Corruption crimes should attract the death penalty! – Northern Leaders

ACF chairman, Jerry Useni

A northern political group, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), has recommended capital punishment for perpetrators corrupt practices in the country. The ACF made this proposal ahead of Thursday’s zonal constitutional conferences.

In its proposal submitted to the National Assembly, the ACF rued the destructive impact of corruption on the country and said that anybody found guilty of corruption should be killed.

According to the forum, “The law classifies crimes according to the severity of their consequences both on the individual victim, the community or the country. If crime holds a high potential to gravely harm or kill its victim, the more severe the punishment, which was designed to punish and deter offenders… This is to say that punishment must always fit offences. One crime that has proved capable of gravely harming or killing its victim, Nigeria, is corruption.

“Sadly, our laws have not recognised corruption for what it is. ACF recommends that corruption be recognised as a capital offence and made to carry capital punishment.” So far, only few notable Nigerians have been tried and sentenced for corruption. At present, China is the only notable country where corruption attracts capital punishment.

Source: Punch