The Nollywood Stars Who Flopped In Music

Tonto Dike’s foray into Nigeria’s competitive music industry opened up a can of worms as her two singles were as bad as people thought they’d be.

The Nollywood actress’ music career might have finished before it has even started as her music career is already being compared to the careers of those Nollywood stars that flopped in music.

Comments about her newly dropped singles brought up a list of top five Nollywood stars that flopped in music, and top five Nollywood stars Nigerians think did well with the mic.

The Flop list goes first, with the latest flop topping the list.

1. Tonto Dike: Enough said about her singles that are just hours old. You want to know why she’s on this list, go listen to her songs. Download should be free. Download is free.

2. Desmond Elliot: Comedians like to call him Desmond Idiot, but he’s definitely not an idiot when it comes to acting and directing. He has proven again and again that he’s good. Same cannot be said however about his music career which Nigerians think was as bad as it gets. He couldn’t get the groove on singing secular songs, so he went for some songs only the adult church would sing; little wonder the social media community thinks he belongs on the flop list.

3. Jim Iyke: He was dubbed Nollywood bad boy. Jim does the party things, bad boy things, he does them right. Maybe that was why rap was his choice genre when he went into music. As much as he tried to please you all, he didn’t hit right, I guess. The youth community on the internet thinks he should be on the flop list.

4. Genevieve: Oh dear! We love her. She acts so well, she’s one of Africa’s best. She’s won so many awards as an actress, but her song didn’t appeal to enough people to help her out of this list. In fairness to her, I thought she tried her best; obviously her best was not good enough. You need to read comments about her on social media. It’s like nobody cared until now, no thanks to Tonto Dike.

5. Ramsey Nouah: Okay, don’t mind the order, maybe Ramsey should be somewhere up there in the list, but what matters is he’s here. They think he acts well, they think his good looks charm them, but the social media community think singing isn’t just for Mr. Nouah. He did well singing with other Nollywood stars in the OGD All Stars album, but his fans think he should stick to acting.

You have every right to disagree. If you think one of the above Nollywood stars sang well enough to escape this list, let’s hear you. Maybe there are even other Nollywood stars that flopped but escaped the list, share and let’s know.

As much as we appreciate what these stars have done and achieved, I don’t think their fans are obliged to love everything they do. The list was made by their fans. That said, a lot of creativity goes into singing and acting and we respect that.


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