UNIPORT Students On Rampage In Aluu Community In Revenge For Students Killed

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We have received reports that students of the University of Port Harcourt are attacking an area (Aluu) in Rivers State where four students were brutally murdered on Friday.

The students are reportedly on rampage, burning markets houses and attacking the community members some of who watched and filmed the horrendous killing of the students with their phones.
The community members took the laws into their hands to serve jungle justice, maybe they are been paid back with same coins.
Meanwhile the government of Rotimi Amaechi reports that some of the lynch mob and even village elders have been arrested.
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  1. This is a sad, the merciless killing? Very sad, uncalled for, wicked, and unpardonable. There is no argument that the community of Aluu have placed a curse on their land and their generation spilling the blood of those youths in that manner. They need spiritual cleansing.
    However, the students of Uniport, where were you when this act was being carried out, cos all of a sudden u are, burning, fighting and revenging, I think they should have come out in their thousands at the right time before those guys were killed. If they did we may not have been in this mess.

    VEry sad.

    God have mercy on Nigeria

  2. After d barbaric killing,I wonder why the police were not drafted to the community….OR were they not expecting a reprisal attack…
    NPF;truly a failed system

  3. yes I support the students they should look for those killer of the students even with there families and revenge on them.they r all monster in that village

  4. It’s trebily sad and bad bt y will they murder a student? If this happens 2 me i will act thesame way bcs is only a student that knows hws his parent soffer 4 his survival. 2 me dis is gud 2morow they will not touch a student.

  5. In a time where what we all need in this country is harmony and peaceful co-existence btw us,us Nigerians,are killing,to the extent of even burning our fellow citizens for stealing a. Laptop and a smartphone! Where is the justice? Where is the law? Where is the love?
    Governor Ameachi you have to bring these killers to justice,but honestly these people. Don’t’ deserve to be living.

  6. Its just a sign that the world is coming to an end. I’m just short of words. For humans to have d mind to do such to a fellow human, its Demonic operation not justice. But I know there’s always a prize for any act on earth, d Evil get evil rewards while d good gets good rewards. It might be delayed but surely it comes & goes around.

  7. Its alwayz bin a day late and a dollar short for Nigeria. Were were d police wen deze demons in flesh were operating, dey ar now comin out to make arest. Wel, d king shud b d-thrown, and dose beast of beings MUST be brot tu limlyt. Unipot students, yu must WAKE UP!!! We must not let fins go out of control b4 we act. So sad.

  8. Wat has dis youths done cos I cnt c wat dey did b4 dis pple are burning dem but no matter wat dis is tooooooooooooi bad my fellow youth and in fact where is our nigeria goin. Am afraid 4 d. Future of nigeria o GOD help us amen ALLAHUMA INAkHAFUM TUHIBULHAFUA FAFUWANA

  9. Nigeria is d only place in d whole world were fins like dis hapen and nobody say or du a fin!!! From d video of d killings in Aluu L.G.A of port harcourt dere was roughly ova 200 ppl @ scene of event but NO ONE could say “plz stop” or even call d police. Everyone waited til afta d death b4 cryin out…Oh Nigeria..

  10. Its quite that Nigeria is turning to a lawless country. How could a community do such a thing even if the stole car they did not have any right to take law to their hand. All of them that involved in this should be hand to serves as an example to others.

  11. This rivers state people are useless people as someone said Before,cos dey stool phone and laptop hmmmm wat a pity. If any one is without sin let him/her come out. When d real thieves dey Aso Rock. 9ja where we dy go. Student of the skul must fight why all dis now?? I didn’t get ma self again Bcus of this Issue…

  12. The whole community should be wiped out of the map of nigeria and nobody should ever step feet on that land for I tell you this day the spirits of those boys will forever roam that land and an everlasting curse has been placed on that community which no amount of cleansing can remove. Rivers people are among the worst human beings on earth they are all cultist. Those boys were innocent!! Goodluck has been a curse to nigeria bcos during obasanjos time nobody can do this kind of stupid thing! I think its time for nigerians to claim their country back! Aluu community must be killed all of them! They are cannibals

  13. MAY GOD PROTECT US,AND SAVE US 4RM WRONG DEEDS. Dis 4students dose a wrong offence bt wat d aluu vilagers did is very babaric bt dnt 4get d are villages. Even if d students revenge or not God is every where and he is d only 1 dat can judge d case. So letz leave everytin in his hands. Where are they wen d 4guys are tortured???…..

  14. should we continue in the name of been students and inflict terrors and crimes on innocent villagers?I really condemn dat killing in such manner.it is inhuman and uncalled for but to think of this acts,for god’s sake some of our students mounts road blocks on the high way killing and stealing..pls may this never occur-again.lets draw our lessons from this and put a stop to the further killing by both party

  15. Aluu community u have just started u generations unborn will suffer for what u have done.nothing good will come out of ur land. Ur community shall become desolate u will never prosper again ur Glorious sons and daughters will be wasted. D way u wasted those cute children from now on ALUU community shall be like a chaff before the wind d angel of the LORD shall chase u. Ur ways shall be dark and slippery. ALUU community destruction shall come upon u unexpectedly for without cause u have killed these Glorious children. ALUU community nothing good will come out of ur community again. Home and abroad u shall be wasted. U will never be remebered again ALUU community will become a refuse dump In JESUS Name. Anyone dat try to reverse dis curses will pay with his or her life.

  16. Thumbs up uniport students, keep d spirit of solidarity moving and show dem d lives of doz students are worth much more dan the whole community cz d community depends on us not d students dt depend on d community. If its jungle justice dey want, we can also go bak to our medivial mentality and bring out d crase in us. Thumbz up (y)!!!!!

  17. Thumbs up uniport students, keep d spirit of solidarity moving and show dem d lives of doz students are worth much more dan the whole community cz d community depends on us not d students dt depend on d community. If its jungle justice dey want, we can also go bak to our medivial mentality and bring out d crase in us. Thumbz up (y)!!!

  18. Come what may,the people of ALUU community do not have the fear of God for HE said thou shall not judge,they took the laws into their own hands and killed those young lads,don’t we have law enforcement agents anymore in this country?back to memory lane 2004 such barbaric and dastard act happenned in Ago-iwoye in ogun state were many lives was lost,the people of ALUU u and ur unborn generation will not no peace for u ve brought eternal course upon ur land.the govt shud not swept this under the carpet.


  20. well, aluu deserves this. All students should pack out. Uniport students have been victims of such attacks from aluu people 4 so long. Aluu indigenes rob steal rape & extort now they have added murder to their crimes. Police & govt should get a life, they’re acting bc the innocent aluu4 come from prominent families who will sue all of them 2 the limit. Govt only cares that rivers state image has been tarnished. Tekena lloyd ugonna & aladdin cannot b brought back 2 life but their murderers & aluu should join them. Sorry those animals should b in hell not resting in peace lk the innocents they slaughtered.

  21. My question remains.where was the police when this barbaric act was carried out.All this incident took about an hour and the Nigerian police force who said their duty is to protect lives and property could not intervene. The level of insecurity in Nigeria is becoming alarming and every citizen may as well say their last prayer every morning,because you never know when the next terror may strike…All the elders in that community,the so called vigilantes should be arrested and government should make laws against jungle justice.We all wish for a better Nigeria,why we pray for the souls of these young men and let justice take its cause.

  22. Hmmm Its a pity dat al dis are happenin 2 Nigerian student,where r NANS ? Dis is d height of oppression,intimidation,injustice, Aluu pple r al Curtis & we knw.i tank God 4 NBM cox it wil neva happen,it would ve been an eye 4 an eye by nw cox d so called aluu community would ve bin a history by nw.if ntin is bin done by d gov’t i tink we wil ve 2 take upon our selves

  23. this same manner of jungle juctice, burning of suppose criminals who maybe student or innocent happen in igboland everyday. Why are there so much silent over the igbo version? May be the Aluu pple were just imitating or coping what happen in other Nigerian cities. It is sad to see that the same hidious sin is appluaded somewhere and when committed somewhere else everyone seem to pick up their boldness to condemn. Rivers pple are not useless. Rivers are hospitable, that is why u like to live in port harcourt more than your own town. All forms of barbaric killing are bad, arm robbery on poor villagers is bad or worse.

  24. Please dis is ikwerre land if all d communities surroundin uniport shud take a fight wit d students it will b more brutal so d students shud stay calm n let government handle d issue bcos i knw ikwerre boys dey will start rapping d girls 4 retaliation

  25. The protest is coming late. The henious malady by this canibal of a community done. No matter what the boys might have done, they don’t deserve what we all saw in the video shot. This goes to show the extent we as a nation have retrogessed. Human beings consisting of fathers, mothers, parent to be urging some criminals who took advantage of the situation to unleach the same thing they do to the community on the poor helpless boys need nothing but prayers as they have lost every sense of human milk. Where fellow students could not run out and ask for police or military help. I weep for ALLU , oh what have you done? You murdered sleep. How can you cleanse the blood of the innocent on your land? As a mother I weep for the mothers of these boys and I pray God will console you. The atrocity is greater than any war crime in this 21st century. The world will know that there exist a community named ALLU where all the inhabitants are ZOMBIES, CANNIBALS and BLOOD THIRSTY. May those involved be metted with the same kind of death and at the very spot where they carried out their show of shame. May their soul rest in peace if they ever found one.

  26. why wont them(uniport students) attack them wherein there any police station in that community?why didnt the police came as of then ?

  27. thieves or not, d elders were/are very foolish to av pamited n allowe d killing take place. Even If d story @emma is tru, d boys shud av been tortured n handed over 2d police, n d community shud av ensured d boys serve dia terms in jail. But now dia foolish decision surely, wud ida make dem fugitives4 life or sentence dem 2death. Elders r supoz 2 tink twice or more n act wisely.

  28. Let them burn d whole community nd kill everyone involve in the killing of this innocent lives hw can a whole community watch this kind of barbaric act . O GOD u never sleep may that community know no PEACE all the days of there life.

  29. The news of the death of these precious souls kept me broken for days. Ugonna lives in my former neigbourhood and was @ my sister’s church 2wks back… There was no evidence whatsoever of the alleged laptop and phone, neither was there a proof in all the videos n pictures shared that showed that these precious souls where armed… Been a parent I can only imagine all the efforts put into the life of these innocent kids.. May God guide us all. ALUU shame on you and ur generations unborn. RIP Ugonna,Lloyd,Tekena and Chidiaka aka Aladdin.

  30. This is the highest mishappen i have ever seen on nigeria students.this is injustice.this community shows the highest level of irresponsibility on the laws of the nation.The culprits who perpetrated this shall be fished out and be purnished accordingly

  31. there wil be no peace in aluu land, useless people, envious community, God must punish aluu people, u people wud hv done it durin our time, hw many aluu people are thieves and they move freely. thunder fire all aluu people

  32. I pray that the students burn down their entire village. Foolish in humane pple. This is a situation that Boko haram wld have been praised if they shld bomb their stupid devilish village. May God purnish all of them and their generations. Mad pple. Evil devil followers. Pls let the students deal with them.

  33. This is injustice.this community shows the highest level of irresponsibility on the laws of the nation.The culprits who perpetrated this shall be fished out and be purnished accordingly

  34. @keso u ar sick ar u human or a demon. am very sure u are d guy dat carry dat plank. very soon u will b burnt lik does guys .

  35. How sure are we that the phones and laptops they said they stole are not even their own personal belongings because everybody nowadays own a minumum of two phones, a laoptop, a tab or something for browsing the net.

    This was a setup jare. Man’s inhumanity against man. In Nigeria now, if you don’t like somebody’s face because of an argument you set him up and kill him. That’s where we’re going to. I even heard they came to collect money being owed one of them and got called thieves after an argument ensued.

    Rest in Peace, God bless your soul is not enough. That is not a consolation to the family. I don’t know what will console them because if it were plane crash or road accident at least it can happen. But a barbaric hitting of big sticks on the head and questioning whether they are still alive and burning them while all the while they were too weak to talk or protect themselves.

    They should hang the culprits.

  36. I really blame those that av the time to film the incidence they derived pleasure in the killing of those lads, if not authourity shld av bn called. The students who were there, u are a disgrace to the entire studenthood. Aluu wldnt had gone so far, if only, if only a voice wld av bn raised to stop the act. I wonder their last thought, why were they created into inhuman world? Everybody there watching them, are all guilty of the murder.
    Gone are those days, when u don’t just tamper wit students cos they are students.
    May their poor tortured souls rest in peace.

  37. Like baba fela said u Use violence to handle violence ….those peeps are very very stupid for wat they did now I wish I was an amry officer I would have garther troops on my own call to take down that God forsaken village 1 of those student lives is 100 for their’s

  38. If any police try to stop them i think they should be killed aswell. Where were they when those guys were set ablaze……… Uniport student, i like that ride on with the good deed, God is with you.

  39. Aluu community has just displayed d highest level of illiteracy and carnibalism. Wicked callous people. The perpetrators have to brought to book by any means.Their generation will know no peace. This seems like a setup from an opponent cult. The mob has to brought to book. Dastardly act. Bastards! They sure won’t know no peace forever. GOD!

  40. Dis is quite unfair,can’t believe Ugonna(d only son nd d hope of his fada)is gone,dis is inhumanity 2 human,4 dose supporting d killers think bak,dis could b ur own brodas.may dere gently souls rest in peace.

  41. Can’t stil recova frm dis brutally….as long as dis pple r nt bein beatn,stripped naked n burnt….dat revenge is still inadequate n nt satisfactory

  42. curse be ON ALLUU, may they eat their flesh and drink their blood, all EM who stood and watched the killing without any remorse, u all wont die well and your generations unborn

  43. This is pure wicked and inhuman, God! the federal government should to something about this, how can a community take the law into their hands. God! Justice should be done for their souls to rest in peace. God people are heartless D for D

  44. It will gladden my heart if govt can take an hasty action on ds issue,ds must not be swept under d carpet, NBA,NANS, NGOs and all other concerned citizens must be awake to ensure dat justice takes it course , ds is too barbaric,…may all d people dat partook in ds killing never no peace, may sorrow a̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ pain never cease frm their homes,may d cummunity bcomes desolated, as Ɣ☺ΰ‎​‎​’ve wasted d lifes of ds young lads, may ur lifes a̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ dat of ur unborn generations be wasted… Too horrible

  45. May GOD PUNISH dem ALuu or wat may they neve knw peace as dos young boiz are restin in peace now may dos beat and ablaze die 1 by 1 startin frm now so bcuz those parent are cryin now , the dey cry the more the youngs and old ones of those involve shall also die…in jesus name,except if day dose nt break nd nite dose fall dat diz shall nt cm to pass but as far as day break and nite fallz all dis is theirs in jesus name

  46. @keso: God must punish you, for that nonsense you wrote…
    @just saying: how do you know they snatched lives?, can you confirm that they raped girls?, or has any girl come forward and confirmed openly that she was raped by any of them? and talking about shooting for fun; do you recognize any of them as having shot someone you know?. Where is the laptop they stole? can the person who was being robbed before they were attacked by the ruthless, evil, God forsaken, never do well, shameless, envious, illiterate and barbaric people of Aluu, please come forward and prove that he’s items were stolen, where are the weapons they normally use to carry out their activities? Where you the one who initiated them into the supposed cult they belong to? If it were to be an indigene of the community, that such FALSE alarm was raised against, would they be as hasty to kill and set them ablaze… Having gone through hell in the hands of envious Aluu youths/ikwerre boys, I can tell you first hand, that we are not hearing the true and complete story. Please stop being irrational and act on what is on ground, the wickedness and inhumanity of Uniports host community to its staff and students, caught on tape…WHERE IS NANS, THE SUG OF UNIPORT, THE VICE CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY, THE IKWERRE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE, THE NUC, and all other people who are supposed to be guaranteeing the lives, property and safety of students…I don’t know any of the boys personally, but my heart goes out to their families, I pray the good Lord to grant them the fortitude to bear this great and painful loss…may thier souls rest in perfect peace….Amen

  47. May amadioha strike down dead all the indigenes of aluu community. Boko haram should target their nursery and primary school,maternity hospitals,old people home and their kings palace and teach them how 2 burn and roost human beings. Boko haram where r u? Aluu community is where ur highly needed.

  48. @Kongson & Keso: stupid fools! It’s very sad we still have people like you that supports jungle justice, am sure both of you are from that CURSED village. Where are the evidence against these lads? You call them thieves, can any of you boast of never taken anything that deosn’t belong to you? I wish this same horrible act on your family then I’ll know if you’d have the guts to make those stupid comments of yours. For me every family from that village should pay with blood expecially the old fool that allowed the burning of lads that are age mates with his children or groundchildren.

  49. @ victor wobo,u re a stack illitrate,wat if its ikwerre land,so fuck wat,u guys aint even hapi they erected a school in ur community.re u tryin to. Tell us u giys from ikwere re animals?why wont d students protest,is a natural thing to do u moron!

  50. @ keso,u re a moron,u re very very very very stupid for wat u jt wrote down there,u anti christ.oloshi!alakori!u re a total disgrace to mankind.im very sure u dont have a child of ur own and u re nt plannin of having 1 in dis life or d next.big fool!

  51. so this kind of barbaric act is still going on in this country. is unfortunate that humans kill their fellow human simply because they want to prove a point.shame upon shame because i believe that those who killed these guys are the perpetrators of the act. they just want to cover there evil deed. if you investigate there lives they have been killing human beings that was why they appointed them to those positions of vigilante (same with then bakasi in Anambra). I trust Obasanjo he would have wipe the whole community in just a night but what can poor Jonathan do, nothing cos he is helpless. and who is blaming the students for going on rampage, pls pls pls they should do more than that. the king of that community should also be killed.

  52. @ keso,u are o bloody miscrant,i knw it ws ur people dat drew a cessation to d lives of dis promisang lads,4 dis henious malady ur pple hv done there shall be no peace 4 ur generation and such death shall be ur portion.cum and try dis in uniben and see if such community will exist anymore,he dat kill by sword shall die by sword,he dat kill by burning human alive shall die by been burnt alive.R.I.P lyod, ugonna,tekena nd chidiaka aka alladin.

  53. am very very disapointed @ d leadership of country wat a lacklustre fellow we hv as president,so obscured and timid.i jst pray 4 GOD’s intervention 4 dis country cos more terrible tins are happening day by day.

  54. C am just so heart broken….all am asking GOD to do is to revenge…….wat a wicked act…..tears can’t stop flowin my eyes….y is dis country so wicked…God I knw I can’t question u but dis one is too heavy for my heart….tears…..wat is al dis….dose villagers have no heart…….for god sake dose dat made d videos are heartless too….God please send your wrath on aluu community

  55. in as much as i strongly condem the inhuman treatment meted on this young students..they shouldnt hav taken the law into their hands..those students should hav been beaten and handed over to the relevant authorities. However, the people of Aluu actd out of proportation no matter the level of the anger. A couple of weeks to the 4 killings, some set of group entered a man’s house, slaughtered his wife and raped his daughter in front of him. therehas been several killings of people in Aluu, banks being robbed, police officers killed over and over again. the people felt so bad and over reacted however which i strongly object. but let me ask you…how would you feel in robbers entered your house, killed a nursing mother beat the man and rape a young girl of 14 yrs. are we sure that the blood of the innocent people of ALUU is not speaking against this boys? how will God harden people’s heart followin and watchin no one comin to their aid. i may not be makin sense but only God can judge

  56. Inhuman is not enough for me to express my feelings, this was un called for. Only God knew what they were thinking when they carried out the act of burning four students. As for me, the boy who implecate them should equally join them where ever they are and the same way they had all died so he will feel the same pain.


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