Don’t be fooled, fuel scarcity will last till first quarter of 2013 – House of Representatives Committee

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In case you have been hoping that the fuel scarcity presently being face by the country will soon be over, you might want to start having a rethink. Of course the assurances have kept coming from the government that the fuel scarcity would soon be over. However, their language is beginning to change.

According to investigations by the House of Representatives into fuel scarcity across the country, it has been revealed that the scarcity would last till the first quarter of 2013. This is coming just as House Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream) disclosed that some oil marketers were fraudulently indebted to the Petroleum Equalisation Fund to the tune of billions of naira.

The chairman of the committee, Honourable Dakuku Peterside, who presented the report to the House, affirmed that relevant government agencies should be blamed for the fuel scarcity, adding that they did not provide accurate data on consumption need of Nigerians to the government.

The report also revealed that the scarcity would continue to linger, owing to the collapse of System 2B, “which distributes about 70 per cent of petroleum products across the country.”

Those behind the removal of fuel subsidy, it can be imagined, would be somewhere now, saying: didn’t we tell you? A lot of Nigerians are already buying petrol for well over a hundred naira without the slightest complaints!

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  1. Fuel subsidy in Nigeria is a big time fraud! There is no way a government that innitiated and implemented a policy should not be able to justify the outcome of it at least withing a reasonable space of time. I’m a Nigerian, and i’m rating my country as d most corrupt nation of d world! Nigerian government is highly currupt by deceiving the poor masses that the money realised from this subsidy will be reinvested. Now, to those that are against my opinion, were is d subsidy money? Has our social infrastructures improved since the subsidy was removed? Have unemployment reduced? What of food prices? Roads and even electricity which our dubious political idiots have come out to say that ”NEPA” has improved by 70% when the first experience of the newly born child is utter dackness. The political system is chronically corrupt and there’s no way life changing policies can come out of it. The way forward to all these mess is POLITICAL REVOLUTION!


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