Divorce Suit: Man Gets Jail Term For Contempt

A Grade ‘A’ Customary Court sitting in Agege, Lagos yesterday sentenced a man, Edem Asuquo, to two months imprisonment for contempt.

The president of the court, Mr. Emmanuel Sokunle, said Asuquo should be kept behind bars for flouting a subsisting judgement.

Asuquo’s wife, Grace, had filed for divorce from her 13-year-old marriage on the grounds that her husband was threatening her life because she was childless.

Forty-two-year-old Grace, who lives at No. 4, Thompson St., Ishaga, a Lagos suburb, had been sent out of the house by the husband and refused access to her belongings despite the earlier ruling by the court’s president ordering the man to allow his ex-wife to pack her belongings from her matrimonial home.

“I gave a judgment on Oct. 30 and I ordered the woman to go with some policemen to pack her property from Asuquo’s house, but he refused,” Sokunle said.

“He insisted that he would not leave the woman even after judgement was given and this is tantamount to contempt of court.

“Asuquo is hereby sentenced to two months imprisonment for contempt of court”.

In his defence, Asuquo, 51, who lives at No. 4, Ikokoyi Close, Iju Water Works, urged the court not to dissolve his marriage.

He said his wife accused him of battery and threatening her life and that attracted the court’s sympathy.

“I have never beaten her; I love her unconditionally even without having any child for me.

“She deserted me because of my physical disability caused by an accident. She left me when I needed a shoulder to lean on.

“It is sad that the woman I trusted all my life could do such a wicked act to me,” Asuquo, a driver, said sobbing.

Contrary to his claims however, the estranged wife had told the court that she had suffered all kinds of inhuman treatment in the hands of Asuquo.

“He is irritated at everything I do and anytime I gave him food he threw it at me.

“The day he sent me out of the house he did not allow me to take any of my clothes, threatening to kill me if I return to the house,”

“I have just paid two years’ rent on our apartment before he threw me out. I want the court to dissolve the union,” Grace said.


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