Church Members Fast, Pray Hard For One Week, Find Man Without Clothes

For seven days and nights, the congregation prayed and fasted after receiving a prophecy telling them to pray more, then on Sunday, the seventh day, they went to the church mission house, and found a naked man with colourful ropes inside the building.

The young congregation of the New Life Worship Centre Church in Block X, Soshanguve, prayed for the safety of the churchyard and to have a deeper awareness of God in their lives.

“We had prayed all night. Then as the sun started rising at about 5am, we went inside the church. And there he was! We found ourselves face to face with this naked man,” Johannes Mametja, a man of God. , said.

Johannes said he couldn’t understand how he got into the house.

“The house was locked. We realised he must have used magic keys to open the back door. As we are believers we called on the name of the Holy Spirit. This made the naked man hostile. Then he suddenly dived out of the window and ran away,” added Johannes.

Mametja and his congregation chased after the running man and saved him from a beating by community members who had joined the chase. Church member Neo Mmakola (21) said they took him to the church and started to pray for him.

“He confessed that his name was Lucky and he had spiritually come from Limpopo. We cut off the ropes from his body and found they had muthi tied to them,” said Neo.

Warrant officer Lolo Mangena told Daily Sun: “A middle aged, totally naked man is being kept at the police station while we trace his family.”

Source: Daily Sun

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