Do you utilise zebra or pedestrian crossings in Nigeria?

I remember coming from the UK to Nigeria many years ago and around the former Lagos local airport there was a zebra crossing.  I was about to use  it but my mother (who I was with)  advised me never to try it and to just ‘run quickly’ across to the other side of the road!

I was brought up in the UK which has the mindset that the pedestrian is the king of the road.  The lollypop lady and man help schoolchildren safely across the road. We had to learn the ‘green cross code’ which basically meant it was perfectly safe to cross at a pedestrian crossing as long as the traffic light showed green.  Part of the driving test criteria is that you steadfastly learn all the laws of the road relating to pedestrians.

Fast forward over 20 years and I have come across this video.


Please watch the link below as it is instrumental to the post:


Is this video a one off or a normal pedestrian experience in Nigeria (also, what’s with the hanky over the mouth)?

I know that Nigeria has Unite For Road safety (NUFORSA) which is a non-governmental organization.   They are there to create an awareness program to support the efforts of the Federal Road Safety Commission. They work alongside other road and transport bodies, which is an indication that there is Government awareness and concern for the pedestrian.

Your experiences welcome please…

by Lola Awofadeju Alli


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