Strength For A Good Cause: Navy SEAL Attempts Breaking 24 Hour Push-up World Record To Raise Money For Dead Comrades

Now that’s a real US Navy SEAL! Don’t tell David there’s something he can’t do. He believes he can do anything.

David pushing up for funds

David Goggins appeared on American TV Show, ‘The Today Show’, where he pushed through to try and break the world record for the most pull-ups ever in a day.

The great thing about it was that Goggins wasn’t pusing for a place in the records book, but Goggins’ mission to raise money for the families of soldiers who have been killed was the motive behind the task. He looked good and raring to go until he fell short of the current pull-up record—4,020 in one day when he injured his forearm after 2,588 pull-ups.

This isn’t the first time Goggins is using his strength for a good cause. In 2008, Goggins finished a 150-mile ultra-marathon despite acquiring Pneumonia 90 miles into the race.

KPBS reports that Goggins’ work raises funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


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