Why I Gave Boko Haram Sect Members N1.5m – Senator Ahmed Zanna

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You will recall that the senator in whose home a high profile boko haram member was allegedly arrested, was invited by the Department of State Services (DSS) yesterday to iron out some grey areas.

The Senator, Khalifa Ahmed Zanna, who turned himself in around noon Monday at the  DSS headquarters in Abuja, while been interrogated, explained the reason why he gave about N1.5 million to Boko Haram members to buy Sallah rams.

Senator Ahmed Zanna

The senator representing Borno central in the upper chamber of the NASS told his interrogators that he gave N1.5 million for Sallah rams to the sect members following their threat to attack him.

He explained that the sect members forcefully took his aide to his house for a search, where they retrieved N250,000 with a message that he should provide them with a sum of N10 million or else they would come for him.

The senator, who was released last night, is expected back at the DSS headquarters Tuesday, in continuation of investigations.

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  1. Nothing will be done to him i guess, so why posting it for the world to hear.. Since he won’t be persecuted for colaborating with nigerian enemy because he belong to the high class in the society…. Rubbish!!!

  2. …wat r they still waiting for to prosecute dis idiot for d death of over 2000 innocent Nigerians including his fellow Senators hu hv lost dre lives cos of Boko Haram after dis kind of confession. He hs jst confirmed dt he’s a sponsor of dis group, does Ram cost N1.5m? So he even knows dem & has never volunteered information to d police for arrest & prosecution? if dey threaten him lik he said, did he raise any alarm, did he complain to any security outfit dt his life is threatened:

    anyway, dis Govt wld soon let dis fool go, cos d oda Senator dt ws fingered by a confession frm a BH member to b a sponsor, we dn’t hear any thing abt him again, bt d truth is… “Tears r language, God understand”.

  3. So this senator is afraid of death? I laugh. Why has he not warned his nephew to desist from killing and maiming innocent Nigerians? God will surely jugde them all even to their children children. The blood of all those killed will surely speak and fight against them all. He has not spoken the truth, he is lieing. 1.5 milion is not comparable to the 10 milion demanded by the sect as he had explained. Only kids and fools will believe him.

  4. Mr. Senator u’ll neva kno peace. D blood of inocent soul will neva give u peace &joy in Jesus name amen!!! U’re a traitor 2 9ja God will punish 4 killin 9ja citizens.

  5. But he told us on political platform dat he doesnt knw dem, hw did they ask hm d money? Let ds man be use to set example. Hs cousin or wat is a drug addict nd he didnt report to security or relevant agencies 4 persecution nd he want 2 politicise it. God of christians and good people of Nigeria dat has join to kill judge hm.

  6. rubbish all way, let Nigerians dont get deceived, its the normal cock and bull story, every month a boko haram leader or sponsor the next month they are being realised so what are we talking about? Boko haram trend runs from the least to the highest stage of goverment, they knew about it and support it… if not why havent they taken the right action instead of telling stories? once again dont get decieved jst pray tht God will take control;-)

  7. Its only in Nigeria that the guilty ones toy with security agents. Pls SSS live-up to ur responsibility and turture this devil to say all he knows about Boko Haram if not u will be termed incompetent in all ramifications

  8. Saudana of sokoto said on july 8 12 dat politicians created boko harram and that only politicians can stop it.
    While to me,all hausas are bokoharm i mean from emir,senets,reps,all northern leaders from A-Z.
    Because Goodluck is d present,northerners are languishing thierselves. Pls I beg all northerners to make sure they bomb all thier lives b4 8yrs of Goodluck will expire.
    JTF whoever crosses u,fire,flush,distol more greese to ur elbows.

    • JTF are not crazy as you ever think. Those days of militant did the northerners called all the southerners Militant? But what I want to from you is to go and think have you seen any relatives to the so called northern elder die? So let the professional do their duty and prosecute anyone involve on this issues of BH. Because 90% of the masses that are living in the northern part of the country are innocent about this issue. My brother please go and rethink and let be wise because you and I have access to internet, doesn’t mean you come here and saying bad things about each other. Remember, you and I no nothing about what the government and it operatives are capable of doing! So take note!!!. We callled god in our prayers but we don’t have the patience to let him help in his own way. Instead we keep causing each other. Are you sure you are patriotic to this nation?

      • Unfortunately these killings will go unabated and we will soon hear of another senator’s arrest and nothing will happen. Nigeria cannot be better this way and you guys always call on God for everything. You call God to help you with football, you call God to help you with corruption, You call God to help you with agriculture, you call God to help you with Boko Haram Killings you call God to do everything for you. What will you do yourself? If the Northern Elders and Emirs refuse to stop Boko haram for their selfish reasons and gains, the Northern youths can. I was at portharcourt during the militancy era. They were chased out of Port Harcourt due to the cooperation of all the community youths and chiefs. if they spot them in any of the villages, the villagers quickly invite the JTF and that would be their end. that was how they left Port Harcourt City and went to the creeks.

        Also the militants can never be comparable to the Boko Haram as they had a clear agenda. What is the agenda of the Boko Haram?
        Hatred of western education, establishment of sharia state or conversion of Jonathan to a muslim?????

        let us reason.

  9. I’m ashamed of our security agencies and it methods of investigation. They’re so crude in their approaches that is so obvious they tell the whole world they’re deliberately not doing anything to term the rate insecurity in the country. Hear the alibi the senator who harbor and gave money the boko haram sect and you will laugh. because he was granted bail. can you beat that? Funny enough they tell these stories as if we’re fools with no brains. God help Nigeria.

  10. Well this is the end of the beginning of a typical nogerain movie.the dishonoured senator will go without been punished again.but if it’s a poor boy stole a phone,the judgement will ve immediate.walahi it’s only the almighty that will judge those who use their teeth to aportion meat.

  11. Did Nigeria’s govt need an Angel or Prophet 2 tell them that this So called Senator is a sole financier of this islamist sect? Why not make a move to write his name in the black list? Last time was Senator from the other axis,same state. But nothing was done!

  12. the government of this country is composed of hypocritical fellows who will stop at nothing bt to use every situation as a ticket to stay on.l bet you this administartion will nt prosecute any body,not ndume,zanna non any other senator or rep that will be arrested in connection with this menance that is terminating d lifes of innocent Nigerians.if only the fools they give guns to will develop brains and kill dis vampires with that same gun,it wud have been good bt trust the fools frm d north will not cos they have been indotrinateds right frm their mothers womb to slaughter christians and go to heaven wei you will be given one thousand virgins to have canal knowdlege with and so they are willingly given their lives away.God almighty will nt spare anyone of u.

    • U and i now know that islamharam is all about canallization of the species kal’d woman.imagine what their heaven looks like with vigins.vvf is kn to be cakerworm eating the northan girl child.i pitty islam cos the truth abt ur religon and her sex slave masters is obvious

  13. But GEJ already announced that there are Boko Haram members & sponsors in his government…this senator is just another confirmation…well the northerners can continue to Bomb themselves & languish In Abject poverty with little or low development…while d rest of d country strives on…!!!

  14. This senator has case to answer. why did he not alert the police? insead of releasing the money. he may be one of those sponsoring the boko haram.
    FG should work on this man and through him they will be able to trace other BH sponsors

  15. Nigeria of mine,hw can we eradicate all mere of antrocity which happened in our land.We shld try to bring those involved to book.

  16. Nigeria can never be a better country if our socalled leaders refused change from their evil ways, Can you emagine a senetor of a country sponsorine terrorists to kill innocent people, killing people whom you claimed you are serving, let me tell you something mr. Senetor, even if you scot free the blood of the innocent people will hunt you down, bastard.


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