Top Five Reasons Why Nigerian Women Cheat and How Men Can Help Them

Everything on this earth has a reason and every question has an answer. Similarly women infidelity has not one but a number of reasons. Situations, husbands, boyfriends, revenge, pleasure, dissatisfaction, insecurity, and many other such reasons can get women to cheat.

1. Loneliness is one big reason
Most of the women are taken for granted. If a woman leaves her job and sits at home for her husband and her kids it is her responsibility, which is not appreciated by anyone. No word of love or appreciation makes the woman feel she is taken for granted and this taken for granted feeling created differences between a couple and gives birth to loneliness. This loneliness can create attraction and feelings for another man, leading to infidelity.

2. Physically and emotionally not satisfied
Studies have proven that comparatively to men more women fall into an extramarital affair, when not physically satisfied by their partners. The above statement means women have more tendencies of falling into an extramarital relationship, if not physically satisfied with their married life. Like a men even women made loveual desires that need to be fulfilled. And hence when a few women are not happy with the physical part of their married life they do fall into extramarital affairs.

3. Feel of excitement
Some women like thrill and excitement. If you might have notices a new relationship brings the teenage excitement back. Not just a few women but every woman wants to live in the fairytale world of love. Fairytale love is not possible when it comes to reality. Most of the women except the truth and live with it, whereas some keep hunting for the fairytale love of their life to keep the excitement on.

4. Need of love and romance
With passing years in a relationship there are a number of responsibilities that erupt. And as a couple or as family members we end up fulfilling these responsibilities. This is when the love and romance between couples die or fade away. As years pass love has to grow stronger and not fade away.

5. Crumpling of self respect
In a male dominating country such as Nigeria, everything has to work according to the man. At such places a woman is nothing but a puppet. Day in and day out her self-respect is thrashed. In such a society the man forgets that the woman in his house is his wife, mother of his kids and an individual. The designation of an individual human being is forgotten by her husband and her kids. In such cases if she comes across a man who respects her individuality, it is natural for her to develop feelings for him.

If given the right love and respect a few women will never ever think about cheating on their boyfriends or their husbands. However if cheating is only for excitement and thrill, it is difficult to stop cheating. You can still look at the above tips and correct the flaws in your relationship. A few rectifications can enhance love and understanding between couples.


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