Arrest Ali Modu Sheriff, meet our other demands, and we will cease fire – Boko Haram

Members of the dreaded Jama’atul Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad group also known as Boko Haram seem to have added a new demand to their list. The group have said they are now willing to seize fire and stop all atrocities being perpetrated by their group and work against other existing groups if the State and Federal Government will truly heed to their demands.

The acclaimed spokesman of the group, Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulazeez, who doubles as the second-in-command (Amir) to their leader Imam Abubakar Shekau revealed this in a tele-conference with journalists in Maiduguri on Thursday, stating that if the state and the federal government want the group to cease fire completely, then former Borno State governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, must be arrested and prosecuted according to the law of the land.

He also said that apart from the arrest of Senator Ali Sheriff, government should compensate the group and rebuild their places of worship which were destroyed during 2009 uprising.

Abu Abdulazeez further stressed that, all their members who were arrested and are under the custody of security agencies must be released with immediate effect, and all their wives who were displaced following the crises as well as their children must be rehabilitated into the society to create room for a fruitful dialogue with the Federal Government.


  1. This is not too difficult for the FG considering so many lives at stake. My advice is to be reasonable about their steps and plans.

  2. Government should view the demands of the sect seriously and take appropriate actions quickly so as to avoid further loss of precious lifes. There must be room for dialogue, afterall the federal government granted amnesty to nigerdelta millitant with juicy contracts and allowances.

  3. this bokoharam man is in insane completly dellusional who he they fool which compensation for what who go pay the dead ppl family they av killed nonsense no don’t stop cuntinue God go catch una 1by1 una go see idiot.

  4. Niger Delta militants were fighting on their soil for d deprivations by FGN. But bokoharam, i don’t know wat their real problem is, wat did those xtians do to deserve death, how will they rebuild d churches they have destroyed, how can they console d lives they have affected negatively. God advices dem not to pay back evil for evil. I advice dem to down arms, apologise n seek peace in Nigeria.

  5. Dis is just the highest level of stupidity …. Hw can u just arrest dis former governor without full evidence of any criminal act…….for him not been supportive to your unlawful act does not make him a criminal 2 d republic of nigeria

  6. Y should we negotiate with terrorist. FG should nt make such a mistake. If that happened, we will live to regret that as a nation

  7. If we had a sitting president, I will be bold to say we will not negotiate, but this sleeping, snoring and greedy Jonathan can negotiate with anyone because of his 2015 ambition.

  8. am sorry but this is a plan. they want to get there ppl so that they can go back to their drowning board allover. with new strategy Govt should think

  9. @Danmy,u obviously ar very naïve about the situation @ hand…
    A country doznt negotiate wit terrorists…(N dnt evn talk abt militants cos both groups ar sooo different)..n their conditions aren’t feasible..
    U dnt jst wake up and arrest pple or convict dem…
    Compensate wot?? Who caused d dsplacements?? Isn’t it as a result of their handwork?
    n who knws, if dese conditns ar granted, wnt more follow???
    Som sect of psychopaths dictating 2 d govt?? N 2 think dat they hv a leader and a spokesman who is known beats my imagination..Can only happen in Nigeria..
    Buh wit d stooge @ d top who wants 2 com back 4 2nd tenure, am scared 4 d country

  10. @strong man I wldn’t blame u 4 ur act of folly. It’s just dt u ar an ignorant of d law & a confused of religion nd peace setting. I cld vividly look in2 ur head nd c dt u av gone astray abt d matters of religion. BHM does nt only burn Churches or kill Christians, d same was done to Islam.
    See I dnt av ur tym nw cuz u ain’t fuckin undstand nothn

  11. @Beverly U sound so acquainted wt d situatn bt ur assumptn is derailed. D real BHM is part of d gov @ FG can’t deny d fact. We may cal BHM a terrorist group bt they r part of d ppl n r actin accordin 2 wat ws happenin in d Country. Many ppl do nt knw much abt BHM & its notion. I jst pray soon, evryone wl c those behind it n d reasons 4 ds. Negotiatn coms 2 play 2 halt d tense in d atmosphere. I wnda y ppl wer talkin abt bringin bak d dead or paymnt 4 or ds or dt! D fact is, if d ppl behind d BHM &its activities r ready 2 surrender wt a dialogue of statin who, how, why, where, what lead 2 d atrocities, dn, I blv its a good thn we hearken 2 dem.
    Howeva, there r ways of dealin wt ds. If d issue is wat if they didn’t stop as u’ve said n 2 wat oda ppl may b thinkin.. I wl tel u dt d FG shdnt b stupid 2 deal wt d whole thn. Dt ws y I said d FG shld b reasonable abt d steps &d plans. There are many ways to achieve ds purpose.. Wel, I may site som xampls provided u need me 2. Thanks


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