Donald Trump Calls For Revolution As He Alleges Obama’s Win Is A Travesty

Trump Inset

Minutes after the president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama was projected to win the U.S. election by the major networks, renowned entrepreneur and republican presidential aspirant, Donald Trump, took to Twitter to voice his outrage, demanding a ‘revolution.’

One would have thought that the American politicians are a different and more refined breed than their Nigerian counterparts but the outburst by the controversial businessman just seems to put paid to that thought.

Trump made some wild claims even as he called Obama’s victory a ‘great and disgusting injustice’, calling on Americans to march on Washington DC to press home their displeasure about the election’s outcome.


  • Its obvious that trump is a dirty racist and he is sad because a black man won the election again. Americans know what is best for them and that is why they re-elected President Obama. I believe Trump is a big idiot who love no peace and if he continue this way, he will never be the president of America. A true leader will never post all this bull shit.

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