Three Nigerian Pilgrims Die in Saudi Arabia

Dr Bello Tambawwal, Head of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria Medina Mission has disclosed that three Nigerian Pilgrims have died in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to reporters in Medina, Tambawwal said the dead pilgrims were from Kebbi, Kano and Katsina States. The first from Kano state he said died aboard the plane conveying him and others to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, while the others died in Medina from illnesses. He however added that the two who died from illnesses “…were in their ripe age at the time of their death.”

Bello Tambawwal said the Mission he heads is working round the clock to ensure adequate medical services are made available for the pilgrims. He also singled out FCT, Edo, Jigawa, Osun and Kogi States for their commitment to the health-care of their pilgrims, urging other states to emulate them.

He also praised the efforts of states for ensuring thorough screening of intending female pilgrims was done which made sure none was pregnant while on Hajj, unlike in the past.

“Last year we had nine cases of pregnancy, resulting in still birth or safe delivery of the babies but we have no pregnancy cases this year”, he told NAN.


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