the rest. (I am not saying that they were Arm robbers/ cultist with guns). Nigerians are corrupt because few of us are corrupt. In Otukpo in Benue State, many young boys have been burned alive in public due to Cult activities. Both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous citizens have been burnt in the Township Stadium for Public Viewing. Any Community can executive her Terrorists. Why is Nigeria hunting for Boko Haram (looking at the many crimes the students of Uniport are alleged to be committing in that Community). Listen and and hear me out! I am not saying that the Youngguys murdered are the Criminal because they were not tried but assumed to be the Criminals the Community have be trying to fish out. May their souls rest in the Bosom of the Lord. Amen.

  • Johnbell, u’re a big foooool! Am sure u’re not human. And I know u come from dat God forsaken land wit stephnen. Av u listen to d true confesion of d suspects arrested by IG? Don’t worry u’ll soon be framed up and burn to ashes. As u watched dat Video & nothin seems uncommon to u, so shall u watch ur children dying d painful death worst dan dose children. D culprit dat owed dem money has been aprehended & has confesed how he raised false alarm on dem. No cult guy, dey’re just 4 of dem. Even though, dey were armed robbers, do dose teenagers of 19yrs of age deserve to die dat kind barbaric death from anybody? Am sure if u happened to be their u’ll join hands in killing dem. Definitely, Law will take its course, but dat Aluu land & its pple shall not eat d fruit of dia labour. Including pple dat supporting d evil act.

  • The truth never die with them stephanie , it is clear, the aluu community should suffer for that because the good ones were ther watching there brother killing the young men, i think they deserve bombing.

  • It is very sad and heart breaking those innocent young boys died in the worst way ever in human history. Yes I said it, INNOCENT!!! If they were actually thieves they would have gotten away. But the poor lads were just naive. So much so they did not imagine the incident would take such a demonic dimension. I actually had migraine just by seeing the pictures.
    I am convinced the community head and the vigilante boys are blood sucking occultists, who were looking for innocent blood to sacrifice. I am sure they cast a spell on the poor lads. That explained why they could not run away, they were too hypnotized to think clearly. They also closed their heaven which explains why help was far from them. I don’t think even Hitler would have been able to torment and torture someone in such a satanic and demonic manner. God will surely avenge the blood of the innocent. Lord have mercy!!!

  • @Stephaine u must be a fool for all what u said, are from aluu comm? You must be one of those who killed those innocent boys??? Wish I could see you or know who you really are!!! To hell with u all who said the truth died with those four innocent guys….Aluu comm.. Must be destroy

  • Ashawo actress!What does she know concerning life and human sympathy?She’s jst there sleeping one married man after the other,inflicting pains on their wives!She would’nt hv known what it means to have a child being lynched by some uggly and impoverished villagers!

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