Boko Haram-FG Talks: CPC, Buhari, Have Something To Hide – Presidency

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The sour relationship between the Presidency and former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, took a further downward spiral, yesterday, when the seat of power took exception to the allegation by the former head of state that the Boko Haram sect was a creation of the PDP-led government and that he shouldn’t be roped into its problems.

Buhari had addressed the press in Abuja on Wednesday and absolved himself of any link with the sect as well as declined an offer from the group to mediate in its reconciliatory talks with the Federal Government.

The Presidency was infuriated by the general’s statement and has asked him to explain why the sect chose him and not another former head of state to lead its talks.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said it was amazing that the sect named Buhari as one of its leading mediators with the government.

Okupe said: “What amazes me here is the fact that they mentioned Gen. Buhari  to be one of the mediators. So things are beginning to fall into place.

“And the reaction from the CPC does not help matters at all after all an elder statesman, Dr. Ali Mongunu, was also mentioned and the man has neither rejected nor said anything wrong but the CPC quickly disowned Boko Haram in a very suspicious and questionable manner.

“From my own perspective, it would appear to me that with the statement that is coming from Gen. Buhari that Boko Haram is a creation of PDP and that they should go and fix it, that he is economical with the truth.

“How does that apply to Boko Haram inviting him to mediate in its talks? Is it the government that asked Boko Haram to invite him? And even if it is PDP that created Boko Haram, why should they be asking for Buhari to mediate?”

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  1. Why is FG trying to tarnish the image of buhari? if boko haram is not creation of FG how can one explain how boko haram suspects escaping from the police? There are many BH leaders captured from various places at differnt times and taken to Abuja, from then you will only hear that they were released by the authority in abuja. And after all our president knows the sponsors of BH some are in his government as he claimed. You can tell anybody to make a phone call and claimed he is BH spokesman and mention the name who ever was told to.leave buhari out of this, useless government that are killing their citizens just to hold on to power.

    • The write up is clear. Government is not intimidating Buhari. From the tone of your response, i can deduce you are also one of the members and sympathizers of Boko haram. Can satan cast out satan. Not only Buhari, but other Northern elites have theri hands soiled in this saga.
      Whether we believe it or not, what a man sows he will reap.

  2. If he doesn’t want to be associated with them,let him be! Why are u desperate to link him with only the mess in the country? So what if they named him to be among the mediators? Ask the same questions about the others named too. Bloody idiot(Okupe). I wonder how u got ur phd without the ability to reason like a human.

  3. Mr okupe quick sure are we nigerians that these is not a plot by PDP to st up GMB?2, the JTF have been killing innocent people in borno and yobe has d govt done anything aside from deny it? 3,since the start of dis administration,no one has felt so unsafe and it has gotten to the extent where senior military men from the north are being killed so tell us these is not enough reason for GMB to distance himself from thses plots? If PDP wants nigerians to trust them,arrest modu sherriff for starters since it is one of the conditions d sect gave then we can start from there if not mr okupe SHARRPP

  4. Wonders shall never end so the FG are now desperate to pin the BH on Buhari. Well I bliv him, the BH is a creation of PDP they should go and solve there problems themselves and stop pointing fingers.

  5. Dr okupe or whatever you call yourself Buhari as an elder stateman and somebody respected by all lovers of progress would not in anyway associated himself or even accept the request of this purported sect, simply bcos this is another setup from Govt because they ‘re done with Sen. Ali Ndume, Sen. Khalifa Zanna and now was the turn of these people that this purpoted and faceless sect mentioned as the mediators. So Buhari dont know them. And obviously there must be some foul play in this issue of dialogue when you critically read and analyzes the statements of Okupe now and how he was trying to prove that Buhari has something to hide. Afterall why the dialogues now how many times did respectables people in the North and as well as the Govt itself ask them to lay down their arms and accept dialogues but they rejected the offers, and then why the issues abruptly came up now with the name of Buhari in the forefront as mediator this has definately indicated that there must be some elements of tricks in the matter. Well nomatter what the circumstances might be in the North Allah is with us, and He is all aware of all this tricks that was intentionally and systematically mounted on us by our enemies. God bears with the wickeds but not forever. Thanks be to Allah for making the death for real and inevitables. Since that nobody among us and our enemies would live upto 150yrs again let wat and who would be successful b/w the hypocrites and good ones. Long Live my beloved country.

  6. Buhari is one of the sponsors of BH,he should be invited for interrogation going by what his close allied Buba Galadima once said that they will make Nigeria un-governable for Goodluck. Don’t you think this is their handiwork???

  7. I don’t know who gave this job to Dr Doyin Okupe but he has done more harm to President Goodluck Jonathan than good. Beside his questionable corruption cases that the Presidency is shielding, he has a flare for attacking honest Nigerians. I’m a Christian but i trust Gen. Buhari more than any former leader in Nigeria. Which of the Boko Haram mentioned his name? The government created or real one? Nobody can rubbish this man. All this effort is towards 2015. Boko Haram is truly the creation of PDP because the two Senators linked to Boko Haram are members of PDP and the President confirmed the sponsors are in his government. What else? PDP should leave Gen. Buhari alone and tell us how 2012 budget was not implemented. This tactics of rubbishing and name calling can not go far.


  9. PDP is Boko Haram and Boko Haram is created by PDP. Afteral, all the arrested senators and other sponsors of Boko Haram are PDP members. Buhari, God bless you for rejecting the wicked offer. Let PDP go and solve the Boko Haram problem they created.


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