Confession Of A Former Governor: People I Helped As Governor, No Longer Pick My Calls

power is indeed transient as so is life! Some people get the opportunity to realize this and amend their ways while others do not and so tend to erroneously believe they will live forever or remain in power till eternity.

One man has learnt this lesson and he is not taking it for granted as according to him, “I’m a much better human being, having learnt a lot of lesson.”

Former Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, spoke about life as he turns 52 today, his relationship with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, his bid for the 2014 governorship poll in the state, among other issues. Here’s an excerpt:

AT 52, you must be a totally different personality now, given your experiences of life, especially after leaving the governorship seat?  What are some of the things you will probably want to do differently henceforth?
My experience in the last six years since I left office has given me an opportunity to see life better than I saw it the other time. And it is going to reflect in my actions and inactions when I become governor in 2014. At 52, I am no more a small boy. I’m not an old man either. But I must be seen to be impacting positively on people. People must see me as a role model; as a responsible principled leader. I must equally be seen as a book to be read. I have fallen one time or the other. There is nothing wrong for a man to fall in life, but there is so much wrong with a man that has fallen not to rise. So, I’m working towards rising and I’m indeed rising again.

Within the ambits of what God has endowed me with, I have been very supportive of others. And I know I will get the support of the Ekiti people again to actualise my dream. Besides, I’m a much better human being, having learnt a lot of lesson. Let me state here very clearly that when you are in the saddle, the people will always worship you. They will only appreciate you when you are still on that seat, because they tend to benefit. I hardly see any friend again; I hardly see one per cent of the people that God used me for while in office. They don’t even call me on the phone. If I call, they don’t even pick. So, that is life. But this has taught me that what God has asked you to do, you should always do it.

However, I want to appreciate my wife, Feyisetan Oluyemi. I  will be indebted to her forever. There are wives and there are wives, but this one is a strong, reliable and pious woman that God uses in my life. She is always on her knees fighting my cause as anybody. So, if what had happened to me should happen to some people, they would have been under the ground. But I thank God for her life.

-Nigerian Tribune

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