UPDATE: Taraba State Governor Flown To Germany For Proper Medical Attention

Taraba State Governor, Danbaba Suntai, who was involved in a plane crash in Yola on Thursday, has been air lifted from the Yola Specialist Hospital, where he was receiving treatment to Abuja enroute Germany.

The Ambulance conveying him and other medical personnel attending to him departed  the hospital  for the Yola international airport, at about 12.15pm, under heavy security.

A medical source however revealed that he was in a stable condition. He said the Governor sustained fracture on his right hand and some facial bruises.

Meanwhile, President Goodluck Jonathan Friday afternoon visited Governor Suntai at the National Hospital, Abuja before his departure to Germany. Earlier, the president had hinted the federal government’s preparedness to fly the governor abroad for medical treatment if the need arose.


  • All they ever do is fly abroad for treatment, which means they know we have low standard hospitals in naija.well done politicians instead of working to improve the medical faclities at home, u all run away from ur duties

    • It’s not God’s job to watch Naija’s politicians. Wendy, it is ur job. You cannot delegate it to God. All his flat screen TVs were installed 2000 yrs ago and are not working. They warranty has run out. The people deserve the Gov’t they get. Nigerians fully deserve the crappy gov’t we get, with turn-by-turn electorates. pscheeeeeeeeeew

  • I wish we have a law that forbids all political and government office holders and their Children from flying abroad for treatment,education, etc our hospitals, schools, etc will never receive the attention it deserves.

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