26-Year-Old Mother Dies After Husband Brutally Sets Her On Fire

A young mother died from multiple infections after her husband brutally set her on fire three months ago.

Megan Kimbrough, 26, died at Tampa General Hospital on Saturday with her mother by her side, The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida reports.

‘Meg is having a rough morning and my heart is breaking and for as long as there is light in her beautiful eyes I will hold onto hope,’ Kimbrough’s mother posted on Facebook on Friday.

‘When I was with her last night I desperately wanted to hold her but I can not so I will wrap my love around her and give her comfort and continue to talk to her about our loving God.’

Kimbrough’s husband, Joshua, 32, is being held in a local county jail on attempted first-degree murder and other charges. Local authorities say he doused his wife with gasoline and lit her on fire on August 3.

Kimbrough ran outside of the house, where neighbors helped smother the flames with blankets. More than 80 per cent of her body was burned and she underwent 12 skin graft surgeries.

Kimbrough’s father told ABC in August that his daughter’s burns were so severe it took nurses ‘several hours to change her bandages.’

When doctors initially treated her in the emergency room, they did not expect her to survive, local news channel WFTS-TV reported.

Kimbrough’s family later began selling t-shirts and bracelets to help pay for her medical bills.

Joshua Kimbrough’s parents, Rita and David Sanders, said they believe he lit Megan on fire because he was high on heroin.

After burning his wife, the perpetrator ‘went on a crime spree, burglarizing a house, carjacking a driver at gunpoint and using a stolen credit card,’ ABC reports.

Authorities say he could now see his attempted first degree murder charge upgraded due to his wife’s death. Local police are in contact with the State Attorney’s office about further charges.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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