Two Infants Drown In Oman


The Omani police have urged parents not to leave infants out without supervision, especially near water bodies as two infants drowned on Sunday leaving their parents in uncontrollable tears.

Royal Oman police (ROP) on Sunday said through a press release that two infants drowned in separate accidents in eastern region.

“A 20-month-old girl lost her balance while playing and fell in a pool of water near her house,” a spokesperson for ROP’s Public Relations Department said.

He added that the child’s family members promptly rushed her to a nearby health centre but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The second drowning case was reported from Jalan Bani Bu Ali in the eastern region when a 20-month-old boy drowned in a septic tank. “The child was reported missing by the parents and after intense search by the police found his body in a septic tank,” the police spokesperson said.

“It seems the child was playing with other children on a sandy hillock near the septic tank and unknown to others slid down through the gaping opening of the septic tank and died,” he added.

Authorities have therefore advised parents to take better care of their kids and ensure they are not left alone near dangerous sites.



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