Tee Mac calls Bishop Oyedepo a money grabbing fraud

Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli (MFR) is a popular musician and former PMAN president. Below is what he wrote on Facebook about Bishop David Oyedepo when an issue was being discussed about the man of God.


  1. You informer it is you who should shut the fuck up!! Its people like you that are killing this country I’m sure you are also from that babaric village called aluu! What kind of pastor continously acquires multi million dollar assets while his congregation wallows in abject poverty?? How many industries or factories has the so called bishop set up to employ and empower the poor? You guys are just foolish empty skulls! Its high time you start to realise you are in charge of your own salvation I’m not afraid to speak my mind bcos I fear no man! Who even told you its God that chosed him to be a bishop? Its bcos you guys don’t use your brain that God has given you that even things like wat happened in aluu happened! If you see somtin wrong irrespective of who is doing it whether pastor, bishop, imam, traditional ruler you should speak up! Did you ever read that Jesus Christ extorted his followers?? He fed them instead!

  2. The judgment of any pastor or prophet {be originaly or fakely called by God} is not in the hand of any person. Even Jesus Christ told us that many false shal come and desive us but we should embrasse the truth and d truth wich we embrassed shal set us free……. Frndz plz i pray that may God 4give all our trespases and please dont speak evil of prophets again……… Let leave all 4 God 2 judge…..

  3. I’m suprised that Tee Mac cud alter dat knd of statement against God’s anointed.He is not in d position to judge.Let God judge him Himself.Besides all d silver and gold in d whole world belong to God,Jesus became poor for us to be rich.If Jesus happens to come down in this age to preach d gospel,He wl use more than Jet.Then Oyedepo gives a lot and he has empowered countless number of people.Infact Im a benefiary of his scholarship schemes.

  4. Its a pity that Nigerians are always ready to pounce on anybody that says something against their presumed man of God. When will this foolishness leave Nigerians? Do you Nigerians read and sturdy your bibles at all? Tee Mac is saying what he knows and nothing but the truth and you guys are here saying all kinds of rubbish . You better examine yourselves and stop insulting the very few that has the courage to speak out about the ills of these so called men of God. God is watching

  5. everyone knows that these funky pastors are irreversible fraudsters. people play along because they want to belong to a social group call pentecostal churches. they are are actually crooks not better than the politicians in the goverment houses and in the house of representathieves..house of assembly of thieves etc.

  6. All of you supporting Oyedepo are very stupid, there have been so many news around about this so called men of God scamming people around in the name of their ministries, that reminds me of a video i watched on youtube where Oyedepo was a slapping a small girl during a program in shiloh calling her a witch. make una shine your eyes and stop being a fool. Tee Mac must have seen something, he couldn’t just come here and start molesting or abusing Oyedepo for no reason.

  7. Someone made an anti Islam film in September which sparked riots all over the world and consequently loss of lives and property. People should learn to respect the religious, personal and political views of others. Bishop Oyedepo heads a large Christian Denomination in Nigeria and as such is respected by a lot of Christians both in and out of the country. Calling him names in a social media is totally unacceptable, because it hurts the sensibility of so many people. Please we should learn to respect each other. Do not insult what your neighbour holds dear or sacred. Such actions could disturb the public peace. God bless Nigeria.

  8. @ Boma the congregation he led have a huge percentage of fools in it obviously. The school he built with the offering gotten from the congregation how many member can afford to send their children to the school ? Wether you like it or not thing most be done with modest in this country.I can tell you vividly that Oyedepo asset altogether is not worth one tenth of that of the Catholics but you do not see the pope buying planes. Do you know how much the Catholics put into charity yearly. Why can’t we hear about is own charity in poverty stricken Nigeria ?

  9. Mr Ayo, I am not against people having an opinion, what am against is name calling and disrespect. We can express our point of view without being abusive that is what makes us civilised people. It is possible to address an issue without getting too personal or using it as a means of express a personal grudge. We can do this by simply stating our facts and statistics on the matter at hand. Issues are issues people are people. The fact we see things differently should not make us enemies.

  10. Tee Mac, the gay and mammy water infested oldie is confused. He told us that his partner sold a jet to Bishop Oyedepo and he supplied gravel to the church, now is he being owed? does he not know the road to the court? he is singing an old tune of owning a private jet, gates of hell like him shall not prevail. he is fool, period.

  11. it is funny that Tee Mac who criticise Oyedepo has enjoyed business from the same man. He said his Quarry business supplied the man gravel for two years for his building projects. If he felt Bishop Oyedepo stole or defrauded his church of money, he should have refused supplying quarry to the man. He should have registered his protest by not supplying gravel to Bishop. So he also indicted himself, that he who accuses another is himself completely unjust.

  12. It is interesting that the greatest enemy of Christianity are the christians themselves. To be poor is holy but to be rich evil. It is ok for the affluent church member to own a jet but a crime for a ‘pastor’ to own one. The pastor cannot drive jeep but the church member can own a Rolls Royce. The mark, to the foolish christian, of an authentic pastor, one who has divine sanction is poverty. It is only the abysmally and wretchedly poor pastor that is a true man of God. Yet the Scripture is very clear. David said clearly, ‘I have been young and now i am old. I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg bread.’ But this set of very good christians would rather a pastor beg bread as that is the only prove of his holiness. If Bishop Oydepo were to sue Tee Mac and the rest like him, they will clearly not survive because there is no proof other than conjecture about all the accusation. Every pronouncement has been circumstantial. I suppose Tee Mac is a Christian and a good one at that. Let him tell us whether he had at any particular point in time gone on his knees to ask God who am sure he claims to be serving whether Oyedepo is usurping Church money for personal use or whether, at all, Oyedepo is a true man of God. If Tee Mac has not done that and received divine reply, he should please shut up and face his music. Were Solomon alive today, these same set of Christians would question why his cups are made of gold when there were beggars all over Israel.

  13. I just realized that people are just looking for who to blame. There will always be poor and rich people till Jesus comes. Whether the pastors give all their wealth or not. The problems with Christian’s in Nigerians is we don’t have the knowledge and wisdom to multiply what we have. The actual truth and fact is that if all these wealthy pastors distribute all their wealth for their members, you will see that come 12months time. They would be broke and poor again.
    Look people, we are at the end times, of course there would be loads of false teachings and false Prophets. But the bible says, YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND IT SHALL MAKE YOU FREE. Unfortunately, we don’t (1.) Study the word of God (2.) They have not rightly divided the word of truth which is the bible.
    So they keep getting themselves deceived by false teachers. If i go to a church and it teaches what is different from what the bible tells me, i leave the place.
    That is why we all need to be in the Holy ghost school where u study the bible urself and u pray to the holy ghost for help and he does. DIY Do it yourself.
    Information is key and it rules the world, Jesus uses it, the devil also does. The problem with us is that we don’t practice what we have learnt, all a note jotted down. How many of us have opened the notes we jotted down from a really inspiring message?????? that’s the issue, our main problem in NIGERIA is that we blame people for our woes while if we all do or play our part individually it would all sum up well.

    I have been to Pastor Sam, Oyedepo , Adeboye and listened to them. First you need to know that they are

    1: Flesh and blood like you before they became pastors and their diverse traits and personality. Just like Paul, Peter, etc the disciples of Jesus.
    These men practice what they preached and i have silently observed them for years even Pastor Oritsejafor and Pastor Bakare himself, they are human and falling several times but gave them the grace to still rise again
    You don’t know where they are coming from. Its easy to sit on the fence and castigate, cos talk is cheap, they walked the walk where all of u were sleeping complaining etc , and u know they are reaping the fruit of it now.
    Yes criticism is good cos it keep them in check, but you need to be aware that they have a story and a history, can u persevere like they did, you saw the riches now, but did not know a lot of effort put into it.
    See, if they give out everything they have, they would still not be poor, they’ll become rich why be cause they know the ‘principles’ Don’t hate or envy them learn the principle tooo

    Can’t you see that the more they are criticized or persecuted they get stronger.Go and check on all the great men of God, they all went through the baptism of fire of Press etc, its part of their lives.
    The irony is that the real evil and false prophet /pastors are not been focused on, by their fruits you shall know them. eg Pastor King, if we start the discussion on that and many more, some one will come up with one terrible and dumb excuse for not talking about it. You better open your eyes and guard you heart and ur place in God.


  14. i advice you all focus on how to get saved and stop all this if you read the bible well you will understand that God originally planned for all to be wealthy, no where has it been written that the messengers of God where poor, Jesus was not even poor he had access to everything he wanted, he never lacked, the mantle you carry is what matters ..

    Let me tell you what the Bible say’s, THE SON’S OF MEN BUILT CITIES… that means Seed Time and Harvest Shall never cease…

    Even Apostle Paul sailed on ships at his time to deliver the good news of God’s Message.(if it his private jets that is necessary to deliver the message on time so be it) Everything belongs to God he gives it to the diligent,you can not wallow in sin and expect to be blessed,Consider how to be saved, i pray you look deeply at the scriptures eat them up like food you will be rich in spirit first before you are rich physically beyond measure.

    Its best you think on being saved and get delivered from this coming destruction that is coming on evil than for you to argue over a Man of God’s wealth, if he has worked hard all his life why should he not be wealthy?

    Do not forget you shall eat the fruits of your labour.

    If he had labored from his youth till date i believe nothing is wrong with him reaping now.

    Being a man of God does not stop him from being wealthy, i advice you do not allow the enemy use you to cause conflicts amongst the christian fold, even peter who had just said to JESUS you are the Son of God in few minustes time when satan entered him said no Master you must not die/yu must not go to the Cross and Jesus said Get thee behind me Satan, meaning Peter who just spoke by divine inspiration suddenly spoke against the will of God, that is what Satan wants of everyone, he is a master strategist, he knows how to cause conflicts, rather than concentrating on delivering the good new of God’s kingdom he will make you discuss things that will cause strife in the body of christ. Think on this things.

  15. “Ko si ogbon t’ole da, ko si uwa t’ole wu, ko si ona t’ole gba, t’ole fi t’aiye lorun o”. This is part of the lyrics of Ebenezer Obey’s song of yesteryears, meaning “There is no idea you will come up with, no behaviour you will exhibit, no way or manner you will adopt that will please people” Every person is entitled to his opinion concerning any matter; but one thing I’ve come to discover is that the devil has called many people into the “Ministry of Criticism” against the Church of Jesus Christ and the ministers of God. Such people easily rationalize everything they see with their carnal senses. If this is done by the people of the world, it can be understood; unfortunately, it is done by Christians themselves. I have great respect for Tee Mac as a great musician and virtuoso whose musical career has spanned over 40 years, but his involvement in this inglorious ministry of criticism against the man of God has actually beaten my imagination. I had expected that at his age, level of exposure, maturity, and life experience, he should be more temperate, mellow and have greater understanding than what he is doing now–criticizing. He is 72 years now, and when a man gets older, he moves closer to his grave, and that means he should be moving closer to His Creator by living a life that will make him consistently get in tune with his God. He should be more spiritual and avoid excessive carnality; he should read his Bible and focus more on developing his relationship with his God in order to secure his afterlife. That means not casting slurs on men of God, if they be fake or genuine. At 72, a man ought to have seen different behaviours from different people and should have developed certain behavioural defence mechanisms on how to resist negative characters from people. Life is about getting better by the day as one grows up. The Bishop Oyedepo he speaks against is an accomplished servant of God who definitely has his own weaknesses as a human being. When we say “man of God”, before you mention “God” you first mention “man”; and so you see that he is a man with human failings who is striving to attain perfection in God. He has been empowered and engraced in life to do what he is doing by God, just as Tee Mac has been endowed to play wonderfully on the flute by God also and becoming Nigeria’s foremost flutist. Please, let us have respect for one another and fear God. Don’t engage in the ministry of criticism by speaking against men of God. Engage yourselves in worthwhile ventures. All men of God are subject to God’s judgment. No man has the spiritual authority and moral right to judge God’s servants. The Bible says judgment begins in the house of God.