Bayelsa Governor Suspends 4 Civil Servants over Fraud, “We want to get more” He Threatens

At least four workers in the Bayelsa State civil service will not be happy at the moment as Governor Seriake Dickson has ordered their immediate suspension over alleged fraudulent acts and insubordination.

According to the governor, during an interactive session with the workers in Yemagoa, their offences ranged from employment racketeering, indiscriminate allotment and allocation of land against the master plan of the City Council Development Authority and acts of insubordination.

However, expressing his readiness to partner workers in the state, the governor said his administration would not condone truancy, lateness to work and financial impropriety on the part of workers. He said anybody caught mismanaging public funds would be dealt with in accordance with the law, adding that his administration had been able to gather reports on the alleged fraud perpetrated by some workers in the state civil service.

In his words: “We want to get more. We are not only going to take them out of the system, the prison will be ready very soon for them… Those who commit payroll fraud, their cup will be full soon. But on a serious note, the Head of Service should help us. We want to see how we can reduce the huge wage bill.”



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