Things Men Want From Their Women

Every man wants a woman who will make him feel good and on top. If a woman understands that the best way to make a man feel good in a relationship is simply by being a woman, that woman will have the man, a real man, go places for her.

Don’t stop professing love

A good number of women are good when it comes to romance before marriage, but once they enter the man’s house, it becomes a battle ground. I was opportune to counsel a woman who was well known as a flirt when she was single. When I encountered her, she was the opposite of all she was. This made me to remember what my aunty told me sometime, “there is the law of diminishing returns”. You don’t have to stop those sweet words just because you are now his wife; he still yearns for those beautiful words.

Centre of Interest

Most men want to be the centre of a woman’s interest, whether that is fair or not, and don’t want her devotion to work place above her devotion to him. I know men in this generation don’t like getting married to a woman who will become a liability, but they also want a woman who will somehow depend on them.

Women often feel men detest career women just because they are independent; you are very wrong. As a very busy woman and one who wants to touch lives in her generation, I have come to realize that men are not really against us because we are busy and have good source of income. They are attracted to women like us because of their level of intelligence and commitment to work.

The problem is that when they get close to you, they are disappointed by your “I don’t need a man” attitude. Yes, you work hard for your money, but he still wants to be brought in when it comes to certain decisions.

More feminine look

Men are visual; everyone knows. To a good number of men, even when they go after semi-unclad women, they still adore women who have those feminine looks. Your feminine look catches a man’s attention and makes him see you as a woman who loves being a woman and not a s*x toy.

When you wear more of those dresses and long hairstyles, men get crazy for you for the right reasons. You also have to know that men are not so much after how much you weigh; they want your body proportionate with the curves still there. I must also use this medium to remind us we are still African women. You are not suppose to be obese, but don’t forget that African women are envied for their curves, hips, and bum.

He enjoys good s*x

Please don’t be deceived into believing your husband is too spiritual and busy that he doesn’t care about s*x. No matter his level of spirituality, he still loves good s*x. Don’t let anyone brainwash you into believing there are s*x styles that a good Christian or Muslim shouldn’t get involved in. Anything done during s*xual intercourse in marriage is right and acceptable. Find out what your husband wants, but don’t forget he may not open up to you because of his position in the church; find it out yourself by attempting to do those things to him. But you also have to help him not to see s*x as hard labour by losing some weights, dealing with that vaginal odour, and being very flexible for him.

Dress to please him and not other women

Often times we ignore the desires of that man we claim to love just because we want to make a state among friends. I may excuse you if you are in just a dating relationship with him, but the moment you take that relationship a step further into courtship, you must start seeing yourself as the glory of that man.

Being the glory of a man means you are now to dress the way he wants and how he wants it. Don’t fix that hairstyle or lashes because they are in vogue and your friends have them on. Don’t go for a short or long dress without first knowing what he admires in women. If you go ahead dressing for your friends and not for him, chances are he may end up getting attracted to a woman who dresses the way he wants.

Being respected is more important than being loved

Civilization is good, but it has also done so much to destroy our values. Women used to allow their husbands discuss privately with friends, business partners, and relations. I know some men still download everything for the woman once they get into the bedroom (this is highly commendable), but it would be nice if you allow him be in the presence of friends and relations.

There is a place that is for the man alone in every relationship. How do you think he feels knowing you call him all sorts of names and slap him in public only to wake up the next morning professing love without end? I know you are too educated and civilized to allow a man toy with you, but the truth remains that he will toy with you once in a while. No amount of love can take the place of respect for a man in a relationship.

He wants to be envied for having you

I believe you know what this means. Your man wants to be praised, honoured, and called blessed by his friends just for having you as his wife. A good wife will ever remain the crown and glory of her husband. Your man cannot be proud to have you by his side when all you do is fight on the street and gossip from one house to the other.

Ladies, please try to brush up a bit especially when you find your husband moving to a higher position.

This could be the reason he does not take you along to business dinner and his company’s end of the year party. Please step up a bit and learn how to make heads turn whenever you walk in. You should know how to dress to suit all occasions.

I also advise women to make efforts to move higher in their education whenever they see a man aspiring for a new status at work. He wants to be able to flaunt you before his friends and colleagues without the fear of you acting or doing something to tarnish his image. Don’t let him start looking for the very educated ones to relate with; get up and get some good education.

Cigarettes make you cheap and easy

You may not agree with this, but I know a good number of people think this way. This has nothing to do with timidity, but the first impression people have about you when they see you smoke as a woman is that you are not a happy person, you are very cheap and one of those women who live in the club, you have no morals and good upbringing, and you are simply frustrated.

He wants you to have high self-esteem

It does not take too much effort to know a woman with very high self esteem. A woman that is high in self-esteem will never waste her precious time discussing other people. A woman with a very high self-esteem does not live a life of constant suspicion. You are making life miserable for him and nagging him out of the house just because you have failed to deal with the terrible disease called low self-esteem.

He loves it when you smile

A woman who smiles has a way of reaching the deepest part of a man’s heart. A woman of cheerful countenance finds her husband and even his friends addicted to her. There is nothing as healing and soothing to a man as his wife opening the door for him with a cheerful face. There is this glory and aura that surrounds you when you have a free spirit.

Listen more

Be a very good listener, learn how to keep calm and react onll when necessary. Remember two wrongs don’t make a right.


  1. Welldone 2 Ð writer. I have bn married for Ð past 9yrs with 4 kids, it seems we just got married bcos I blive I have all qualities U̶̲̥̅̊ pointed out. My nebours do envy my hubby and usaully tell him. I treat my hubby like a prince which he is and he so much appreciate it, he is Ð best thing dat has ever happened to me. He is never afraid to bring his friends to our home. Each time he is expecting a visitor, he’ll just call to inform me and I know exactly how to treat that person fyn. Most of his friends don’t like leaving our home after visiting. To all women pls learn to be submisive to Ur husbands.