Update: Killing Of 4 UNIPORT Undergraduate Students, One Of The Killers Arrested [Photos]

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Karma is inevitable! Nobody sows plantain and reaps banana; likewise, no one murders sleep and expects to have a good night rest! It is called the law of retributive justice!

It appears one of the Aluu Community indigenes who masterminded the killing of four UNIPORT undergraduate students, has allegedly been apprehended by the JTF.

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  1. I wish they will get him to talk so as to reveal the identity of the other heartless idiots. They should be made to face the full wrath of the law. If not for God’s sake, I would have suggested that he should be handed over to the student community in Uniport, let them use him as an object of experiment in human anatomy class.

  2. He actually brought this upon his pitiable self. He was in the vanguard of that repulsive atrocity but here is he now humiliated publically in the same fashion. He’ll rot in jail or secretly executed.

  3. F*******k all UNIPORT students for not retaliating at the Aluu community people. It’s absolutely pathetic and very, very sad after watching the video. Aluu community ought to be demolished!

  4. yes if we are talking of sharia people will shout sharia can not even treat a thief like this.this people are so heartless and far away from GOD,therefore he should not be tortured the same way but almost the same untill he reveals the place where the rest are.may ALLAH help us to sanitize nigeria.

  5. May be the village of Aluu be on fire ,from dis night to d next ten days. My God ! I can’t stop crying , d tears are so hot ,dat I could feel my chics burning .

  6. ar u sure dis guy is one of dem? if it is true den oya every body mak we follow shout P.R….A…..I..SE thy LORD!!!!!!!!! HA…L….L……ELUY….A!!!!!!!!!!!! my christian bro nd sis make una no mind me i too happy

  7. Allu village should be wiped off . UNI PORT students wake up . You guys must take revenge for your fellow students . Wipe off Old , young even the new born in that Village. Have no mercy on any Allu villagers. Kill them all.

  8. I think the Student Union or Student Community in Uniport are weaklings. How could 4 of ur students be brutally murdered and u kept quiet for this long. I thought one of the Student Union slogans remain “injury to one is injury to all”. The perpetrators of this gruesome act deserved to be wiped off the surface of the earth, the village Chief inclusive.

  9. You guys suck!!! The soil topology looks definitely like one from the East and surely dosen’t come close to any Uniport surrounding,there goes another fake news again from you guys…

  10. I tink d comments of pple here calling 4a reprisal attacks on d innocent and defenceless pple of Aluu community who probably were nevain support of dis brutal killings,goes a long way to show how our society has degenerated 2 a level whr pple r alwys in a frenzy 4 blood-bath. I felt sick wen i saw d video bt dat dosn’t mean dat we should go ahead and call 4 students 2 carry out vengence on d natives of dis community. Pls lets try and keep our emotions in check least we spill more innocent blood. Remember the ability 2 4giv wrongs or inability 2 avenge a harm done,isn’t a sign of weakness.Nigerians pl…..s Lets nt heed 2dis blood-craving demonic voices in d forms of humans,calling 4 more blood 2b spilt.

  11. the picture may/may not be fake but we want 2 c the murderers paraded b4 us 2 avoid the usual police abracadabra where suspects disappear & cases collapse 4 lack of evidence. As 4 uniport sug what do u expect from lily livered political jobbers? They have never done anything on behalf of uniport students be it fees accommodation exams etc. Y wd they do anything now. When ex militants camped at aluu raped women & ransacked shops the sug was quiet.

  12. no 1 hv d rite 2 gv lif so dose no 1 hv d rite 2 tak anoda man’s lif….it oni God dt hv d rite 2 burn sumbdy bt in P.H it has hapen may we neve c such kind of tin again. AMINNN

  13. let me have d head of dis youth… in aluu plsssss… oh den my mind will be at rest//// i will grained der skull nd cook it after dat burn it..d ashes i will use to fertilize my farm…. nd finally burn my farm…… ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  15. is this picture right if so he come ppl r standing closed to the victim while he wk pass them with the solider n they were nt rounded up because the hole community r bad.

  16. hello nigerian!this picture is fake I can prove it take a look at the soliders they r nt jtf,we all know jtf soldiers that patrol the street of nigerian carry guns n r dressed with bullet proved vest.nigerian is this the type of unarmed soilders they used in this type of operations like this.nigeria mk ur own view n judge

  17. Even aftter catching dis good 4 nothing idiots, am still not satisfied with d whole shirt. Let d truth prevail S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ dat dis uniport dead student can rest in peace with dia names cleared.

  18. This pic isn’t from aluu, saw this before the aluu saga. And u guys call yourselves journalists? Stop mis-informing ppl, i’d love for those aluu ppl to b drilled too but this isn’t 1.

  19. Am a student of uniport n ve stayed at aluu bfor.
    U ppl jus say anytin u like….ve u eva been to aluu community? Dat place is host to all kinds of criminal cos dey feel safe der,if u go der n c the d lifestyle der u will undastnd y dis action waz taken..aluu has the highest rate of rape cases in uniport.same goes for crime activitie.. Aluu host d finest of hostel u can eva tink of bt ppl r scared to stay in dem cos of high rate of armed robbery n cultist activities
    The landlord r suffering cos dier properties r being abandoned n as a result d price of rentage ve fallen so low….
    No offence pls am nt in support of d way dey wer killed bt we knw fully well dat once dey get to d police station dey will be bailed out like notin happened n continue unleashing havoc on the innocent students der…dis is a very strong reason y d vigilanties who caught dem decided to end dier life in public to serve as a deterent to oder….

  20. Please, this is a false story. Kindly remove this dumb picture from here! My question is, where is the stupid, evil, murderer that caused all this problem. where is the debtor please? As he gone scot free?

  21. steve i don’t get your point. Did the aluu4 rape kill or murder anyone? Are they responsible for the insecurity in aluu? Will their gruesome videoed murder convince any right thinking student parent or guardian 2 pay 4 accommodation in an area where hearsay will earn u death especially when ur a non-indigene? Those hostels that go for 120k per annum per room will b inhabited by lizards from now on, noone will pay even 1naira to stay there.

  22. Wot am saying is dat….d ppl of aluu(indigenes n nonindigenes) r tired of the constant rate of robbery,rape n cult activities n ve decided to make a scape goat of any one caught n found guilty of d above named crime…
    Dont forget dat this activities ve been on going for as far bk as 2001 ask dose dat ve been in skul around dat period..
    D 2005/06 cult clash most of the ppl involved wer students resident in aluu(aluucians),dey even beheaded someone n placed d head on the entrance gate of the abuja campus..
    ..in 2007 matric killing d boyz dat did d killing wer 90 percent resident in aluu..abt 8 of dose involved in d 2007 action stayed in a popular hostel called pritaso villa..dese i ppl i knew facially n one can neva bliv dey cud commit such crimes bt dier faces wey published in a wanted list bt d skul autorities n d jtf cos d state government had by den declared most of dese groups as terrorist groups.
    So dis is d reason..

  23. steve stfu u cannibal. y r u so ill minded… probably cos u said u stayed in that community. but u also said u r student meaning u should have brains…. fine i get ur point but crime or no crime there are ways to go about it…even as vigilantes there should be a fair trial amongst themselves even if they dont want to involve the police……. and word ids that those poor boys weren’t even thieves….. God bless the souls of those boys AMEN…… tears in my eye

  24. i’m a uniport student 2 & ur history doesn’t justify what aluu people did. Perhaps ur an indigene that’s y ur making excuses 4 that crime against humanity. Again i ask do u have evidence that those boys raped or killed anyone? All ur stories occurred before they were admitted. Their mat nos r 2010 & this is 2012. Pls don’t bring up old stories & show respect to the feelings of those who mourn. Or maybe u can take out an advert & praise aluu vigilante for their act. Nonsense!

  25. If u people dn’t knw how to handle dis unforbidable act of [email protected] Bring him to my overnight labratory let me use him for my first experiment. We even looking for a human rat like him. He must dance the music he put…

  26. Killings the Innocent Soul! ‘wat you sow is what you reap’. He dat kill with sword shall also be kill by sword. MAKE SURE U DO THE SAME FOR THEM. So Sad may their Soul Rest In Peace.

  27. Ppl dnt get me wrong am only bringing out points dat cud ve made d vigilanties commit such acts…
    Besides am not an indigene of rivers state let alone being frm aluu….
    So dnt eat me raw jus get my point notin more..
    Dese students r victims of a crime dat ve long angered the members of dat community…dey acted out of anger wich ve over clouded dier judgments…
    So pls dnt get me wrong
    Am a human n ve feelings as well..am jus wanting to make ppl c d reasons dat cud ve caused the whole tin..das wot a civilised human should do bfor making comments..tnkz

  28. Steve, you are a big fool for trying to defend these cannibals. There is no justifiable reason to kill and burn for young men. Did they find them with guns? You should mind the way you comment before thunder strike you and your family dead. Bastard.

  29. well done steve, senior advocate of aluu vigilante. Is ur argument a plea 4 extenuating circumstances? Perhaps ur relation is a land speculator who has lost money bc of students mass exodus from aluu. Honestly as a fellow uniport student i’m disappointed that u can justify iniquity in such a fashion. I pray one day u will fall victim 2 such torture on mere hearsay but live 2 hear someone mk ur type of excuse 2 ur tormentors. That is a privilege the aluu4 will never have bc ur guys have killed their bodies & uncivilised insensitive comments lk urs kill their memory.

  30. Steve nah God do punish u, ℓ̊ believe u may even be among the cannibals Ƌ̲ä† commited this act, watever happened I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the skool doesn’t justify the actions of those bloody vigilantes

  31. Well done steve kudos to ur stupidity nd ur hrtless talk assumin one of dose GUYS is ur yunger broda u wil ve understnd wat we call human feelin.ND to d SUG body I think dey don’t ve action @ all (G8t OSUITE) can dey try this wit OGUN state university? ooh I rmemba wen AGO-iwoye want to try dis kind of shit wit us.OOU. well all I want is dat dose bokoram2 shld b dealt wit

  32. @ steve as U̶̲̥̅̊ D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ try 2 defendd dis alu ppls U̶̲̥̅̊ sef g0 fall victim bastard may deir s0ul rest I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ peace

  33. Steve ur dnt have conscience………if ur brother cosin or even u was a victim of that cirmustance how will u feel,and those innocent guy were not armed was what are u talking abut I pray with tears in my eyes that for this u said concerning these innocent guys u will never hear a cry of baby…….for u to be proud of that community u are cursed and even dengerous ………….in fact u are a suspect and u shuld be arrested and killed like those innocent guys

  34. N y does he have his pants on?from d video, dose 4 handsome innocent young men wia completely naked.he shuld go naked abeg..dnt believe in an eye for an eye but dat video made me heartless 2wards dis animal n his friends.dey shuld die d way Tekena n his friends died..God have mercy*tear drops*

  35. y upload fake news? Cant u c dt plc s abuja. C d abuja bus parkd der, d oda soildier dancin etigi. and whc soildr wi go arest witout a gun,putin un allstars, saggin hz trouser. I tak ur nws 4 uthentic bt dz 1 s 1 tin dt wi mak mi hat dz sit.

  36. mk una live steve he is dilutional,pls everybody should join me n lets. start internet protest form nw on till justice is done with this comments KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU as they r protesting nw on d ground we that cannot. be there r protesting on the internet so that the nigerian government will no that nigerian want justice n we r serious KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU,KILL ALUU, KILL ALUU PLS EVERYBODY CARRY THIS CHORUS.

  37. Sorry to bust the bubble of those baying for the blood of the man in the picture. He has nothing to do with Allu killings, he’s an exboy from military school celebrating his graduation. Notice it’s soldiers and not the police. It’s a rite of passage. So abeg, don’t be like allu people and condemn an innocent man.

  38. from what I heared, this guys went to demand for their money which were been owed by a cultist whom refuse to pay in peace. they went cause problem so that the guy owing them will pay,but they were alleged to be criminals and were brutalised. It is wrong for people to take laws into their hands, especially for the king whom said they should kill the students. known of them should escape justice,including those who were watching and did not inform the police. Am glad to see that one of the killers has been caught. Everyone involved should be apprehended.

  39. What are they still waiting for! What of the community chiefs house! UNIPORT student?, has it been burnt down!The sluggish nigerian law system is even a mojor reason for we taking law into our hands

  40. It’s too bad that life was snuff out of those young lads like that in broad day light with happy spectator Uniport students inclusive. It’s to bad things like this still happen in our land. But I think we’re all missing out in the truth on this horrific issue with emotions and sentiments. DON’T GET ME WRONG. My reasons been:
    Haven watched the video and picture, looking at the disposition of the spectators students inclusive, knowing the magnitude of student population in Aluu community, knowing the proximity of Aluu to Choba where the main campus is which is a stone throw, knowing that there’s a police post in Aluu, knowing the approximate length of time it take to parade those guys nude along the village which is a linear town and so many evidential factors. I beg to conclude that there is a conspiracy b/w the murders and the student population, the school authority and the police. Because they all have ample opportunity and time to save the life of those boys. In my opinion they’re all as guilty as the Aluu murders.” LET’S STOP SHADING THIS CROCODILE TEARS” Cos that’s is how we waited for ten solid years to go by before we remember we’ve to appeal ICJ ruling on Bakassi. TOO BAD FOR US AS A PEOPLE. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  41. Alu in igbo means sacriledge Aaaaru.Aluu community you will know

    If the so- called soldier seen with the murderrer like let them be dancing Makossa with him then after they will tell he has jumped into the river and disappeared.
    God,s judgement has come upon the Aruu community in River State

  42. Listen,

    I know killing the killers is some how,but still i insist they should be Be-Headed… Hisss.

    Soldiers ,,Kill them all including the Leaders,for that community is nothing a killing ground..


  43. WaoSteve u ar rite becos wen d fly is eating ur wound nobody c but wen u kil a fly everybody wil shout am a student of ilaro poly ogun state if truely does guys steal a leson must b tot to stop odas wat about does vilagers dat hav lst dear live nd even dear children nd dear daughters raped u guys ar only lukin at it in ur own angle pls let stand nd buld dis country my own frnd in port dea went 4 visit nd dis same cult guys nd student ask him to bring his fon nd soround hm nd slap him sevral times nd u expect him 2 b hapy we can only stp an evnt if toror action ar taken

  44. Steve and Wao i dont even no wer to start from. u both r blood sucking demons. am sure ur part of a secret cult. all u sons of satan who r in need of human blood, may ur souls burn in hell 4 all eternity. i feel like burning u 2 alive den feed ur remains to d ALUU community. i would find u guys if u say 1 more rubbish. its d 21t century, i would find u on facebook, get ur details den pay ur family a visit u heartless pig shit.

  45. what sort of half news is this? how nd where was he caught nd what is his name? tell us the full story so we know that u guys are doin something not painting the story black nd white……mtcheeeeeww

  46. Steve, is only looking from another angle, so let him be I DO NOT BELIEVE THESE BOYS ARE THIEVES…….I THINK THEY WERE SET UP BY RIVAL CULT MEMBERS AND BETRAYED A FRIEND,……

  47. Well, can’t bliv humans whose blood flows tru deir veins can do dis to deir fellow human beings. As God punish devil, dis community shall be punishd. Its very disapointin dat sme hrtless nigerians @steve et al, suport dis shameful act! Greatest uniport student! Stnd 2 ur feet n avenge d death of ur co-students. Realy heartbreakin!!!!!!!!

  48. Uniport is a disappointmnt….. Where was τ̣̣ђё SUG of dat school?… Those boys weren’t killed within five minutes…. They were beaten and paraded Fø̲̣̣я̅ hours… Using sticks  their head Fø̲̣̣я̅ hours… Τ̣̣ђё students did nothing, SUG did nothing.. Then Ʊ ǻƦε coming here to say Ɣ☺ΰ ǻƦε a uniport student.
    Dat idiiot dat said Aluu used dem as a warning to ȍtђε̲̣rz, Ʊ R A SON OF A THOUSAND FATHERS….A BASTARD.
    Ʊ claim 2 b a uniport student… Do Ʊ knw d meanin of ALUTA CONTINUA….VICTORIA ACERTA….. IDIOT.

    May d souls of those 4 RIP…

  49. Y cud som1 take law in2 his hands Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ act d way those aluu citizens dd Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ the worst part s they didn’t evn hav any solid evidence b4 takin d actions dey took. I just pray dt ds guy they say ws prt ov those who enhancd d killin ws truly caught! Wen I heard ov d incident I ws shockd Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ rlly angry 2 d xtent dt I wntd those who partook in it 2 undergo thesame fate buh if we kill them in dsame way as they were killd, dnt yhu fnk we r no less dan d animals dat they are buh they shud still nt b left 2 go scot-free. Justice must prevail! Anywy, in ds kinda situation one jus has 2 look up 2 God 4 help bcoz he s best answer 2 ds problem owing 2 d fact dt nobody’s perfect. @steve Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ wao I undstnd yhu r lookin 4m yhur own point ov view buh where it all went wrong ws da fact dt they were nt thieves! Its jus lyk in a class settin where pupils r makin noise all d tym while da teacher writes notes on da blackboard Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ d teacher promises 2 make a scape goat out ov one of d noise makers wen he catches one Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ let’s say I’m nt a stubborn student in class or part ov da noisemakers. It might b d day dat I jus ask 4 my pen 4m a seat mate Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ da teacher turns Ñ̶̷̩̥̊͡ sees M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ talkin…yhu definitely knw d rest ov d story!..5 incident ws very unfortunate

  50. Steve and wao the most important thing is that we are not here for u at all but if u have conscience or feeling for humanity u will never think or reason that even if u av lived dear for hundred and one years…..nobody hav right to take laws into their hands that’s wrong for he that killed by the sword most die by it they law of kerma says u can never sow yam and expect coco yam never…….aluu in my dialet means abomination they gov.shld do some thing about it

  51. What you all are missing out on is wether you like it or not there’s nothing you can do,these boys cant be brought back,all we should learn from this is that no one should be condemned until proven guilty (at least that’s one of our fundamental rights) then lets acknowledge that God knows all,if those blood thirsty hounds ask God for forgivness he’l forgive,let’s all move on…..life is for the living.revenge or carrying out a vendetta wouldn’t fill the void left by these lovely lads.God rest your souls ugonna,tekena,chidiaka and Lloyd


  53. if non of d viewers of d incident could sympatize wt d victims at d tym of d incident den, drs no innocent soul in dat wicked community. OH GOD, HAVE UR WAY.

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