Why Nigerian Graduates Remain Unemployed – Oby Ezekwesili

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Dr Oby Ezekwesili yesterday, said the reason why most graduates in the country remain unemployed is ‘because majority of them study courses that are in low demand in the labour market.’

The former Minister of Education in the Obasanjo administration and immediate past vice-president (Africa) of the World Bank, stated this at a programme titled ‘How to Build a World-Class Career,’ organised by The Baptising Church (TBC), in Abuja where she was a guest speaker.

“So, why do employers often turn down applicants? Because of lack of competence,” she said. “We found out that the courses that most Nigerian students study are not what we need at the labour market; we call them warehouse courses.

“So, instead of the market accepting them, it rejects them, so they go back to the warehouse.”

Oby, as she is fondly referred to, recalled with nostalgia her tenure as Minister of Education when she introduced a scheme called Tracking Assets for Progress (TAP) – a programme designed to fully utilise products coming out of higher institutions.

“You know, the university or polytechnic is a manufacturing plant; so, we introduced TAP to track where the finished products were going.

“When they graduate, they are finished products, and so you put a label on them called certificates.

“When a product is rejected in the market, it is usually because it does not meet consumers’ needs.”

The former minister concluded that for an individual to attain greatness, such must be well-trained, versatile, and an integrity-keeper.

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  1. Oby has offered an anecdote that is like that of a person coming from another planet. She was a minister of education where UNESCO approves 25:1 teacher student ratio, and yet our public schools are not meeting up that standard. This is just to go straight to the point.

  2. This is a very stupid and discrediting comment! I am very sure she did not school in Nigeria and was made education minister! If courses offered in our Uni & poly hav no place in the mkt., why then are they allowed in our higher institutions? Dr. Oby has ridiculed herself b4 the nation by her attempt to shy away from d truth thereby tendering this STUPID, LAME excuse/defence. Shame ….! A disgrace to leadership!

  3. i think she should name the courses we should all go for in the universities and polytechnics as well so that we all can be employed.i can imagine someone will just wake up one day and be saying nonsense in the public.well,i don’t blame her cos she’s an opportunist.

  4. Of point mrs…wat ‘re d needed course dat d so-called labour market needs

  5. What course(s) should we study then?
    Which ever course she studied, great Fela Kuti who studied music is 100times better than the so-called Dr Oby.

  6. Oby you got it all wrong. There are no courses that are called warehouse. We have unemployment because they are few jobs been chased by high number of graduates.

  7. Aunty Oby is totally right! At least to one person. Who? The one from whom the information was issued and the like-minds! Why? Everyone is completely right to the extent of their opinion or thought. Don’t u think so!? That’s how I mean!

  8. It is a pity that socalled “Dr” Oby Ezekwesili is totally bereft of knowledge and understanding of the problems of unemployment in the country.She was once the Minister of Education who collaborated with the despotic regime of Ọbasanjọ to sell Unity schools (public utilities for that matter!)to the money bags so the children of the poor were shoved aside from the qualitative education.
    The source of unemployment is bad leadership.The money supposed to create industries are stolen by our leaders and kept in their foregn account.
    Henceforth, Oby has exposed her lack of mom

  9. It’s pertinent to know that what she rightly stated is what is happening in our Nigerian Universities but am nw refering this to her_Oby,wat are the solution u offered to the system of Education to eradicate those courses which seems to be of low demands in labour market? Don’t forget that u’re a Nigerian despite u assumes that u have arrived, remember your grandchildren u dnt knw wat the future holds for them. You have voiced what u think is the problem with our Education bt did nt proffer any solution to it. Let me see u win the position of the Worldbank Manager,cos u too is nt qualify.

  10. pls dr oby or wat every ur name is, i can c dat u lack words ,u should hav asked for help and nt to come out in public and start sayin RUBISH. Now are u trying to tell me dat all dose graduate dat study d course u thought 2 b gud hav all goten job? Hmmm u beter go and check ur brain status. NONESENCE…..

  11. Such idiotic statement from someone who is supposed to know better. That is the kind of mindset that most of our so called leaders have; always putting the blame on others, especially the poor masses, for their lack of foresight. In other climes where unemployment is not the norm do people not undertake all kinds of courses? Really stupid statement from someone that is supposed to think better.

  12. Oby, You are 55% correct, i e 2:2 class. The major reason graduates worldwide/Nigeria in particular are unemployable is that many of them lack creativity, initiative and modesty. They see the paper certificate only as employment right, not as a means to adding value to the employment and society. When a 20-24yr old undergraduate is already thinking of an employment that will immediately provide he/her with BB, SUV, furnished flat without asking the wealth to put into the employment, there lies the unemployment! For Nigeria, until Politics is separated from employment, the mess continues, do or die affairs. Oby you are right, but if you remove your political working life/years you will join the unemployed class.

  13. With due respect ma, i will love to know the course you study at your first degree. You are only fortunate to acquire your position by God not by might because so many Professors even better once are more qualify than you. Non of Nigerian University’s courses is easy to study that is while Nigerian Graduate do exploit in any University Abroad. Ma, your Generation have failed us but we believe as God on our side we are going to change our own Generation and the Generation coming for better. Cheers!!!

  14. By the look of things everybody is under pressure and before you know it simple truth and the channel of truth can be easily crucified. Dr Oby has spoken and the hearers have reacted. However, let us forget about our hatred for the speaker let us do analysis of what she has said. there is a sense in nonsense. Calm down and think about what the Dr has said.There is still room for change. If you are a job seeker why were you not employed? U may tell the whole world and wait for their responses too

  15. We say we hv so much oil in this country yet those with 1st class in Engr’g can hardly get jobs. Oby, i guess u shld think of better ways of creating job opportunities rather than saying nonsense….

  16. Its baffles me hw our most of our so called policy handlers who by all standards re mediocres tend to talk or behave like high fliers when we all knw its sheer opportunity that got them where they are. With all due respect to Dr, if the tables were to be turned and she was born and educated during this period she would ve been amongst the so called unemployable youths roaming the streets in the country. All this stupid grammar just to sound intelligent is neither here nor there. In civilised climes, government proffers solutions and you here passing the buck. As a former minister of education, if u ‘d done ur job well the impact should ve been felt. But alas.


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