Dino Melaye is a man with no reputation for honour or common decency – Okonjo-Iweala

Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance Dr Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is definitely one of those who are presently not happy with former member of the House of Representatives, Mr Dino Melaye. However, this time around, it has nothing to do with the impregnation of any Yoruba movie actress – or maybe so.

Following a protest by demonstrators at the Federal Ministry of Finance, calling for the resignation of Okonjo-Iweala, the office of the minister, through her Senior Special Assistant, Paul C Nwabuikwu, has released a press statement lambasting Dino Melaye whom, it believed, is responsible for the protest.

The release reads in part:

“Earlier today, a disreputable former member of the House of Representatives, Mr Dino Melaye brought a handful of demonstrators to the Federal Ministry of Finance who conducted themselves in an unruly manner… We have it on good authority that Mr Melaye’s group was sponsored by some of the indicted oil barons who are currently being investigated and prosecuted for subsidy fraud. Their allegation to wrong subsidy payments made by the Ministry is a mere ruse to conceal their true motives.

“The Melaye demonstration was ostensibly to call for the resignation of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance who is well known for fighting the fraudulent oil barons whose names were published by the Federal Ministry of Finance for various breaches of the subsidy regime… Nigerians are, of course, not deceived by the antics of Mr Melaye who has no known pedigree as a civil society activist or even a reputation for honour or common decency.”


  1. Dino Melaye truly has no reputation for honor or common decency, we cannot 4get in a hurry d role he played as a pro-Etteh legislator, d image of him as a thug in d house will always b wit us, a man who engages in fisticuffs wit his colleagues at every given opportunity certainly has no honor, also d recent revelations on his escapades wit women of easy virtues portrays him as one without ‘honor & common decency’. Dino is only playing to d gallery seeking relevance in Nigeria’s political space, but Dino my friend Nigerian’s know who d true activists & transparency agitators are. U can’t jst show up out of d blues & get a recognition/respect which u most certainly haven’t earned. I advice u try something else or better yet ‘go get a job’.

  2. Mr Steve, firstly I will call you a big fool, becos you are fully aware of dis so called criminals dat called demself rulers, if Ngozi is not a thief why did she come back after her resignation, both GEJ and all is so called cabinet a Bastard and thiefs…

  3. It Ngozi Nweala dat doesn’t hav DECENCY, not Dino Malaye. Ngozi RESIGNED her appointment during Obasanjo regime, if she is not a shameless person wit all her post in the World Bank, & d Doctorate Degree she’s carrying abt, why did she come bak 2 her VOMIT? Was she not d one giving d nation wrong figure 4 Budget Performance, & later retracted d figures? Dino Melaye can never be sponsored by any of the Feul Subsidy THIEVES. How com Ngozi didn’t make known d Marketers she paid fuel subsidies 2 by d probe? Why is Otedola of Zenith Oil working freely after collecting money & did not supply fuel? What abt other fuel subsidy THIEVES, they turned out to b children of PD p members who were standing in 4 their Fathers, wat was Ngozi’s reaction 2 dat? Nothing. She shld burry her head in shame 4 joining d Govt dat has no shame. Where is Dora Akunyuli 2 day, GONE wit shame, becos of GREED.