“What Have We Become?” Press Statement By Oby Ezekwesili On Mubi And Aluu Killings

Former World Bank Vice-President (Africa), Oby Ezekwesili, who only just retired from her exalted position a couple of months ago, has expressed shock at the brutal killing of students in Mubi and Port Harcourt in the past week. On twitter, the former Nigerian minister expressed her concerns and she has followed up her tweets with a press statement.

Her press statement:
I am shaken; I am outraged, I am devastated, I feel mortally wounded. The situations in Mubi and Port Harcourt were terrible. Did you see the video-recording of how students were killed in Port Harcourt? Is this not the same country where it is emotionally difficult when you see a corpse on the street?

I am sorry; I am totally outraged like any decent citizen of a nation that we love. The killings were barbaric, mere savagery and very devastating. Some people are acting or behaving as if there are no people in charge of the government. “Something is fundamentally wrong with our society: To see the dastardly mob killing of four misguided youths(Port Harcourt’s) who stole sank my optimism. Noo! Even in death, these four must get justice. My voice shall be heard on this. What have we become?

“We used to be better than this. What has psychologically traumatized our people? There is a fundamental problem; there is a breakdown in something that is proudly Nigeria. I cannot believe that our society has got to this level. We are broken, we need to be mended and nobody will mend it other than ourselves.

We are getting to the precipice and we need to pull ourselves back. The government has to take full responsibility; it has to be in charge to prevent anarchy. The only way out is for the government to prove that it is really in charge.

We are a nation of 150million people; we are not a small country. If the situation continues like this, we cannot survive a large-scale conflict. It does not do us good to befell into a nation of conflagration.

We have to watch it. A lot of countries that have had genocidal experience started like this.

We have too many problems to descend into a state of anarchy again. How can we all sit and watch impunity.


  • Dat’s d spirit of a true mother,expressing her grief over d barbaric murder of those 4 young boys in an inhuman Community by d name Aluu. God help Our Country Nigeria. May d souls of d murdered Mubi students and d Aluu4 Rest In Peace(Amen)

  • Thank you ma’am for this thought-provoking message of yours. Please, don’t stop until justice prevails. What hurts the most is that president GEJ has been silent over this.
    God bless you as you continue to do the good works.

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