Beware!!! Users of Second-hand Clothes, You May Contact Hepatitis and Candidiasis – Expert

If there is a habit that is very common in Nigeria, especially among the middle and lower class citizens, it is the habit of using second-hand clothings. Meanwhile, a medical expert, Dr Elizabeth Uzorji, has said that users of secondhand clothes risk contracting candidiasis and hepatitis A, B and C. Uzorji told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jos on Tuesday that such diseases were air borne and could be contracted easily through the constant use of second hand clothes.

According to Uzorji, “Those that patronises second clothes do not have the slightest idea of who the first user was… Those selling the wares also do not take their time to wash these clothes very well before marketing them… So the lack of adequate information about the negative effects of these secondhand clothes among our people has placed users at high risk and a major cause of concern to public health experts,” she said.

In a more risky practice, the medical expert decried the situation where some women buy inner wears from the second hand clothes dealers and declared that such women were at the risk of contracting vaginal infections. She then advised the people to ensure that the items were washed before being used; stressing that such step would go a long way in reducing the chances of such infections.

Therefore, Uzorji specifically advised that such second hand clothes be washed with hot water and detergent before being used so as to reduce the chances of any infection.


Source: NAN

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