Cameroon’s Second President in 52 Years is 30 Years in Office! Shame or Glory?

Biya, looking resolute and determined

It has to be that we are still in the Stone Age in some parts of the continent; when we take a second look at some things going on around us, especially the way we have positioned ourselves within the context of the global village which the world is fast becoming, we cannot but feel shame.

As Americans have just voted in their 10th president in 51 years, Cameroonian President, Paul Biya, will be celebrating his 30th year in power. He is the SECOND president since the country’s independence from France 52 years ago!

Biya’s predecessor Ahmadou Ahidjo ran Cameroon for 22 years, got tired (some say sick) and voluntarily handed power to Biya in 1982. Biya, 79, has ruled since them. His supporters are prodding him to stand for another election in 2018, when he would be only 85 years old!

However, Biya is not the worst we have got in the continent; Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola, 70, Equatorial Guinea’s Theodoro Mbasogo, 70, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, 88, have been in power for 32 years each.

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