Tee Mac Apologises For Calling Bishop Oyedepo A Money Grabbing Fraud

We reported yesterday that the ex PMAN president Tee Mac Iseli accused Bishop Oyedepo of being a money grabbing fraud, Now Tee Mac in a dramatic turn around is apologising to Bishop Oyedepo for making that accusation against him. He posted this on facebook:

Why You may have read on many blogs a statement I made about Bishop Oyedepo (the bloggers love to pick up any statement by a celebrity because they have nothing else to write)

I was angry when I saw on a FB site bya CKN the Challenger Bombardier plane(Mike Adenuga has one too, sold by mypartner to him) owned by Bishop Oyedepo. In Nigeria at the moment millions do not know where to take the money from to buy their next meal; millions go to bed hungry and then this opulence by a “Man of God”! I may have been a bit harsh and somehow regret that I even responded to that FB message, but I am a bit out spoken and don’t mean bad. I have seen Pastors and Men of God in Nigeria who carry bags of rice on their shoulder to help the Hungry, who drive cheap second hand cars and their office is a small cubicle, because they believe the money given to them by their congregation is given to them to distribute to the poor. I know a man of God who heals hundreds and doesn’t ask for one Naira, no he will even give the poor and sick transport money to go home. My partner and myself tried to sell him a second hand cargo plane so he can fly food and blankets to disaster areas, but that man of God stated: “I can not own a plane, even if you prepare a good lease/ repayment schedule, what will my congregation think? The money they put into the envelops on Sunday must be used to the last Naira for charity only”. If my statement about Bishop was offensive to him and his followers, I render herewith a sincere apology.


  1. Before u conclude on an issue,make sure ur findings are correct,do u knw ao much is bin spent on scholarship wvery year,or even empowerment programmes,whr money is disbursed to pple to start their own trade,its nt every body shows all these things on the tv.

  2. Someone made an anti Islam film in September which sparked riots all over the world and consequently loss of lives and property. People should learn to respect the religious, personal and political views of others. Bishop Oyedepo heads a large Christian Denomination in Nigeria and as such is respected by a lot of Christians both in and out of the country. Calling him names in a social media is totally unacceptable, because it hurts the sensibility of so many people. Please we should learn to respect each other. Do not insult what your neighbour holds dear or sacred. Such actions could disturb the public peace. God bless Nigeria.

  3. Amara u too are a jealous fool! Have you taken time to find out if he has a charity organizatio or if he donates to one? Y should people make rude unfounded remarks withou taking time to analyze things from all angles? Why is tee mac apologising? He made a foolish remark out of the blues and now he’s apologising of what use was remark in the first place if you’ll end up feeling sorry for saying such? Please let’s not forget that we are talking about an anointed man of God here who is standing on a higher platform and it is only God that can judge them. Let’s not incur the wrath of God by making useless remarks towards His anointed. I’m not a member of his church neither is he my mentor but as a God fearing person we need to do things in the fear of God. There are other men out there defrauding people using God’s name but we won’t talk about them but these ones who are true and have also given out to the society we spend our God given time castigating. May God have mercy on us all!!!t

  4. This actually is a sound of spiritual warning to Dr Oyedepo himself, he should forget about the fact that such statement was made by Tee mac or the funny Blogers He should take it as act of Grace of Gods love for him, For him who lead multitude spiritually has a very huge spiritual responsibilities, he is bound to every single person he leads spiritually, Let him make sure his words, Actions, thoughts, Intuition, and Deeds are soley of the Truth and of God’s

  5. Tmac_is obvoiusly bored_if e dey pain u_and u think he(Bishop) is using God’s money_open ur own church na_use God’s money & see wat HE does to people tht use HIS money_
    Tmac or wat ever u guys(haters) call urself stop criticising,use tht tym & look 4 either ur congregation or do somfin meaningful wit ur boring life_ *not interested in u or ur flute* chew gum T-mac_its obvious people don’t listen 2 d flute again*mshwwwww*

  6. What i have observed is dat men of God these days like material things. Most of Bishop Oyedepo’s members cannot afford his university bcos it is strictly 4 the rich. If u are a staff in an organisation owned by Winner’s chapel, ur tithe will be withdrawn from ur salary at the end of the month weda u are a member of the church or not. These things are wrong and i pray that God clean up our church.AMEN!

  7. Daniel or wut ever u called urself, who told u, nd wich of d winners organisation u blong 2 or u comfirm dat at d end of d month a tithe will b automatically witdraw from d account of d employee, or do u works in any of their organisation? Den specify..pls dnt use ur mouth 2 incured d rath of God upon urself simple. I think u should use ur mouth very well nd nt 2 say wut u dnt knw.

  8. Why are u people back bitting? “mind ur own biz. Remember d bible says “touch not me Anointed and do my prophet no harm”. It is not only physical touch. So be careful to avoid God’s wrath.

  9. Only God knows who is truely worshipping him. I was fortunate to read the list of Nigeria men who owns private jet in Nigeria. To have a private jet in Nigeria, you have to be paying FAAN every month for parking the jet in Nigeria airpace, you have to employ Engineers to service the jet, as welll as employing pilot to fly the jet. In a situation that even the big industrialist and business men we have in the country like Alhaji Dangote and Chief Adenuga have only 2 jets each and some men of God have 4 aircraft . I just imagine where there re going to with four jet.

  10. “who drive cheap second hand cars and their office is a small cubicle, because they believe the money given to them by their congregation is given to them to distribute to the poor.” Second hand car??? Small cubicle?? I beg to difer. This is poverty mentality. Permit me to say that this is a personal issue and not subject to the sentiments of Tee Mac or any other. The pastor has the legal right to eat from where he labours in this case, the Gospel.

    I agree with you on the need for the rich to help the poor (and what makes you think the pastor doesn’t help the poor) but it doesn’t mean they should go around looking like beggars to “Look Righteous”. Puleeease!!


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