“Yes, he is my sister’s son” – Senator Zanna Talks about Arrested Boko Haram Member

Senator Zanna

Following allegations that a member of the dreaded Boko Haram sect had been arrested in the house of a serving senator, Senator Ahmed Zanna, the lawmaker has come out to deny the allegations. However, in doing so, he acknowledged that the said Boko Haram Member is his nephew.

The senator was said to have been invited by the State Security Service (SSS) for questioning. Of course, the summons is in connection reports that one Shuaibu Bama an alleged Boko Haram member was arrested by members of the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Friday in a house believed to be the senator’s.The JTF had claimed that Bama was one of the commanders of the sect, who had been under watch.

Acknowledging the summons, Zanna, who represents Borno-Central Senatorial District, confirmed to newsmen on Sunday that he received a text message from the Director-General of the SSS, Mr. Ekpenyong Ita, inviting him to the SSS headquarters on Monday (today).

In his words, “Since my house was searched and the JTF made the announcement, I have not been contacted by security agencies… But it was only this morning (Sunday), I saw a text that the SSS DG will want to see me on Monday. I will honour the invitation.”

Although denying that Bama had any links with the sect, the senator admitted that he was his sister’s son. He described Bama as a “drug addict”, who frequently threatened to kill members of his family. He said, “I really do not understand why they did all this. I am confused. If they want to frame me up, they have failed in that one because they did not get that boy in my house… I have nothing to do with it. Let them go and ask the person where the boy was staying. So, they should not have mentioned my house… Yes, he is my sister’s son. As for his behaviour, he is a drug addict. He beats up my children, he abuses my friends… He came to my house, so I sent him away. That was about almost a year ago. And for whatever reason I don’t know, he came to my house last week and I told my wife that he should leave the house.”


Source: Punch


  1. Truth is gradually seeing the light of the day,l really commend the actions of JTF and also plead with them to investigate issue properly before action is taking against any person so that law abiding citizen are not maltreated.

  2. Mr senator so a boy who has been in d wantd list came to ur house last wk and u nevr alerted d police ? Senator and others like u God in heaven will judge una and expose u all. D blood of d innocents being killed in d north will be on ur head ,family and children’s children.amen.our govt is so weak they will soon weep it under d carpet like others but u and ur family shall surely pay for those innocents children who have been killed. This nigeria is a nonsense country .imagine a whole senator of federal republic being linked wit a thing like dis and dis is d second time .what had been done so far ?nothing.

  3. If true,it’s a sad story.Is the senator saying that he didn’t know his nephew was a boko haram member?Isn’t his sister close to him to have told him about it?I know for a fact that these people have a close knit relationship and they know themselves,it’s just greed and the non challant attitude of the so called leaders that leads them to these strange actions,may God help the Northern leaders and forgive them for their misrule!

  4. Abeg make wuna shut up c wuna useless mouthz..if person join Boko Haram dey dey rite am 4him forehead neh mtsw y dnt he knw hiz suppose 2knw…go join armrobbery make we c weda wuna papa go knw until d̶̲̥̅̊ day wey dy go kill wuna 4operation na him dy go knw…grow up plz

    • I really don’t understand Nigerians. Whether the Uncle knew what the guy was doing is completely immaterial here. The SSS declared the young man wanted in connection with Boko Haram, the young man was alledged to have been asked to leave the Senator’s house as the Senator claimed, and only two weeks ago he was there again, but a Senator didn’t know his nephew was on the SSS wanted list, and didn’t alert anybody? Issokay…

  5. first i really don’t understand whats behind the SSS trying to hide the name of the senator, Nigerians desire to the informed on. well, senator Zanna was quick enough to deny the allegation, but then has he ever come out to say this young man is a miscreant? these goes to show that the government is fully aware of those who are sponsoring this group. because you just cant tell Nigerians that this sponsors are ghost, i believe more and more will be relieved during the cause of investigation that if there will be one – this is Nigeria, if you know what i mean.

  6. Ignorance of the law is not an xcuse,as a senior citizen ot this country he should no who n who r on the wanted list,n why dint he informed the police,i smell rat.


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